Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Campaign Report 9
Shadow Boar

Colonel Wolfhaven, Alexander

Grey Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

Eighteenth Day, Falling Ice, Year 3123 Under the Light

My quill trembles as I write these words. I pray my Rangers cannot see the trepidation this most recent quest caused to rise within me breast. Our slumber was broken before dawn on the 10th of Falling Ice, some week and a half past. By Archanon’s Light, has only been eight days?

Three men waiting without our door, two couriers bearing personal gifts from suitors for Lady Longtail. Apparently, her negotiations this past winter for the construction of our new, brick kitchen went too well. I only hope her suitors do not come to blows over her hand. I believe, considering the individuals involved, that such an incident might explode into open war in the streets. I have cautioned her about her behavior and she assures me that the situation will be handled. I trust that it will be so.

However, the third and final shadow across our threshold was a boy, not fifteen years. Exhausted, muddy and barely able to stand, nevertheless, the lad showed deference and respect while he repeated his message to my 1st Class Ranger Hawksclaw. The boy was nearly spent, yet he stood like a man. A true Olaran and deserving of our respect.

He was quickly brought before me and I learned that a beast appeared in his master’s barony and had begun a campaign of destruction. What the creature was, the boy could not say, but the images of carnage he recounted filled me with dread. More important, his master, the Baron, had led a quest to slay the beast, but the venture had tragically failed costing the lives over nearly a dozen knights, injuring more and worst of all, crippling the Baron’s sole heir and inflicting a mortal wound on the Lord of the Manor.

Even as he spoke, voice quaking from despair and fatigue, it did not break. He bade us hurry to his master’s side before the beast’s foul blow laid him low. Immediately, we made preparations to depart. All save loyal Grimbore mounted horse and wagon as their needs and we sped south. I chose not to head directly east toward Harken. I would have perhaps been faster, though with so many roads impassable due to the inexplicably rainy spring, I chose to use the less used southern barony road. It was still a chore and with the wagon progress was slower than we would have liked. We stopped at a small inn, little more than a large room with benches that Hawksclaw and Longtail had used during their winter long patrols. We stayed their the night out of the driving rain. It gave us a chance to dry ourselves and the cozy setting fostered camaraderie and some frank conversation. The next morning (11th) we continued south until we hit Farwatch-Kator road, turn east and ride flat out. We left the road just west of Kator and headed north a short way until we reached the barony. Rain still pouring.

Ranger Longtail, acting as scout under the guidance and direction of 1st Class Hawksclaw observed the manor hillfort and surrounding vill. She saw no sign of a creature but noted the villagers were skittish and there was a nervous air about the place. We approached with the young local in the lead. He escorted us straight to the fort, past the guards and into the courtyard. the few mounts that had been recovered from the disastrous raid were there and, even days later, still spooked. The sudden intrusion of strangers and a the rattle of wagon wheels on cobblestone so frightened the traumatized horses that they instantly tried to bolt. By sheer weight, Highwall kept his shaggy pony in check. Longtail was already on foot and Thunder obeyed me, though not without a fight. Hawksclaw was closest. His elven pony bolted throwing him to the ground. By Archanon’s grace he was uninjured. The boy, apparently having seen the agitation of the horses before, simply kicked free and let his horse scramble away. Bravery, dedication and skill with a horse, this boy might turn into a fine warrior.

Our mounts more or less secured, we entered the squat, square, stone keep to find a charnel house. The constant rain outside and the rising spring temperatures, combined with little ventilation had created a muggy, fly infested infirmary. The broken bodies of men, once proud knights, lay about the main hall. Nurses, ladies and servants worked tirelessly redressing wounds and bring water and comfort, but from the many bandaged stumps where once limbs would have lain, and the red-black ooze staining the wraps, I fear few would survive their wounds. Still, we pressed on, heading upstairs to the main bedroom.

There, we found the baron’s family outside his chambers wailing in anguish. We were bade roughly inside and found the baroness kneeling by the bed, and the wounded, likely crippled, son standing by where the Baron, his belly wrapped in bandages, lay coughing an sputtering. He was older, in his sixties, gray hair and beard, but he had once been a mighty warrior, and the muscles still held strength, if he had gone a bit to seed. Despite the pain, his eyes were keen and bright. He addressed us roughly, brooking no nonsense. He remember me, more more my family, from before the war. He seemed pleased that a Wolfhaven had responded to his call. With this, he explained that the beast was a Shadow Boar, a corrupted boar of darkness, but this beast was larger and more cunning than any he had ever faced.

We are Olaran, and our lives are spent in conflict with Flame and Darkness. As such, each Barony has weapons of white silver for these situations. He had brought forth a white silver tipped boar spear and a precious few white silver tipped arrows and bolts. Then he commanded the Rangers to hunt down and destroy the beast. With that, we were dismised.

Leaving the oppressive scene, we recovered our mounts. I ordered sergeant Stormhammer to see to the defense of the keep and Olgor to see what he could do for the poor souls inside. With that handled, I ordered the boy to take us to the place of the attack, then return home.

We rode for a few hours until we came to a small wooded area. There, we found the scene of the attack. Longtail and Hawksclaw scouted the area, while Highwall and I remained with the mounts. While we stood by, a large boar, but untainted, charged Longtail. She managed to scramble up a tree out of the way. She needed have worried. From his hiding place, Hawksclaw felled the beast in a single shot. Truly impressive marksmanship. The wild hogs had been attracted by the smell of blood and the remains of the many bodies never recovered. It was a horrible sight, one that reminded me too much of the war.

From there, Hawksclaw tracked the prints west for some time, until we came across a yeoman’s farm. These poor souls had also run afoul of the beast and had paid the price. Again, Hawksclaw and Longtail scouted the area and ensured the beast had moved on. Then, with urgency, Longtail summoned me forward. What she had found inside the small farmhouse was both tragic and joyous. As a dying act, a mother had hidden her infant from the beast. Hungry, scared and tired, the baby had begun to cry. We pulled it from the wreck and debated what to do.

At this moment, I came to understand something about Longtail that I had not know. She was adamant that the child be taken to safety. I honestly believe that had I refused, she would have disobeyed. Nevertheless, I agreed and she volunteered to dangerous tasks of retracing out steps to find a farm nearby that might take the child in for the time. With the Brinchie on yet another long run, the rest of us set to making a camp by the little stream a distance from the farm following the beasts trail. The rain continued, and making a fire was troublesome, but we dealt as Rangers should. Some time that night, Longtail returned having found a farm not far away.

We bedded down, with Hawksclaw on first watch. During the pre-dawn hours, the beast attacked. Our first warning was Hawkclaw’s shout of alarm. Our second was his body falling from the sky and landing with a wet thud near the fire. Then, all at once, the beast was among us, running the Alakar Ranger down. It moved like lighting and seemed made of shadows. Hawkclaw managed to roll away and fire an arrow, but the beast disappeared into the tall grass and vanished. I was so stunned, that for a moment I could not grasp the purpose of attack, for the beast did not return for another pass. Only then did we hear the screams of our horses.

The attack was a diversion. In the confusion, our mounts broke, spooked by the stench of death and corruption on the thing. With malicious intelligence, it drove them our of range of our weapons and began to systematically slaughter them. It was then that I realized our true danger. On foot and exposed, we were easy prey, so we made a move, in formation back to the farmhouse. The deaths of our mounts bought us the time to make it, but just barely. Then, the creature backed off, but not far.

