Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Campaign Report 0 (Addendum 1)
Hawk'sClaw Hunting

Mission Assignment:
As reported by Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw, Ranger Trainee regarding the illegal logging incident within Elvish lands.

29th of ForestDance

(Hawksclaw) departed Eldara in company of Gray Ranger Kelebor (on foot).

30th- Met Eldais Treesinger and was told of illicit logging party

3rd- of RainingLeaves

-Raided logging camp (took 1 prisoner), and logging party (arrested 3, torched camp, commandeered 2 wagons)

4th- Travel with prisoners and wagons

5th of Raining Leaves

-arrived in Echer’Naught

After Action Report:
Captain Wolfhaven, Alexander

Gray Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

Tenth day, Raining Leaves, Year 3122 Under the Light

Addendum to report-

The arrival of Trainee Hawksclaw has been a pleasant surprise. My previous letter had very nearly just left when the first, of what I hope to be many, new rangers arrived. I was curious to discover that Trainee Hawksclaw arrived with four prisoners and two wagons with teams. His official report (enclosed) was brief and to the point, however, after speaking with the man and his senior guide, Gray Ranger Kelebor, I was able to glean a greater sense of the events that have unfolded to be outlined herein.

Upon recieving his official orders and new Trainee cloak, Hawksclaw and Kelebor set out from Eldara on the way to Echer’Naught. The greater part of their trip occured with out serious incident. Kelebor was asked to settled a minor border dispute between two neighbors, but the incident was of no signficance. However, after leaving Erda’Meis, the rangers woke on morning close to the edge of the forest to a song both men described as mournful. Following the sounds of despair, they arrived at a clearing to find an Eldakar druidess, a one Illandria Treesinger. I note here that Druidess Treesinger is a current resident of Echer’Naught and tends the sacred grove and spring in the center of the town. Why she happened to be in the forest of Landra’Feya that morning I am unlikely to ascertain. Regardless, she informed the rangers that one of the sacred trees had been felled, along with many others. I can only assume that by “sacred” the druidess might refer to a source of Everwood? but this is idle speculation. She requested assistance from the rangers who readily agreed. After she left, they followed the tracks south and east, heading in a line toward the edge of the forest somewhere bewteen Erda’Meias and Farwatch. There they came upon a party of four men illegally logging in soverign elven territory. Though the rangers demanded surrender, the villains fled and they were able only to capture the leader of the party. Though Hawksclaw was forced to shoot him down, the man survived his injuries and betrayed his nearby comrades.

Taking the two mules, wagon and prisoner, the rangers proceeded toward the main logging camp. Unfortanately, the mules revealed themselves too stubborn and Hawksclaw was forced to abandon his seat or be carried bodily into an armed camp. The arrival of an empty, unmanned wagon stirred the camp, but fortunately, they suspected the negligence of their companions rather than a ranger raid. Hawksclaw allowed the greater body of men to pass unmolested and when they were a distance away, launched a raid against the reduced numbers remaining in the camp. Kelebor managed to incapacitate one of the men, however Hawksclaw was set upon by the cook and one of the ax men. He acquitted himself well and both men were taken alive. With their four prisoners, two wagons and six mules, Kelebor and Hawksclaw set fire to the camp and proceeded immediately here to Echer’Naught.

As I write this, the prisoners are being taken into custody and their interogation shall begin tomorrow. We hope to soon learn more about these illegal logging operations and put a stop to them before the rogues instigate an incident with our elven neighboors.

Based upon the recommendations of Gray Ranger Kelebor I intend to immediately raise Hawksclaw to full ranger status. He showed initiative and caution in dealing with this situation. I see good things in his future.

Your obediant servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Captain

Additional Information:
This game represents the pre-amble session for Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw.

Important NPCs:
Gray Ranger Kelebor

Not much is known about Kelebor. He is Alakar. He has served for decades and he likes a good smoke. Though he generally keeps to the Elvish Forests, he has shown a willingness to assist rangers wherever they may be.

Illandria Treesinger

From birth, Illandria was blessed by a deep connection to Landra granting her insight greater than many of her peers. With this insight came a deep and abiding respect for Life. Though the war forced her to fight, she chose only those battles that she could not avoid. Illandria tended the wounded in field hospitals, distributed rations to the soldiers and lent her strength, wisdom and magic where needed. After the war, she returned home to Landra’Feya for a time, but the war had changed her and the land that she loved. So, she left, but not far, and took up residence in the nearby town of Echer’Naught. There she tends the sacred grove at the heart of the town.

