Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Campaign Report 72
Tempest Again!

Kura’Kai Report

[Report filed, Dancing Clouds 22nd, 3125-Malcom]

This is my Report,

I was going to ask Malcom to date my reports again, but Im beginning to think that little man is scarier than I thought. Word around the Rangers is he made a Colonel, a Major, a Captain go have sex with themselves. I’m not sure how that works, but I don’t want to find out.

[Departed Echer’Naught Dancing Clouds 3rd, 3125-Malcom]

Anyway, we road north again, back the way we had just come a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if the Rangers understand the concept of their own…um…concepts. Right? We were not supposed to be on duty for another week at least. And they send us right back into the same fight we just left?

Me, I don’t really care, though wish they’d make up their minds. Coulda saved a lot of trouble if we had just STAYED put before, rather than ride ALL the way to Echer’Naught only to ride ALL the way back out here. But, I begin to understand that a Ranger is pretty capable and smart. The Corps are run by a one eyed Ogre with a head wound.

The ride takes, what?, three days? Where did the winged elf go? For a Corporal, I don’t see him doing much. Anyway, the working Corporal spots an enemy camp a couple miles out. Least, that’s what she said. I had no reason to doubt. I couldn’t see squat.

[Arrived at the Tempest camp on Dancing Clouds 6th, 3125-Malcom]

The Sergeant orders a halt, has us make a “secure’ camp and the horses are watered and fed. Look. What in the Abyss is a secure camp? We supposed to guard it? Keep people out? These Rangers and their fancy words. Mostly, I just stand around and look mean. That, and spend time with my WIFE.

She looks amazing. I like riding behind her. Her hair whips in the wind and the tips of her ears poke out just enough to see… Sometimes, shell catch me watching and give me that look. Like, what in the Abyss is wrong with you?! Ascended but I love that elf.

The corporal takes one-eye out on a recon of the enemy camp. They come back that night, looking nervous. One word. Tempest.

Oh look, we found the SAME group of Tempest from our last fight. I got excited. Time to settle the score for the former Sergeant. Everyone just looks a little sick. You know, I think these Tempest shites have them a little spooked. They haven’t been this nervous since my WIFE took ill.

I wonder?

So, we sit and watch for four days, give or take. It weren’t all bad. Volstagg can cook. The half-orc seems capable enough. I’m not sure about his Ass though. They seem to be a little close…if you understand.

We had a herder up north, orc, I was just an orkling, but the caregivers said to keep away from him. I didn’t know why till much later. Turns out he too liked them wild, sheep in his case. To be honest, I was a little mad. I mean, I wasn’t a sheep so why’d it matter? They just said it did.

If he weren’t hurtin nobody and enjoys the company, more power too him. The sheep seemed to follow him an awful lot so he must be doing something right. Maybe that’s why the mule wont leave that fellow alone? I guess he’s good in the saddle? If you understand.

[Dancing Clouds 10th, 3125; camp outside of Tempest fort-Malcom]

So, after four days of nothing. The Sergeant figures that Anaxelum already beat us to the camp. Let me explain. So, Anaxelum is an enemy commander, I figure. He and the dead Great Wolf got one well enough so that he, being Anaxelum, was invited to live in the Wolf’s house. But, Anaxelum was still an enemy, so he was kinda in prison, but not really. While there, he learned all about the Rangers and the city.

Also, during their first battle, the Corporal and this Anaxelum tried to kill each other. Seems neither pulled it off, but it sure tickled them were it feels good cause about the time Anaxelum and the Wolf get back from some place called Nor Can Dar, wherever the Abyss that is, she decides to throw away her whole life with the Rangers to get some of him. Then she dies. I think.

Here’s where it gets confusing. So, she goes down. I mean dies, not…whatever. He, Anaxelum, sells her soul to his god to save her life, making her an enemy of the Rangers and now his. But the Rangers keep her on even though she’s now Tempest and bedding the enemy commander.

Alright, the Wolf and the Tempest have a deal that because he’s such a swell guy, the Wolf will just let him go whenever the Tempest attacks again. Then the Wolf dies. Tempest hangs around with the Corporal until we battle Tempest.