Longtail took watch on the roof above and informed us that it was still out there in the shadows, stalking us. Tired, soaked, rattled and without much of our rations and gear, we huddle in the wrecked farmhouse planning. Archanon’s blessing, we had within our small company the necessary skills to survive. Though not a Stonemason, Highwall had come from a family of the finest wall builders perhaps in the whole of Shaintar. Under his guidance and with help from my experiences during the war fighting creatures like this, we set to converting what remained of the farmhouse into a trap for the Shadowboar. We removed the roof supports and used that in construction of a large pit trap and firing platforms. Then, with Longtail calling out sightings, Hawksclaw skulked around the yard outside for material. It was an arduous tasks and by nightfall we were sore and tired, but the deed was done.

Here I had a choice to make. Take the center place and hold the boar spear? I put it to my men, who of us would have the honor…and the danger of standing alone before the terror of the beast. Without hesitation, or a tremor of fear, Highwall to the spear in hand, three times his height and said simply, “I will.” And with that, the Dwarf dropped into the kill chute and awaited his fate. I confess my heart swelled with pride. I have known decorated commanders who turned to gibbering fools in the face of such monsters, yet not one of my Rangers so much as hesitated. We were afraid, you would be a fool not to be, but we were resolute in our mission.

15th Falling Ice

Then, as always, Longtail, with that little smile she always gives before rushing headlong into battle, sprinted out the door to lure the beast into our trap. I took one platform, white silver tipped lance at the ready, Hawksclaw the other, bow in hand. We did not wait long. With a shout, Longtail sprinted thru the open door, bounded Highwall’s head and vaulted the back wall. A heartbeat later, the front wall of the house exploded inward in a shower of splinters. Before, the attack was so fast, I never fully realized the size of this thing. It stood nearly as tall as the house at its shoulders, with eyes full of cold, calculating malice. But it had the Brinchie’s scent and was not going to let her escape.

Blowing through the wall like paper, the beast crashed through the kill chute where Highwall stood. Without giving an inch, the Dwarf thrust the spear into the beasts belly. It roared, but its momentum carried it past. I stabbed it through the shoulder, seeing a gout of black blood an Hawksclaw pieced with an arrow, but our blows seemed to have no effect. They actually enraged the beast who, having lost Longtail, came around and charged the Dwarf again, intending to stomp him into the ground. Again Highwall thrust, and again the Shadowboar roared. My lance ripped from my grip, I drew my bow. Hawksclaw fired again. No avail. the beast gored and stomped the Dwarf, but Highwall stood firm. At that moment, the walls went up in flames, trapping the beast and preventing his escape. And then Longtail was there, on its back, stabbing and slashing. I fired. Hawkclaw fired. The beast thrashed, slashed and stomped. I saw Highwall go down in a flurry of black hooves and my heard sank. I fired again, shouting to kill it hoping beyond hope that my friend was still alive under there. And then the dwarf rose, axe and whitesilver shield in hand. The firelight caught the shining metal and the beast flinched in horror. And with a mighty blow, Highwall buried his axe into the monster’s skull. It keened. At the same instance, Hawksclaw fired, piercing flesh. The beast lurched once, gave a final sigh and slumped to the side. Looking back, I almost feel that in its dying moment, I saw relief in that final look, as if we had finally set it free.

Nevertheless, the house was now ablaze and we were trapped. Hawksclaw leaped the pit in a single bound, scrambled as high as he could and held out a hand. I grabbed Highwall’s hand and threw him over the wall. Snatching up the precious spear and hurling it to safety, I grasped Hawksclaws hand and was launched over the wall. Longtail did a flying somersault and landed quite nearly on the dwarf, though I image it was on purpose. Then, we watched the pyre burn, as we added fuel, all the way until morning. After hours of burning, the stench of undeath and corruption was finally burned away by cleansing fire, though I fear nothing will grow on this land for some time.

We rested there. Exhausted. Later (16th), we picked up our things and I was overjoyed to find my mount Thunder, who survived the war, had returned now that the beast was gone. We headed back, stopping at the farmhouse to recover the babe only to discover that the farmers were kin, and wished to adopt. We were pleased to allow this, but I gave the child a necklace, crafted by Highwall’s hands, of a priceless white silver arrow and bade the farmer give it to the child when he came of age. And also, I commanded that the child be told of the bravery of his family, the sacrifice of his mother and give him and invitation to the Rangers should he ever desire to join. We ate with the farmers and then continued on that night (16th), coming to the keep in the wee hours (17th).

Funeral preparations were already underway. Sadly, the Baron had died, but his son, the new Baron thanked us and offered us the quivers of white silver arrows and bolts, as well as, the young man who had been sent to guide us here as a Ranger trainee. I must say that I am pleased. And then he invited us to join his father’s Last Call. With great respect, we agreed.

Arrived late in Echer’Naught on the 18th.

That was some days ago and now I am sitting back in Echer’Naught, putting together my thoughts. So much has happened in the last months and I fear there is great evil growing in the land. Bandits, flame and darkness all seem to gather here. With the Prelacy marching to the north and these unending storms…I must admit I am apprehensive. But then I have but to look out my door and see Hawksclaw teaching the young man, Alfred, how to hold a bow. When he came to me, he was young and idealistic, raw and unformed. I can see an Alakar and true leader forming in my subordinate. I also see an anger, a darkness, one I know too well. If we can master himself, he will be a force of light and life. I can also see Longtail, teaching young Sarah to throw knives and…pick pockets. I must talk with her about that. But, the girl is growing in strength and confidence under the Ranger’s tutelage. And of course, Highwall and Stormhammer at the force, working in perfect tandem on some new project. Even as the dark thoughts fill my mind, I have to glance up and I see a future protected by these few, brave souls. So long as the Rangers remain true, so long as we hold to the light, I will fear no thing.

Your obediant servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Colonel

P.S. I have just received word that the festival day and joust has been announced. Already frantic work is happening north of the town. And entire village is being built in half a months time in preparation. No doubt we will be called to duty. I fear this might be a perfect opportunity for our enemies to slip among us, but I have my Rangers. It will be dealt with.

Campaign Report 8
A New Day

Colonel Wolfhaven, Alexander

Grey Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

First Day, Falling Ice, Year 3123 Under the Light

The last vestiges of winter break and thaw as springs warmth brings new life to the land. I must admit I have missed this. Perhaps it was Archanon’s will that I be posted in the land of my birth? Whatever the fact, I am pleased.

Spring rains come early. The storms have been unusually strong. Winter snow and ice has turned to slush in the constant drizzle making the roads nigh unusable. All but the main highway. The sorry duty of long patrols fell most heavily upon Ranger 1st class Hawksclaw and Ranger Longtail. A task which they performed well and without rancor.

Since our great victory at Sudweid, the agents of Red Store have been quiescent, though I harbor no delusions that they will return and in force. Nevertheless, we shall be ready and waiting. Whatever their challenge, we will be more than a match.

Winter brought much opportunity for my rangers to improve our station and their living conditions. Each member bent their energies to task most suited to their nature and may I say that it has been a profitable season. I will endeavor to detail each in brief here.

Ranger 1st class Hawksclaw engaged in a petition letter campaign with his family in Eldara in hopes of obtaining the valuable resource of seasoned lumber for our many construction needs. It took most of the winter season, but he manage to secure a sizable supply, with some assistance on my part, though he will no doubt still be indebted to his patron. The rest of his time, what time not spent training, was dedicated to assisting Ranger Longtail in her endeavors to secure bricks and brick masons for out use.