Sergeant Walter Vasser

Common born, but a native of the town, Sergeant Vasser served in the Olaran army through the war. Never a great hero or leader of men, nevertheless, Vasser proved a doughty warrior and a good man. Upon his return from service, he was offered the position as Captain of the watch. He agreed to Sergeant and has held the post since then. He stands at nearly six feet and is of stocky, farmer build. Blonde hair and blue eyed, Walter would be considered handsome were it not for the scar on his face or the deeply etched lines from years of hard labor and exposure.

Campaign Report 0
New Assignment

Mission Assignment:

Having recieved official orders to ride to the Olaran town of Echer’Naught and upon arriving there invistigate the disapperance of Ranger Captain Gerald Manning and his missing rangers, the report below outlines my first encounter upon arriving in the territory assigned to the Rangers of the Greenway Road.

After Action Report:
Captain Wolfhaven, Alexander

Gray Ranger Outpost, Echer’Naught

Tenth day, Raining Leaves, Year 3122 Under the Light

What follows is a true accounting of the events which occurred upon the 3rd of this month, seven days prior. Regrettably, I was not present for the opening hostilities, I have taken time to speak with the survivors and believe I have an accurate understanding of the events as they unfolded. This incident involved two parties. The first: a travelling merchant caravan under the leadership of a Nazatiran man by the name of Miguel Ruiz Lorenzo Valero who was accompanied by his wife Eva and their young daughter Sophia. Also of importance to this report was the caravan herbalist and the chief guard, a silent Brinchie called Peacekeeper. In total, this group originally consisted of nearly 30 members. The second group, smaller in size, but not in relevance to this incident, was a pair of travelers; a human sorcerer named Coramin and his travel companion Nelenna, an Aevakar archer.

As reported to me, shortly before dusk, Coramin and Nelenna arrived at the Dwarven Waystation, a rest stop roughly half way between the city of Harken to the east and the town of Echer’Naught to the west. There, the companions discovered the way station was already occupied by the caravan of merchants. Being kindly and of good nature, Master Valero offered his hospitality to the duo and they joined the merchant camp for the night. Though all seemed well, and there had been very little banditry along the road in recent weeks, the party came under assault in a pre-dawn attack that overwhelmed the guards before they could respond. Nelenna and Coramin spoke at length about waking in the pre-dawn hours to find the camp swarming with goblinesh and ratzin. Curiously, no alarm was sounded and, according to Coramin, magic was involved. He believes that at least two spells were in effect; one a silence spell to mask the bandit approach and a second illusory spell to increase the enemy numbers and sow greater confusion among the caravan. Needless to say, the merchants acquitted themselves admirably. Of particular note, and all parties agreed as much, both Coramin and Nelenna fought valiantly and bravely throughout the skirmish, each claiming a number of foes. Curiously at the time, shortly after joining the battle, Coramin found himself being ensnared in a hastily constructed sack of recently slaughtered cow stomachs. Almost before he could think, an ogre, one of very few in the attacking party, had slipped the bag over his head and proceeded to haul him away into the darkness. Were it not for the keen eyes of Nelenna and her skill with the bow, Coramin would certainly have found himself a prisoner. Regardless, by working together, Coramin slipped his bonds and gave better than he received. So mighty was their skill, that the enemy fled before them. Doubtless the evisceration of one of their fellows by a wicked arrow springing from Nelenna’s bow had much to do with their loss of heart. Regardless, as the sun rose above the horizon, the enemies fled and the caravan began the sad duty of counting the wounded and the dead.

It is here that I arrived on scene. Earlier that morning, I and two Riders of Hammerfell had set out toward the town; I to take up my new assignment in Echer’Naught, and my companions on their way to a posting with the town’s Hammerfell contingent. Almost immediately, we spied smoke against the sky and made great haste to the site of the attack. Upon arrival, I found a scene of carnage. Many merchants and guards lay dead, Senior Valero himself was very nearly mortally wounded. As Coramin and Nelenna were explaining the situation, Eva Valero discovered a disturbing fact. During the raid, in which almost nothing was actually taken, young Sophia has been abducted. So too, the old herbalist was found neither among the living or the dead. It was at this juncture that the keen mind of Coramin parsed out the likely reason for the attack. Both he and the herbalist had the gift, Sorcerer and Alchemist respectively. Grudgingly admitted, the Valero’s revealed that so too their daughter Sophia had displayed indicators of arcane power. So the truth was revealed that the target of the assault was not goods or coin, but persons of power. How the enemy knew of Sophia’s secret, we still do not know. I suspect a traitor in their midst, but is he still alive or was he killed the attack? Who is to say?

Knowing this, I suspected a much darker power behind the raid and vowed immediately to rescue the prisoners. Peacekeeper, Coramin and Nelenna also vowed to join me. As much as it pained him, Senior Valero was in no condition for an arduous ride, so he agreed to lead his people to the safety of Echer’Naught and report to the Rangers there. With him I sent the younger of my companions for security. Preparations were made and the Caravan moved out as my party headed north following the trail of the bandits. I must admit being perplexed. Ratzin are enemies of all under the light, but I had trouble accepting that the local goblinesh were in league with Flame. None of the reports I had read before taking this assignment suggested that the local gathers were anything but honorable, if not exactly allies. Even so, with the wind picking up and a chill in the autum air, we road, Nelenna flew and Peacekeeper loped ahead.

Around noon, the Aevakar lady spotted a column of smoke smudging the skyline. Approaching cautiously, we discovered a farmhouse whose livestock had been butchered and mutilated, then left to rot in the sun. Peacekeeper scouted the area while Nelenna circled the house. No sign of the farmers were found outside so Coramin and I entered while the sergeant remained with the horses. The charnel house within was infinitely worse than the scene without. Four poor souls had been dragged inside and then fed upon while they yet lived. Blood and offal was everywhere. We searched for survivors, without much hope. Curiously, I discovered a magical sigil burned into the wall above the still smoldering chimney. I asked Coramin, our magical expert, to investigate further while I stepped outside to report to our companions. I had crossed but halfway to the door when the sorcerer commanded me to stop. Complying instantly, I learned that we had activated some form of magical trap. Cormain sought every means of escape, but the villain who set the trap had done their work admirably. We were left with but one choice. Coramin relying on his protective spells and I my armor, we rushed the door and hurled ourselves outside as the farmhouse was engulfed in unholy flames. We were both singed, but otherwise unharmed. I owe my life to the keen sense and cunning thinking of Coramin. That hazard overcome, Peacekeeper revealed that our enemies had split. The goblinesh, numbering no more than a dozen had headed west. The captives were taken north by a human and a large, cloven-hooved beast I recognized immediately as a Minotaur.


We took a moment to catch our breath, fill our bellies and recover from the smoke before striking out north again, riding hard. Nearly mid-afternoon, as the terrain became more broken and rocky, Lady Nelenna soared to the sky and spied our quarry not half an hours ride ahead. Being the land of my youth, I devised a strategy whereby Coramin, Nelenna and Peacekeeper would head north-east and come at the enemy from the flank as they threaded a narrow cut in land. Meanwhile, the sergeant and I would ride hard around them and double back, hitting them from the front. All I can say of that ride was it was as desperate as it was hard. My man and I arrived just as the enemy was climbing out of the ravine. As planned, we levelled our lances and charged. Meanwhile, our allies burst from the trees to the enemy ride and attacked. Our plan was perfect, but the enemy Thaumaturgist had other plans. Screaming something dark and sinister, she summoned a pack of Ratzin that immediately swarmed our party. Meanwhile, she let loose a bolt of pure fire and very nearly laid Nelenna low. Peacekeeper bravely took on the Minotaur as my sergerant and I cut our way through the Ratzin. Coramin was instantly surrounded and cut off by a pack. The ensuing fight was quick and brutal. Despite her wounds, Nelenna continued to rain down ours as her wings smouldered and smoked. Coramin laid about him with staff and spell, striking down the Ratzin like wheat before the scythe. Peacekeeper, facing a Minotaur and two Ratzin took to the high ground and fended them off, buying the rest of our force time. Once the Ratzin around me had been dealt with I charged forward to engage the Flame Acolyte. The sergeant rushed to Coramin’s aid and together, they eliminated the pack. With a desperate sweep, I cleaved the witch to her breast, but still the Minotaur fought on. I charged with my man and together with Peacekeeper surrounded the beast. Sadly, our victory was spoiled as in his dying throes, the Minotaur felled the sergeant and his mount in a savage blow.