Ranger Longtail applied herself in her usual…enthusiastic manner, ingratiating herself with local merchant, builders and traders. Her efforts paid off in that she secured a large portion of good Echer’Naught brick for construction here at the headquarters. Regrettably, and I am unfamiliar with the details, he “negotiations” created some jealousy between the Brick Yard where the kilns operate and the Master Mason she attempted to contract for the actual construction. Sadly, while she acquired the material, she was unable to contract the labor.

However, where she was unable, Ranger Highwall succeeded. Through, what I understand were a series of drinking contests at the Hammer and Anvil, Highwall managed to convince the erstwhile mason to construct an outdoor kitchen and central indoor fire pits within the HQ. Though, I am unsure what exactly transpired as it seems to me that this masonry team is the same that rebuffed Longtail and I fear their might be some trouble in the future, as both the Mason and the Brick Kiln operator are cousins…and I fear both are enamored with my Brinchie Ranger. Time will tell. Regardless, Highwall dedicated the remainder of his days to working in the local forge. He has been very reluctant to discuss the details as it seems there was some form of accident? Regardless, he has requested, and been given permission, to continue working at the Blacksmith in his off hours. Whatever the case, he has earned my full support.

As can be seen, my time has been busy with managing the many construction projects occurring at the outpost and assisting my Rangers in whatever endeavor they attempted. I might also add here that during this season Sergeant Major Stormhammer vastly improved the HQ forge and smithy while Grizhnak Olgor., our scribe, bursar, and historian greatly expanded the unit library. I cannot say what I could accomplish without the assistance of these two men.

I would like to also take a moment to praise our non-ranger staff. The stalwart Grimbore, our towering Ogre doorman has been ever faithful. I must admit, I was concerned at first with the arrangement, but I now see the wisdom in Captain Manning’s decision to retain the Ogre’s services. In addition, young Sarah seems to have adapted well to working with the Rangers. She seams to have a particular interest in Ranger Longtail. I find myself marveling at her industriousness and quiet resolve. Perhaps, one day, when she is over age, she might consider joining us fully? I will ask when the time is right.

Other news of import. I have contacted the commander of Bearheart, Lord Arnwald, Commander. I have heard whispers of a Prelacy advance, but am anxious for definitive news. In addition, I sent him a cask of fine Dwarven Ale, a locally brewed concoction called Echer’Draught. I am not a connoisseur, but Highwall swears by the drink and in all things ale, I defer to his judgement. I am also to reach out to Lieutenant Gibben Draxx of Jasara. If the Prelacy truly intends to invade, no doubt Jasara will fall in its path. I have intention of leaving my fellow Rangers to that fate alone. I hope soon to hear word on both fronts.

Lastly, I have just received word of my official promotion to the rank of Colonel. I must say that while a surprise, it is a welcome one. Before Archanon, and my ancestors, I swear that I will commit myself to honoring and justifying the trust placed in me by my commanders.

With the Red Store somewhat deflated and a near year dawning, Echer’Naught has grand plans to move forward. Lord Mayor Von Haber has petitioned Duchess of Harken, Lady Valenia Harken for the honor of hosting a tournament and joust in her honor here in Echer’Naught. Already, preparations are being made in the event of her approval of the proposal. While I believe a true festival day will be a boon to my men, we will no doubt have extra work in equal measure.

Still, after a long, cold winter, we are better equipped and prepared than ever before. Our cohesiveness as a unit grows and my Rangers are finding their place here. I have only good hope for our future.

Your obediant servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Colonel

Campaign Report 7
Battle of the Sudweid

Captain Wolfhaven, Alexander

Grey Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

Twenty Eighth Day, Harvest Moon, Year 3122 Under the Light

Archanon be praised, the renown Celebor was within the Druidess’ sacred grove upon Hawksclaws arrival.

Under the command of Sergeant Major Magor Stormhammer’s authority, Grey Ranger Celebor, Ranger 1st Class Hawksclaw, Ranger Gate Highwall, Ranger Aradove Longtail and Ranger Scholar Grizhnak Olgor loaded a wagon and traveled south. By the time they arrived at the combined camp beside the road near where the attack on the tax caravan had occurred, the scene was a bonafide military encampment. The Royal Sheriff had summoned reinforcements bringing his total of troops up to nearly thirty. In addition, the Field Marshal Von Wrangel had brought in nearly forty of his own elite Hammerfell Riders. With the Rangers, that raised the total of troops in the field to just under eighty men at arms.

With that force, the wagon was secured and Rangers Hawksclaw and Celebor searched the ground and learned that the bandits had scattered, but that the gold had been loaded on two horses and a wagon, each heading in a different direction. The wagon struck out south east, the horses north east and west. Teams were sent to track each. Celebor to the north east, Highwall and Longtail with a Hammerfell scout to the north west and Hawksclaw alone to the south east. However, the trails were diversions sent to distract as they all eventually bent back toward the south west.

With this information, the scouts returned to report. Anxious to get underway and recover the days lost, Von Wrangel pushed forward, ordering the Rangers to take point in the growing darkness and track the foes to their nest. Throughout the long night, over sodden fields we rode, Longtail running holding the right flank with Hawksclaw on the left and Celebor the tip of the spear. I held the center, and with my sword alight, held out scouting party together. Through first light and into the mid morning we sped, heedless of caution. Only then did Celebor, our lead scout reign in. He had spotted the enemy camp.

Behind us, Von Wrangel and a column of Hammerfell riders pulled up short. They too had ridden hard all night and yet their lines were as perfect as on parade. Sir Halten and his men had been tasked with securing the wagon and the road behind.

Under Celebor’s direction, my men and I crept forward and crested a rise to look down upon a large encampment. More than one hundred men, bandits and brigands all, stirred in a semi-permanent camp. There was no telling how long these villains had been operating from the southern lands, but they would soon be stopped.

While Longtail crept into their camp to spook their horses and locate the King’s gold, Highwall and I would attack the enemy camp covered by Hawksclaw and Celebor’s arrows. Meanwhile, the Hammerfell riders would flank the camp and grind them under charging hooves.

The plan began with perfection. Unnoticed, Longtail slipped among them cutting the horse line and scattering the beasts. At that moment, I and Highwall charged, taking their pickets by surprise. Celebor and Hawksclaw rained death from the skies and all appeared well until a hidden Flame Acolyte summoned raging Minotaur who quickly sniffed out the Brinchie and gave chase. Fleet as the wind, Longtail led the beast on a merry chase, but was soon under assault from both childer and spellcaster. Meanwhile, the great range sent many of our archer’s arrows astray and their quick response slowed out foot advance to a crawl.


Only by the Ascended’s fortune was I finally able to reach the center of camp and catch the Minotaur by surprise. So focused on the destruction of Longtail was the mighty thing that he missed my approach. I cleaved in in a single blow. Longtail then was able to slow and engage the Red Store Bandit leader in combat. Hawksclaw found his range while Highwall clove through the enemy shield wall.

From somewhere to the west, and unexpected, but welcome surprise came in the form of elves who rained death upon the bandits. What complaint they had with our enemies, I know not, but their timely arrive tied down many would be combatants. Finally, in single combat I dispatched the Acolyte and with help from our arrows, Longtail all but vanquished the leader. Yet, using some sorcery, he slipped out grasp.

At this moment, with their command destroyed, the bandits wavered. Only then did their hear the sound of approaching thunder bringing their doom. Like an avalanche, the Hammerfell riders swept through the camp crushing the enemy before them. And with that, the battle was over. My men secured the gold and loaded it on a convenient wagon. We camped their that night, gathered the dead and treated the wounded.