Victorious, we tended the wounded, secured the captives and established camp. By morning, we were headed south again. Our trip was longer then, at a more relaxed pace. We arrived back at Echer’Naught two and half days later. There we were met by an ebullient Valero family who were overcome with joy at the return of their precious Sophia. I also met Magor Stormhammer, the local ranger Master at Arms, who was about to set off with a rescue party. Senior Valero presented Coramin and Nelenna sacred family cups as a sign of fidelity and thanks. I also expressed my admiration for their abilities and offered them my recommendation should they ever desire to join the Rangers. That evening, there was much celebrating and exchanging of tales. Within a day, Coramin, Nelenna and the merchants had left, continuing their westward trek.

I am left to record their deeds and write a letter to the family of Sergeant Olaf Algorian. He was but 21, fresh faced and as proud of his new rank as any king his crown. Too many of these I have written and I know there will be more to come in the dark days ahead. As I sit in the office of the man I have been sent to find and look around me, I am suddenly struck by the enormity of the task I have before. In my heart of hearts I had hoped that Coramin or Nelenna would have agreed to stay on, if just a while, but no. They each have their life to live.

I conclude this report with a request for reinforcements. Few better understand how dangerously stretched our resources are, especially as storm clouds grow over Camon and strange tales surface from the south of new and powerful magics. My hope is that some may be found to take up the cloak and join me here. For without aid, I fear I cannot succeed.

Your obedient servant,

A. Wolfhaven, Captain

Additional Information:
This adventure was featued on Rho Pi Gamma: The gamer’s podcast in two parts. The first having aired Nov. 10, 2013. The second to air early next year. Coramin was played by Byron Clark, the show host. Nelenna by his lovely co-host Liz. Combat was simulated using the Roll20 program.

For more on Rho Pi Gamme, check us out at:

Important NPCs:
Miguel Ruiz Lorenzo Valero

Senior Valero was born on the island of Nazatir to a family of seamen and merchants. At an early age he took a position with his family merchant fleet and married a local beauty, Eva. Together they had a daughter named Sophia who, very early on, displayed signs of magic. The Valeros decided to take Sophia to Leanda’Feya and turn her training over to a family friend, a Druid of some reputation. Miguel is middle aged, but physically fit. He prefers flamboyant clothes and speaks loudly and with gusto. When he fights, he uses a rapier/dagger style, but much prefers good wine and entertaining stories over bloody combat.


Peacekeeper is an enigmatic Brinchie fighter. Like everything about him, where he learned to fight is a complete mystery. He rarely speaks, and when he does it is generally little more than a whisper. Regardless, he is a loyal friend and a fearless warrior. His coloring is similar to that of a mountain lion, and he is average height and build for a Brinchie adult male. His weapons of choice are the traditional lo-sska/rrka combo.

King Con 2013
Quest for the "Sisters of Thunder"

Convention Games
Athrate Alystar
Action Report: Sisters of Thunder

As dictated by Ser Athrate Alystar, Paladin of Light, Defender of the Faithful

“Sirs, I report here the incident regarding the quest to recover the items of power referred to as the “Sisters of Thunder.” I was instructed to take two Ranger trainees on a rendezvous to meet with a Sir Ferrel Branford, senior Knight of the Golden Torch, as a courtesy to his order and the mutually beneficial relationship between our two groups. I immediately departed with Brother Sefrin, Priest of Light, Healer and true believer and a Brinchie warrior, Long Tail, a passionate and fearsome fighter.

We met with Sir Ferrel Branford at a place of his choosing. There, he informed my companions and me of a set of “magic” stones referred to as the “Sisters of Thunder.” According to Sir Branford, he was a collector of such artifacts and through his research had discovered that a moderately successful Bard, a Master Massy Gill had information regarding the location of said stones. The request was that we, the Rangers, meet with this Master Gill, pay for information with coin provided by the senior Knight and collect the stones. He also mentioned a possible complication. According to Sir Branford, another individual, one Mistress Vanessa Critendon, of the rival Order of the Brass Bindings, was also hunting the stones. He cautioned my team that her involvement might prove dangerous. Per my orders, we left immediately to find Master Gill.

After Action Report:
We travelled a short distance to the town of Colcort (sp?). There we found a small, but bustling community with a large central courtyard flanked by a U-shaped ring of quaint, wooden buildings. This detail would shortly become critical. Before entering the local tavern for information, we made a quick circuit of the common area and discovered that our Bard was, at that moment, entertaining a crowd at the central fountain. Both Long Tail and I chose to enter the crowd, get close enough that we might get a word once his epic tale was completed. Brother Sefrin took a post at the corner of a nearby building and waited. I must admit that I was so apprehensive to lose Sir Branford’s payment to a cutpurse that I failed to notice the appearance of a group of brigands closing in from between the surrounding town. Fortunately, the sharp eyed Sefrin spotted the group’s leader, a massive Orc, so large that when I first espied him, I mistook him for an Ogre. Once Brother Sefrin was able to get my attention and alert me to the danger, I noticed a rather large group of bandits closing in on our position. Surrounded, outnumbered and amidst a large civilian group I chose to attempt to move Master Gill to a more defensible location and draw any combat away from the villagers while warning them to flee. Though initially surprised, Master Gill was more than cooperative when he too noticed the closing bandits. With the Bard, I fell back to Brother Sefrin and attempted to establish a perimeter. Long Tail was caught in the open by the bandit leader and though I was loathe leave her to face the brute alone, I could not allow a civilian to be taken, as I assumed Gill was the target of this attack.

I will forego a lengthy description of the combat, but would be remiss if I did not mention the true valor and courage of my companions. Long Tail was ferocious. She managed to defeat the Bandit captain with no assistance. Were it not for Brother Sefrin, I would have succumbed to wounds received. Both trainees more than proved their mettle and it would not be the last time. Two bandits survived the encounter, one escaped, but the other was captured and turned over to local authority. Before he was taken into custody he revealed that he and his band were agents of the Red Store. Nor we theses simple sell-swords but were well-trained and well-funded mercenaries. I do not know why such an organization was involved, but this is of serious concern and should be reported to the highest levels.

Having been saved from likely torture and execution, Master Gill was more than happy to discuss business over cold ale. He still managed to negotiate nearly 3/4ths of the funds provided, but ultimately agreed to assist our quest. According to him, he heard rumors that to find the stones we had to speak with none other than Mistress Vanessa Critendon who either already possessed the items or knew where to locate them. Though I was eager to set out immediately, both Long Tail and Master Gill felt the need for further “negotiations.” While they retired to a shared room, Brother Sefrin and I retired to a local shrine for prayer and meditation. Oddly, we both suffered from night terrors involving wailing voices and storms, though I admit that Brother Sefrin’s connection to Archanon was stronger. Through his bond, we were guided to a local Druidic garden pool. After collecting our companions from the tavern after their night of…celebration, we stopped at the pool and Brother Sefrin and I both dipped our weapons and shields in the sacred waters. What happened next I cannot explain, but our arms were coated in a glittering crust of a crystal like coating which wafted with the perfume of an ocean breeze, a blessing of the Lady Illiana no doubt. It would appear that our quest to recover the stones was of concern not only to our worldly orders, but to the ascended themselves. Through my touch, lady Long Tail’s weapons were also blessed.