The return to the Echer’Naught will be long and hard as the weather turned bitterly cold, but never before has the King’s gold been so secured. At final count, we recovered more than 80% and reclaimed out honor.

Each member of my team performed exceptionally. And with the destruction of the bandit camp, I pray that lawlessness in that region should be quite reduced. Now, we face a new threat, but not one of man, but of nature. Winter is setting in fully here and the days turn cool, the night frigid. Our humble outpost is still woefully incomplete, but I have the highest hopes for out future.

Your obedient servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Captain

Campaign Report 6
On the Trail of Bandits

Captain Wolfhaven, Alexander

Grey Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

Eighteenth Day, Harvest Moon, Year 3122 Under the Light

More troubles plague our lands. My team returned with little to report. No evidence of interference was found along the single passable road to and from the southern baronies. And yet, all was not well. Weeks passed before we received word from the Lord Mayor to proceed.

We were summoned to the base of the Beacon Hill, at the Greenway gate early in the morning of the 6th day of Harvest Moon when the land was covered in a thick layer of hoarfrost. There we met the Sheriff Halten and his men accompanying two heavily armored wagons. While the Royal Sheriff Lord Halten accompanied the decoy, my men escorted the true Tax caravan.

There should have been no way for anyone outside of the Lord Mayor’s circle to know the time and place of the caravan. And yet, on their return trip from the farthest barony, my scouts came upon a wagon broken down and obstructing the road. Yet, when they attempted to help clear the way, the “merchants” attacked them. It seemed, to my men, that these bandits were expecting my men in particular, the Rangers, indicating a surprising and terrifyingly detailed knowledge of not only our route, but the disposition of the guards.

Though they fought well, one of the villains managed to escape the skimish. Odd enough, they discovered that each of the attackers wore a red cloth tied around one of their arms. Some symbol of their allegiance. Rather than pursue the foe, they returned with honor to their primary task, to protect the wagon. What they found was too terrible to contemplate.

The armored carriage had been attacked, the tax gold taken and the guards destroyed.
Ranger 1st class Hawksclaw examined the scene and determined the guards had been betrayed by their own, nearly half of the King’s guards appeared to have been part of the robbery, though he was unable to determine in which direction the gold had been taken.

Exhausted and wounded in battle, my men, regardless of their own suffering, remained at their post until such time as reinforcements arrived. I was first on scene, but was soon followed by Field Marshal Von Wrangel. He and his Hammerfell riders assumed posts around the site waiting for the Royal Sheriff to arrive.

In camp the following morning, I was greeted by Sheriff Halten and Von Wrangel. They were dubious about the incident and tempers flared, yet, the Field Marshal set plans into motion. Ranger 1st class Hawksclaw was dispatched to High Druidess Treesinger in hopes of sending a message to the Gray Ranger Celebor, a renown tracker. In the meantime, my men gathered in Echer’Naught, all but the stalwart Grimbore who remained to protect the outpost.

Now, we race against time. Can we track the bandits before they disperse the gold beyond our reach? Time will tell. For now, we can only hope. With winter coming, the lands will become impassable. We must strike now or lose hope forever.

Your obedient servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Captain

Private Report of Shayline Eridor
As Reported from Rangers at Large

Rangers at Large

After the destruction of the Builder factory near Thuls I found myself in another place. There I saw a being of chaos and storm the size of a planet. The Silver Unicorn and the Raven were able to call me back to them; however, the time in that place has made me stronger mentally but weaker physically. They tell me that the Tempest is causing the storms on our world and corrupting people on our world to take over places of power so it can use that power to spread its influence. It wants any and all sources of power to feed itself. Notify all Rangers to guard all places of power. If they come across these living cyclones they can be dispelled which destroys the creatures tied to it. If they are not able to dispel the cyclone destroying the creatures that appear from the cyclone cause the cyclone to dissipate. This enemy is a threat to the entire world we might consider telling not only our allies of the threat but also the Prelacy, the Dominion and the Empire of this threat.

Campaign Report 5
Money Troubles

Captain Wolfhaven, Alexander

Grey Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

Twenty fifth day, Raining Leaves, Year 3122 Under the Light

As a whole, we are recovered from our recent events. My team has re-coalesced as a unit again, though there are issues that must be addressed. Still, finally, our issues at home have been settled such that we can begin our true mission, and it could not have come at a better time.
The Lord Mayor has personally requested our assistance in dealing with a matter of some import. Bandits have attacked the King’s Tax in the midst of the Northern Baronies. Exact numbers of the loss are being kept tightly restricted, but from what is unspoken, the loss is a significant threat. Oddly, the Lord Mayor did not request our aid in hunting these villains, rather, we have been tasked with providing additional security for future Tax convoys.
Another issue I have discussed with the Lord Mayor is the vulnerability of our town against the forces of Flame and Darkness, specifically in regards to eldritch and arcane powers. In response, I have been authorized to beseech the Church of LIght for assistance. Under that direction I have dispatched Ranger Longtail on a long range messenger mission to the Church Fortress in the capital city, Olara.
Meanwhile, I charged Ranger 1st class Hawksclaw to scout the southern tax route and identify potential ambush sites, choke points and hazards. Under my orders, Hawksclaw arranged for a wagon from our Dwarven allies in the Longhaul clan and a Druidess from the Druid’s circle. Together with “borrowed” habits from the self proclaimed “King of Lowtown” Fateweaver, my men planned to travel the route under the guise of religious pilgrims. Sergeant Major Stormhammer, Ranger 1st class Hawksclaw, the young druidess and Ranger Highwall departed this morn on their mission. I hope to hear from them within the week.

Otherwise, work on improving out station are under way. The newest member of our company, young Sarah has proven helpful in her tasks and already our abode shows signs of clean and orderly habitation.

Your obedient servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Captain

Campaign Report 4
Above, Below and Forward

Captain Wolfhaven, Alexander

Grey Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

Eighteenth day, Raining Leaves, Year 3122 Under the Light

I write these words with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I have completed the mission placed before my by my commanders. And yet, I have discovered troubling fact about my own men and more questions than answers regarding Echer’Naught. But, first, I must expand on my previous, rather rushed, report.

As previously stated, Ranger Longtail had been abducted by Ratzin forces of Flame and dragged below the town streets. When Ranger Hawksclaw and Highwall reported this to the Sergeant Major Stormhammer, they were given strict orders to maintain their position and secure the HQ while the Sergeant came to collect me from High Towne. Sadly, I must report, from his own testimony, that Ranger Gate Highwall abandoned his post, over the protests of Hawksclaw, and stuck out to find Ranger Longtail on his own volition. At the time, he professed to be concerned about her well being and feared that any delay would prove disastrous for his fellow ranger. As laudable as his motives may have been, his actions jeopardized the mission and everyone at our post. It was by the grace of Archanon that we managed to extract our fellow rangers despite his rashness.

At any rate, after Highwall had gone AWOL, Ranger Hawksclaw was attacked, within our very walls, by Ratzin assassins using Alchemy to approach in utter silence. Though he fought valiently, he was overwhelmed by numbers and, by his report, shrunk and confined on the person of a Ratzin. Hawksclaw was taken to the subterranean lair and placed inside a cage sized for a bird of prey. There he spied the unconscious form of Longtail in a nearby cage, also of diminished size. From his own report, his salvation came at the hands of an unusual ally in the form of a Faerie. Prior to his mission, he had visited High Druidess Treesinger in her sacred grove at the heart of the town. There she bestowed upon him the blessings of Life. It would seem that blessing came as a creature of pure life who managed to secure a key to the cage and assist his escape. From there he climbed the vines upon the licencing like some primitive rope bridge and there reach the shelves containing the evil Alchemists vials and beakers. Hearing our combat growing close, he, rather recklessly, tested the tinctures until he found himself of great size and proportion, easily dwarfing the Ratzin. There, alone, he did battle, unarmed, until laid low by a large, powerful Ratzin assassin. Until our rescue, his part was completed.

Meanwhile, Highwall was headed to the Low Town skids where the town offal runs out a small gate beneath the southern wall. When that exit proved impassable, he followed the wall east until he reached the southern postern gate. There he exited the town and double back, now outside the town, to the sewer cesspool. Forcing his way past the bars, he wandered the sewers battling Ratzin in hordes until there I found him, surrounded and grievously wounded, but still very much in the fight. The rest of his part I have explained in my previous report.

All of this occurred while I was finishing my conversation with the Lord Mayor. No sooner had I reached the Main Road, when Sergeant Major Stormhammer rushed to meet me. In brief, he explained that Hawksclaw and Highwall were holding the HQ, but I must return urgently because he believed that Longtail had been abducted. I returned to find my entire time team missing. As I explained on my report of the 16th, I ventured alone into the bowels of the town, came upon Highwall and found the enemy lair.

Here, I must account the conclusion to this sad episode. Our fight very nearly finished me and my men. It was not until late morning on the 16th before we were in any condition to even rise for our fitful rest. Only Stormhammer and the ever vigilant Grimbore remained on watch. At any rate, we received an unexpected, but welcome, guest in the form of the aforementioned scribe, Grizhnak Olgor. A Goblin with the fine bearing of a Galean elite, Olgor immediately set about establishing a small library for our, rather sparse, outpost. He also expressed an interest in joining our men as we returned to the underground lair. Our description of the “portal” intrigued him greatly.

However, before descending into the depths, I debriefed each of my rangers in order to gain some comprehension of the past day. What I learned I have written above, save for a personal note regarding each ranger in question. Ranger Hawksclaw provided a sterile report, explaining in exacting detail the bizarre behavior of Ranger Highwall and his own concerns about continued operations. Ranger Highwall expressed his regret for his actions and assured me such would never happen in the future. Ranger Longtail had little to say but relief. Based on their performance, and the question as to whether I would remain at this post once news of former Captain Manning reached Kythros, I felt compelled to establish some form of command structure. With the blessing of Stormhammer, I hereby promoted Ranger Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw to Ranger 1st Class.

Once organizational details had been sorted, I sent my rangers to request assistance from the Lord Mayor who tasked the Royal Sheriff and his 20 best men to our detail. Ranger 1st Class Hawksclaw showed admirable restraint being forced to work with the man who so recently imprisoned him. Even so, the Sheriff, his men, my team and the new scribe, Olgor descended into the depths to return to the scene of such perfidy. We arrived to find things much as we had left them. A great portion of the lab had been destroyed in the cataclysm of my futile attempts to stem the tide of Ratzin through what we have come to understand was a faulty portal or cauldron of some sort.

While the Royal guards secured the room, my rangers set about searching the various remains and trying to determine how may had fallen prey, how long this had been occurring and recovering what personal affects they could uncover. Meanwhile, Olgor studied the room, the book I had found earlier and the pedestal in the corner. My Rangers found numerous items, many of which would later be returned to surviving family and friends. They also realized that, based on the pattern of kidnappings, this den had been in operation for some years. It is very conceivable that this plot was hatched during the War of Flame. How fortunate are we that, despite the limited success of the relatively few kidnapping victims, no further damage was caused. This lair could, conceivably, caused the fall of Echer’Naught during the war had it worked as we believe intended. Consulting with Ranger Highwall, who’s family it appears has some history in runes and magic, Olgor surmised that the Thaumaturgist was attempting to create a permanent-triggered spell which, when activated, would open a portal to Nocan Dar and release untold horrors upon the town. We do not know exactly what transpired, suffice to say, the trigger effect was faulty creating a situation in which the portal was only partially effective, and only for a short time preceding the cycle of three full moons and during the 13th hour. With the help of Stormhammer’s hammer, we managed to break the runes, thereby deactivating the artifact. Collecting all, including the defunct pedestal, we all returned to the surface.

My rangers returned what they could to those who had lost. There was much gratitude from the townspeople. So much so, that the Schenkle bakery now provides fresh bread each morning. Also, the lady of the evening, Aurora’s daughter Sarah had now joined our staff as a housemaid and laundress during the morning and early afternoon.

All being said, this has been a trial fore our little band. It has revealed our strengths and our weaknesses. I only hope that we can move beyond this episode and continue to serve in the fullness of out capacity. Regardless, the town is secured, Captain Manning has been avenged and the Lord Mayor has requested our assistance in dealing with an issue of taxes. Until such time as I am permanently assigned, or replaced, I will uphold the ideals and code of the Ranger Corps and do my utmost in the name of Life, Light and the faith placed in me by my commanders.

Your obedient servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Captain

Campaign Report 3
Into the Depths

After Action Report:
Captain Wolfhaven, Alexander

Grey Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

Sixteenth day, Raining Leaves, Year 3122 Under the Light

As I pen these words, I find myself troubled. Our investigation into the Echer’Naught disappearances leaves me with more questions than answers. I am fairly certain that anyone who has already been abducted is now dead. We found many remains and discarded equipment in the subterranean labyrinth, food for the many Ratzen nesting there. However, I must wait until a force can be sent to recover the remains for positive identification.

Perhaps, I should begin with an account of what has transpired?

On the morning of the 15th, I assembled my team. We discussed options. Should we descend immediately during daylight hours? Should we allow the mid-month to pass in hopes that the threat would then lie dormant? In the end, we elected to dispatch rangers to various sections of the city and A) discover if the mid-month abduction had already taken place, and B) warn the townsfolk to avoid being out alone until the threat had been dealt with.

Gate Highwall took the warehouse district and the stockyards. Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw took the merchant district and the Town Watch. Aradove Longtail headed to Low Town, while I tried to gain an audience with the Lord Mayor. Sergeant Stormhammer remained to coordinate and secure the outpost.

My visit to High Towne was as I expected. It took much of the day to secure an audience with the Lord Mayor and, though he was greatly concerned for his townsfolk, he could not order people off the streets. I was able to negotiate an agreement by which his personal guards supplemented town wide patrols. It was late in the eve by the time I returned.

I now know that my rangers met with similar success, half-hearted promises to pass along the warning, but few with whom we spoke seemed overly concerned. With mixed feelings I learned that no one had yet been abducted. While feeling relieved for the people of Echer’Naught, I now knew that we had to act tonight.

I had barely reached the highway when Stormhammer approached at a run. To my horror, he explained that Ranger Longtail had been abducted and that both Highwall and Hawksclaw were waiting at the outpost for my return, both determined to recover Longtail.

But, upon returning to the outpost, my heart sank. During my absence, some vile force had penetrated our security and abducted the remainder of my team. Stormhammer was prepared to storm the sewers, consequences be damned. However, I could risk no more of my team, so leaving a very unhappy sergeant, I found my way into the sewers via access provided by the town planners.

I was soon beset by Ratzin, many of the beasts were crawling the sewers and tunnels beneath the streets. I was led by the sound of combat echoing off the walls. I soon stumbled across a severely wounded Highwall battling for his life against a swarm of savage Ratzin. The combat was fierce, but we prevailed, though our respite was brief. More foes were closing fast.