With our new benefactors, we followed Master Gill to the entrance of a cavern he claimed was the sanctuary of Mistress Critendon. Though our deal with Master Gill was only to lead the team to this point, his newfound affection for lady Long Tail compelled him to accompany us within. Descending into the darkness we found ourselves within a massive cavern bisected by a massive crevice about 2/3 the overall distance from the entrance. Coming from the chasm was a howling, roaring wind and just behind the wall of storm was Lady Critendon. She appeared crazed, her hair wild, her eyes wide and savage as she shouted with an unseen force. The only path over the rift was a set of stone stairs on the right wall of the cavern. Unfortunately, the sorceress was protected by a massive Dregordian warrior who announced himself as Kossoss and he demanded that we leave. At this moment Brother Sefrin was alerted to the forces summoned by the sorceress, an impossible fusion of Darkness and Life. I confess, sirs that I was at a loss. By my oaths, I swore to stand against Darkness, but also to defend life. My hesitation was short lived as the sorceress summoned three beings from the depths and set them upon us without warning. These things were like nothing I have faced. Part storm, part magic, they consisted of a roiling fusing of Darkness and Life which coalesced into hideous phantom horse and riders. Were it not for the blessing of Illiana, we would surely have fallen to these storm demons. As we fought, Kossoss waited content to see the outcome of our battle. When two demons had fallen to Master Gill and Lady Long Tail’s blades, our impetuous companion rushed the Dregordian giant. Only then did he react, attacking her with terrifying fury. She succeeded in wounding him, but was very nearly laid low by his counterattack. I confess, I feared I had led us to our deaths, but, nevertheless, I charged and by the Light of Archanon, struck such a terrible blow to my foe that he was unable to recover. Soon, with Master Gill standing upon his tail, and Long Tail’s blades at this throat, he threw down his weapon and surrendered. A dead man has no use for his mercenary gold.

The way clear, both I and Long Tail charged while Gill and Sefrin handled the last of the Storm Demons. With fleet strides, Long Tail reached her first, but was ensnared in magic bindings. I arrived moments later and lashed at her, but her magic was strong. With a stone shaking shriek, Mistress Vanessa Critendon collapsed to the cold floor and a living, writhing thing of sea water, magic and rage reared above me. It struck with savage lighting, but my Life and Light blessed armor protected me from the Dark storm. How it continued after its summoner had fallen I know not, but whatever this magic was, it is unknown in our world. I lashed out, a desperate stroke and the Light of Archanon surged through my arm. I struck the beast a terrible blow, shattering its hold. Long Tail, who had slipped her bonds, leapt at the thing. Between us it was laid low. In that instant, we heard a voice, like the crashing of a tide against the shore give dire warning, and then the power of the chasm was drawn in like an inhaled breath, blasting us aside.

In the silence that followed, Mistress Critendon awoke dazed and confused. She admitted that in using the stones, she was overcome by some alien force beyond her ken. She submitted to our custody and agreed to be taken to the Church for healing and questioning along with the stones, but she warned that our benefactor Sir Branford was also consumed in this quest and should he acquire the stones, and even darker fate would befall. Her guardian, Kossoss managed to escape during the confusion. I say this: If he is met again, I warn my brother and sister Rangers to be cautious for he is a terrible foe in battle, but he is possessed of honor and should be treated with respect accordingly.

I confess, sirs that I am at a loss now as to what should be done. I am taking the Mistress and the “Sisters of Thunder” to the Church for safekeeping. There I shall protect them both and await further orders. I know not how the Red Store became involved in this quest, or who was behind their attack. I can fathom only this, the magics we faced are not of this world, and if the Red Store has managed to find a new source of power, we are all in grave danger.

I close with a final note regarding my companions. In regards to Ranger trainee Long Tail, I find her methods unorthodox and at times confusing. However, without her quick wit and quicker blades, I would not be alive to dictate this report. She shows courage in the face of danger, enthusiasm for her task, and a willingness to follow orders, if a bit impetuous. In regards to Brother Sefrin, I must confess I am impressed in the deepest way. His insight both in the spiritual and the mundane were instrumental in our quest. His quiet calm in the face of unimaginable powers gave surety to us all. Though I am but a novice, I believe that these Rangers exemplify the ideals of the corps and recommend their immediate promotion to full Ranger status. As for Master Massy Gill, though he presented an underwhelming first impression, I must confess he proved his usefulness during the Red Store attack, and provided accurate information, if a tad greedy. And, though his motives were suspect, he acquitted himself admirably in the sorceress’ cave. I recommend further collaborations with the Bard, though I would keep a close watch on your money and any impressionable young trainees.”

With respect,

Your servant,

Brother Alystar, X (Ranger Alystar’s mark)

Important NPCs:
Sir Ferrel Branford, senior Knight of the Golden Torch

Mistress Vanessa Critendon of the Order of the Brass Bindings

Massy Gill, Bard informant

Vurkk – Orc Red Store Boss

Kossoss, Vanessa’s Dregordian assistant

Additional Information:
New PCs:

Long Tail, Brinchie fighter

Sefrin, Priest of LIght

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