Glancing around, I saw no sign of Hawksclaw. Demanding a report from Highwall, I found his evasiveness troubling, but had no time to investigate further. More and more and more of the vile beasts closed from all directions and we cut our way through back to back. As we fought past the rats, we spied a strange glowing light approaching, almost like foxfire. Confused, we prepared for some new horror, but to our surprise, a lone faerie bobbed along in the doom and gloom.

It was clear the creature had a purpose and we soon determined that it wished for us to follow. Curiously, and with no better direction, Highwall and I followed. Soon, we found ourselves outside a room lined with shelves and cages. In the center a table covered in arcane implements. In one corner I could feel more than see a distortion, some kind of arcane artifice or portal.

Highwall staggered by his injuries could continue no more, so I left him to hold the hall as I entered to find Hawksclaw surrounded by fallen foes, lying bleeding on the ground with a Ratzin Assassin standing over his body. The fight was close and deadly, but the beast fell to my blade. Yet more seemed to come from the strange pedestal in the corner of the room.

Beaten, battered with my team spent, I had no choice but to try and disable the spells maintaining the portal. I gathered my team behind the thick wooden table we had moved into position. Then, taking up all of the unnamed bottles, salves and inctures, I hurled them all at the pedestal know not what might happen, but praying for a miracle. The resulting arcane release was terrifying, but the gate appeared to be closed.

While the faerie attended to the wounded, I scoured the room noting the arcane symbols etched in human blood, the piles of gnawed bone and discarded clothes and the implement of both spellcasters and alchemists. Clearly, this was a laboratory of evil. Also, in one of the smaller cages I found the unconscious form of Ranger Longtail, yet she was hardly bigger than a housecat.

Tired, confused and with a growing sense of unease, I escorted my team back the way we had come, following the obliging faerie. She led us to a hatch which turned out to lead to our own HQ. Highwall and Stormhammer worked together to open the hatch from below using a clever mechanism hidden to those above. Then, stinking, bleeding and exhausted, we crawled out of the pit and collapsed where we lay.

That was hours ago and I have roused myself sufficient to heat a pot of wine and right this report.

I do not know the nature of the magiks occurring in the lab, I do not know the location or nature of the mages responsible. I do not know if I closed the portal or if it closed on its own. I do not know how my team came to be split and captured. I simply do not know. When my team recovers sufficient to explain their actions leading to this debacle, I will seek to understand. Until such time, all I can to is thank the Light that I lost no one today, my team or my town and pray we can stop whatever sickness infests our new home.

Your obedient servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Captain
Campaign Report 2
Down to Brass Tacks

Mission Assignment:
With the arrival of new recruits, it is time to begin the investigation for the disappearance of the former Ranger Captain Gerald Manning.

After Action Report:
Captain Wolfhaven, Alexander

Grey Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

Fifteenth day, Raining Leaves, Year 3122 Under the Light

So much has occurred since my last report I hardly know where to begin. Though, I must apologize for any inaccuracies in this missive I am writing quickly. Due to our investigation having discovered many disturbing facts regarding Captain Manning’s investigation, as I will detail below, I fear that my team faces a great threat today and I pen this in hopes that should my team fall prey to whatever lurks below Echer’Naught, our successors will find this report illuminating and may save them from our dark fates. But, to begin…

No sooner had my previous report left with the courier, than there was a ring of the bell at the door. Ranger Hawksclaw answered and quickly brought to me a young, Brinchie Ranger. I must admit my surprise, as I had hardly expected any further arrivals, save for my scribe who is growing increasingly late. She introduced herself as Aradove Longtail and presented proper papers and a letter of recommendation from a Paladin Ranger, Athrate Alystar. His report disturbed me and I vow to investigate Ranger Longtail’s previous encounter as soon as my current assignment is completed. Assuming, of course, that we are to survive. I welcomed her to our company and provided what meager accommodations our post affords. She selected a berth high in the warehouse rafters. Befitting her kind, I suspect.

Regardless, I called together my team, minus Magor Stormhammer who is in charge of repair and improvement of our post. While my team has been dealing with settling in, I have scoured all information regarding Captain Manning and his rangers. The information has been frustratingly little, but I managed to piece together his final moments and presented this information to my rangers. I counted seven disappearances, with Captain Manning and his team being the eighth. I record those here for posterity.

Captain Gerald Manning

Report on the Echer’Naught Disappearances

-So far, 7 people have been taken:

-First report, Helena Baker, human female, age 14, disappeared Schenkle bakery cellar, 14th Red Wolf. Last seen, ~9 PM

-Second report, Charles, human male, age unknown, disappeared Low Town, 32nd Red Wolf.

-Third report, Chirok, goblin yard hand, male, age 19, disappeared stock yards, 13th Eternal Sun. Last seen, ~7 PM

-Fourth report, Edward Heilsheimer, butler, human male, disappeared Beacon Hill Olde Towne, Calaban Rabenklau Estate, 31nd Eternal Sun. Last seen, ~2 AM

-Fifth report, Aurora, Nightwalker, eldakar female, age 27, disappeared Red Lamp district alley, 15th Thunder Hawk. Last seen, ~11 PM

-Sixth report, Whisker, female Brinchie thief, age unknown, disappeared Low Town, 30nd Thunder Hawk.

-Seventh report, Grishman Longhual, male Dwarf stocker, age 57, disappeared Warehouse District, 15th Festival Moons. Last seen, ~8 PM

Armed with this information, I tasked my rangers to retrace the Manning’s footsteps and attempt to glean what about these particular incidences he found so troubling. These were hardly the only people to have died or disappeared during this time period, so I was at a loss to explain their significance. Even so, doubtless they were the clues to understanding Manning’s disappearance. Early in the morning, my team left. What follows I compiled from their individual reports (included below) and speaking with them last night.

The first stop for the rangers was to the Schenkle bakery, one of dozens of similar businesses along the aptly named Baker Street. As they arrived during the morning rush, my people wisely chose to wait patiently as to not interfere with the baker’s business. While they waited, they enjoyed a meat pie. Something that I feel I must try after hearing their review. Once the patrons had mostly vacated, Hawksclaw approached the baker. Unfortunately, Mr. Schenkle was loathe to speak with us. As it happens, Helena was his daughter and her disappearance and the apparent apathy on behalf of the Town Watch and the Ranger Corps hit his family hard. He implored my men not to speak with his wife as her grief was too great, but instead directed them to his eldest son, Erik. Though young, Erik was respectful and showed them to the cellar. Regrettably, so many months had passed since her disappearance, no evidence could be found at the site, though they did note a drainage grate in the corner of the room. Moving on, they made their way to Low Town.

Low Town is a warren of twisting, filthy streets where those with nowhere else to turn eke out an existence. Many streets run foul with open sewers and many of the streets and alleys have no names. Understandably, the rangers found it difficult finding anyone who knew of those taken there or would speak of the disappearances. However, Ranger Longtail proved invaluable and they eventually found their way to one of dozens of small, family-run alehouses that litter Low Town. Within they encountered an individual I very much wish to speak with, one Therel FateWeaver, a self-declared Bard. From what I was told, he seemed well familiar with both Hawksclaw and Highwall due to their previous misadventures detailed in my previous reports. FateWeaver proved an invaluable source of information. Whether due to a genuine sense of civic duty, or an infatuation with the comely Longtail, he willingly parted with details regarding the disappearance of both Charles, the human laborer, and Whisker, the brinchie thief. Apparently, Whisker was a close associate of the bard and he expressed a desire for vengeance upon those that did her ill. All he asked in return for his knowledge was a future favor. I am curious to see what this individual will ask, but for the moment, I am satisfied. From there, the team headed straight to the Stock Yards.

Almost the entirety of the North East portion of town is set aside for the business of livestock. From horses and cows, to pigs, sheep, goat and even more exotic animals, Stock is one of Echer’Naught’s biggest businesses. Understandably, the yards are large and sprawling. Having no dealings with the yard hands before, at first, my rangers were stymied as to whom to approach. Fortunately, Highwall’s keen eyes spotted a group of Hammerfell riders observing the incoming horseflesh being run in. They were kind enough to direct him to a nearby yard being operated by an Orc. Highwall and the Orc had a conversation, the details of which are still hazy. However, through the Orc, Highwall was introduced to a Goblin by the name of Gor who knew the missing Chirok. Apparently, Chirok was a good worker who disappeared from the feed yard never to be seen again. Other members of his gather also worked for the yard and they demanded justice, but the investigation either never happened or simply stalled. Captain Manning might have been close to uncovering the truth when he vanished. I only hope we are able to solve this mystery. Gor directed Highwall to the feed shed before he and the Orc returned to their work. With this new insight, Highwall headed to investigate the site of the disappearance while Hawksclaw and Longtail had an altercation with a goat. I am also curious about the details of the incident but neither ranger cared to elaborate. Following Highwall, the rangers examined the feed shed. They found nothing of note, other than that the feeders were set one flagstones above the field of muck around and that they too have drainage grates to protect the expensive feed. Noting this, the team found the yard’s office and spoke with the man staffing the desk. He had little to add other than confirming that Chirok’s gather protested his disappearance and demanded redress and the time and place of his disappearance. He also informed them that Chirok’s last pay had never been collected and provided a copy of his employment.

Armed with this knowledge, the team returned to the post to clean their boots and to rest. Highwall chose to assist Stormhammer with routine maintenance of post gear.

After their brief respite, the rangers headed to the local watch post to investigate other missing person reports. Sergeant Walter provided the team with all the reports on file. They were a mess, incomplete and inconclusive, but corroborated much of Captain Manning’s reports. More disturbingly, the rangers discovered that since Manning vanished, others had also disappeared under strange circumstances…and all close to the mid-point or the end of the month. Still with doubts, the rangers accepted Sergeant Vasser’s invitation to join the Watch for the evening meal. According to my rangers, Longtail proved quite popular among the men of the Watch, Hawksclaw and the Sergeant formed a rapport and Highwall quite enjoyed the stew.

Satiated, the rangers returned to the post and requested that I secure an audience with the Lord Mayor that night while they continued onward to the Warehouse District.

At the North East quarter of the town lies the warehouse district. Here much of the surrounding produce, grain and other goods are stored for sale, distribution, and taxation. As Grisham Longhaul was a dwarf, Highwall took point and approached Longhaul’s clan, many of whom also worked as stockers or security for the warehouses. Introduced by the foreman, Highwall learned from the other dwarves that Grisham was hard working and had been at the warehouses for the past 20 years. One evening the others headed to the Hammer & Anvil after work and Grisham stayed behind to finish work. He was never seen again. The Longhaul’s beseeched Highwall to avenge their clansman’s disappearance. With that, the team entered the warehouse to investigate the scene. Just like before, there was little evidence so many months after the event, but they did find a number of drainage grates in the floor. Also, it should be noted that the warehouse was very similar to our own headquarters. An a thought, the rangers tried to pry any of the grates but none would budge as they were set into the floor. Satisfied, the team returned and picked up my letter to the Lord Mayor. At around 8PM, they made their way toward Beacon Hill.

As they described to be later, they were stopped by well-armed, finely liveried arms men at the base of Beacon Hill. I am pleased that my letter of introduction secured their access to Olde Town and, under armed escort, they proceed to the Mayoral Manse. There, they were turned over to the Mayor’s men and were escorted by a butler to the Mayor’s office. Having witnessed the grandeur and opulence myself, I can only image their reactions. Somehow, I do not find it odd that Von Haber had none other than Calaban Rabenclau in attendance, just the man they had wished to see. After a brief introduction, Rabenclau explained that one of his bottlers had, indeed, gone to the cellar to fetch wine and never return. He had little to add other than condescension, an all-too-common attitude among the nobles. Lord Mayor Von Haber expressed his strong desire that this issue be dealt with and soon. Leaving the Mayor Manse, my team proceeded immediately to the Red Lamp District.

Having never visited, I am unfamiliar with the atmosphere, but from the reports of my people, the Red Lamp is elegant, clean and well appointed. Entering the “establishment”, the ranger’s secured an audience with the Madame, one Lady Lillithen. She explained that the Aurora was a streetwalker and had just entertained a “client” when she was abducted on her return to the Red Lamp. The Madame expressed her outrage that one of her “girls” would be the subject of violence. Apparently, she is a feared figure in her own domain. When the rangers inquired after the client, they were informed that he had been unable to provide further details, but that he was no longer able to answer questions and that he “had been” a prominent merchant. I can only guess at the subtext of her statements. Regardless, she corroborated much of their information and requested the rangers hunt down whoever would dare harm her people. She promised favors if the situation could be dealt with finality. I can guess the favors she would bestow. However, her words were clear and true and she ensured that the rangers would be “safe” during their investigation while within her domain. Leaving politely, the Hawksclaw, Highwall and Longtail returned to the post for debriefing and rest.

Putting our information together, the best we can surmise is that these have no other connection than convenience of location. Someone, or something, is using the town’s sewer, drainage, and cistern system to ambush and abduct citizens. The only break in the pattern involved Captain Manning and his rangers. They were the only people to disappear in multiple numbers, all others were single individuals, alone. What this means, I can guess, but without evidence, that is all. Also, the phases of the moon is consistent. Each abduction took place on or just prior to the 15th and last day of any given month. That is what we know so far. In conjunction with my previous encounter with the Flame Acolyte and the abducted merchants, I fear I am facing some larger organized situation.

Regardless, today is the 15th. If something is going to happen, it will be today. I can honestly say I am afraid for my team, but we have a mission to complete. I must end soon for the courier is waiting at my door. I believe we may have a major incident on hand at Echer’Naught. If I and my rangers do not report within two days, you must send rangers in force to investigate.

Your obedient servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Captain

Additional Information:
Our first game as a complete group. We welome K.L. to our group and had a great themed meal together.

Important NPCs:
Therel FateWeaver

FateWaver has travelled the length and breadth of Shaintar and seen and one things many could hardly believe. Such a life provides fertile soil for story and song, the life draught of the bard. Even so, fate can be unkind. Rather than entertaining kings and emperors, Therel scratches a living entertaining drunkards, louts and luddites.


Born in the streets, Streerunner has spent little time with his own kind. Since meeting Therel in a Olaran bar, he has taken up role as protector and silent partner for Therel’s schemes.

Calaban Rabenklau

Youngest scion of the Rabenklau family misfortune, Calaban rose to lead his family after father’s mental illness became too apparent to be excused in polite society. Despite his young age, Calaban was able to deftly maneuver his older siblings and slowly take over the family assets. By the tender age of 16, all other contenders had suffered tragic accidents, leaving only the elder Rabenklau and his youngest son. While legally, Calaban is still just a young socialite; behind the scenes he has leveraged his family’s lands and assets into a thriving underworld empire with fingers in many pies.


Little is known about the mysterious woman behind the Red Lamp other than her beauty and allure. When she arrived in Echer’Naught is a matter of debate, what is not is that within the confines a few block district her word is law. Not even the King’s men dare challenge her on her own ground. Of course, most of the Lords and a few of the Ladies are her clients.

Campaign Report 1
Trouble with the Law

Mission Assignment:
With the arrival of new recruits, it is time to begin the investigation for the disappearance of the former Ranger Captain Gerald Manning.

After Action Report:
Captain Wolfhaven, Alexander

Grey Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

Fourteenth day, Raining Leaves, Year 3122 Under the Light

Much has happened since my last report. As reported, Ranger Trainee Hawksclaw had arrived this the morning of the 10th, his prisoners secured in the town goal by His Magesty King of Olara, Banrick XIV’s lawful representative, Sir Halten, Royal Sherriff of Echer’Naught. I find the man offish, boorish and arrogant, but no more so than many nobles in his station. Mere hours after I excused Ranger trainee Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw to establish himself here at the outpost, another trainee arrived, Ranger Gate Highwall. He is a Dwarf in every way. Time will tell how my newest recruits will be able to form a cohesive unit. Even so, both arrived with letters of writ, a letter of recommendation and prisoners in tow. Apparently the good sheriff had been rather busy, taking into custody both Hawksclaw and Highwall’s prisoners no sooner had they entered the town. While I filed their reports and drew up the official paperwork for their commission, Kelebor, StormHammer, Highwall, and Hawksclaw bonded over a skin of the Hammer and Anvil’s finest ale.

The following morning I called my entire staff together to formally and officially induct my new recruits into the Rangers as full members. Unfortunately, our meeting was cut short by the sudden and rude intrusion of the Sherriff and a squad of royal soldiers. They demanded the immediate surrender of trainee Hawksclaw for crimes including: assault and kidnapping of the King’s subject, theft and destruction of the King’s property, and preventing the King’s subjects from their duty. My objections fell on deaf ears. I was only able to secure Hawksclaw’s cloak and ancestral sword from being confiscated by the sheriff and his men. I sent Gate Highwall to the goal to discover what he could and to ensure Hawksclaw was not being ill-treated only to discover that, not only had Hawksclaw’s prisoners been freed, so too had Highwall’s. Clearly, a grievous clerical error had been made. Meanwhile, I went to speak with the Lord Mayor Von Haber. It took me some time to secure an audience, but, Thank the Light, he was sympathetic to our situation. Unfortunately, the sheriff was right in the law. Hawksclaw, in his enthusiasm, destroyed the camp and with it the lockbox that the woodcutter crew leader claimed contained his payroll and most important papers. With those destroyed, the evidence for the legality of his operation was in question. Yet, without those papers there was no definitive way to prove the operation was illegal. Without proof, the law came down to the word of the woodcutter, ostensibly a man known to the sheriff, against that of Hawksclaw, only a trainee and a foreigner to this land. Without legal justification for his release, there was little the Lord Mayor could do save provide me with a letter of petition on his behalf for mercy from the court. It took another few days to secure an audience with his Lordship the sheriff. When we were finally able to arrange a meet, Lord Halten elected to have the event in a public forum, not a trial, but an airing of grievances. Hawksclaw was brought in chains and the woodcutter presented his accusations. Then the accused was allowed to speak. Hawksclaw gave a good accounting of himself, but to no avail, the sheriff was unconvinced. He ordered that the prisoner would stay in goal until the next court session, a period of some nine months. I knew that my new recruit would never survive that long in such conditions, so I presented the Lord Mayor’s letter. With the weight of that office behind me, the sheriff reconsidered his position and offered the Rangers a compromise. Hawksclaw would be released and the charges dropped if we would agree to pay restitution for the damaged property and 2 weeks wages for the forestry operation. In addition, we were barred from further harassment of the woodcutter or his men. Loathe, I agreed and after StormHammer and Highwall brought our funds, I secured Hawksclaw’s release. I fear for the resentment this episode has fostered in the men under my command. As suspicious as I am of the Royal Sheriff’s motives, he is the King’s man and antagonizing him further will only make our work here that much more challenging. I only hope I am able to provide an example to my men of honor, integrity, but also patience and courtesy. My Archanon’s light lend me strength.

Unfortunately, the settlement cost us most of our operational funds. With the outpost little more than an empty warehouse and winter coming upon us, I fear it will be lean times indeed. Even so, with my recruits finally assembled, I was able to continue with their swearing in ceremony. Fortune favored us, however, in that Kelebor, a wandering ranger of some local repute, was also an accomplished adept. He performed the required mental investigation and cleared my entire post for duty. I then had the honor and privilege of inducting both Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw and Gate Highwall into the corps and promoting them to full-fledge rangers. This is the first of such duties I have been blessed to perform. I hope these are not my last.

As pleased as I am that the Ranger corps has seen fit to grant my request for assistance, I feel the weight of my responsibilities grow with each passing hour. This post is in need of outfitting and upgrading, my recruits, as talented as they are individually, require training and time to come together as a team and most importantly, I must complete my mission to find Ranger Captain Gerald Manning.

Your obediant servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Captain

Additional Information:
Included are campaign reports from GM and both players.

Aradove Longtail will join us next adventure as she is still travelling north.

Important NPCs:
Sir Eric Halten

Sheriff of Echer’Naught, Sir Halten is a boorish, officious civil servant, but a decent sheriff. He cares little for the lower classes, but much for his office and reputation. It is rumored that he is illiterate, though no one has been foolish enough to suggest such to his face.

Magor Stormhammer

Magor is the epitome of an old dwarven soldier. Born in the Forges to a metalworking clan, Magor took an interest in arms and armor from birth. Showing a keen understanding of forging, he was destined to rise to a position as a master crafter. War changed all of that. Turning his knowledge of weapons to their martial use, Magor left home and joined the fight against Flame and Darkness. Since that day, he has yet to see his old Clanhome. From soldier, to Ranger and from there to Sergeant and Master of Arms, Stormhammer has dedicated his entire life to the cause of truth and justice. Active military service ended during the War of Flame when he recieved a disabling leg wound during service to the Rangers. Since that time, he has been posted as the Master of Arms for the town of Echer’Naught and is really the glue that bind the post together.


No one knows from where the massive Ogre hails or how he came to guard the doors of the warehouse now used by the rangers as outpost. When Captain Manning and Sergeant Stormhammer arrived at the recently purchased building, they discovered the looming beheamoth standing guard outside an empty and abandoned storage facility. It took some time to convince the guard of their legitimate ownership just to gain entrance. What they eventually gleaned is that for many years Grimbore stood at the door and protected the property within. When the previous owner lost the warehouse due to some poor investments during the war, he fled the town leaving behind the building and its guardian. How long Grimbore stood, alone, waiting for his return, we may never know. Unable to convince the Ogre to leave, Captain Manning decided to continue to pay him at the rather reasonable salary he was acostomed and allow him to continue his duties. And so, the Echer’Naught ranger post acquired a loyal and intimidating doorman…if not the greatest conversationalist.

Lord Mayor, Heinrich Von Haber

Heinrich was born to nobility, a blue-blood in every sense of the word. The Von Habers, a vassal family of the Harken Duchy, have been so since the founding of Olara. While Olaran nobility are traditionally warriors, Heinrich excelled in other pursuits. A born politician, Heinrich took over his family at a very early age and almost overnight increased their wealth and prestige through shrewd negotiations, business acumen and a keen sense of the wants and desires of those around him. Toward the end of the War of Flame, Heinrich was appointed to the mayorship of Echer’Naught. He has since then increased town profits and brought new prestige to the holdings.


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