So now, Anaxelum has taken his men to return to the Tempest lands with all our secrets. The Rangers don’t care about any deal the Wolf made, they just want the Tempest dead. And the Corporal, near as I can tell, is tired of bedding the man, and plans to go back to killing him?

More or less. To be honest, none of this makes any sense. Why didn’t they just arrest him before? Why would the Wolf give him all these secrets then just send him on his way. And why is the Corporal trying to kill him again if she’s supposed to love him?

Remind me never to piss of Dakota. Elven maidens are touched. Really.

Alright, so, the Sergeant decides we gotta kill the Tempest mage in the enemy camp to keep them from leaving. Which, seems stupid. If they wanted to leave, wouldn’t they have gone days ago? Clearly they have no intention of going anywhere but who am I to miss out on a good fight?

The plan: The Sergeant leads a team with me, the dwerg, the scruffy mercenary, the one-eyed mercenary, the half-orc, and Volstagg in an ambush on a morning patrol coming out of the enemy camp. Meanwhile, the Corporal and my WIFE sneak around the side and set up to snipe the Tempest mage should he pop his head up. The Sheriff of Echer’Naught and his knights would join with the Wolfhaven Free Riders and ambush any enemy reinforcements that might try and break up out little party.

The plan seemed good enough, if pointless. Still, I was finally getting close enough to stab these Tempest dogs and I wasn’t about to say or do anything to ruin a perfect day for slaughter. All day before the battle, the Sergeant and Volstagg have us salting our weapons with pig fat. Says they make it easier to fight Tempest? Not unless we are gonna eat our gear. But, I don’t ask questions. Orders is orders.

We crawled into place by the road that very night and waiting till the morning for our attack. It was pretty peaceful. The hot summer was cooling off and the bugs were out, chirping and buzzing. I dozed as the wind rustled the tall grass. Somewhere in the distance, I could hear the Tempest soldiers talking and laughing. I looked forward to spilling their guts in the mud.

[Attack occurred on the morning of Dancing Clouds 11th, 3125; just north of Tempest fort-Malcom]

Morning came, finally, and we readied ourselves. Sure enough, right on schedule those Tempest cogs came marching out in perfect order, two columns of lightly armored scouts. Sergeant waited until they were almost past our spot before springing ambush.

We hit them HARD. Three went down before they even knew we were among them! For a minute, I wondered why everyone made such a fuss about these Tempest. They seemed to die like anyone else. I was soon to find out.

Yeh, we hit them hard and yeh, they were pretty shaken. But that lasted all of a heartbeat. Before our lines could form and box them in, the Tempest shifted fronts and flanked us, putting their back against their own fort. I heard a lout pop and buzz and then the entire flaming line erupted into lighting. What in the name of the Abyss are these things?!

Our ambush when sideways and our lines got fouled, while they cut, slashed and stepped in perfect unison. I’ll hand it to them, Sergeant tried to shore the left, while Volstagg and the one-eyed merc came up on the right, but with each hit, we got scorched bad. Then, the enemy siege engines opened up and everything went red.

I know we were taking hits. Sergeant was cut down by four of them. The one eyed merc too. The dwerg came up and held his own for a minute. Even the half-orc did his best, berserk rage and all, but he took a ballista bolt through the chest and went down. Things seemed grim when the world went white.

Scruffy merc picked up an enemy weapon and thought’d be a great idea to try and fire it. Thing was, the enemy trapped all their casters. He went up in a ball of lighting taking out the dwerg and half our line. In his defense he managed to take out a couple Tempest. He was fine, I got singed.

He had just enough time to laugh at the Tempest for failing to kill him when a ballista bolt went through his stomach. Sodding moron.

That left me and Volstagg to hold the line. The rest were down and bleeding out. Then the oddest thing happened. We hear a horn, the Tempest throw us back and then…march away.

I woulda chased them, but turns out I was fairly mortally wounded. Volstagg was missing part of his leg. Ballista. Next time, I figure we stay out of range of those?

So, while we were fighting, the Corporal managed to make her shot. I guess. The whole camp was being sucked up by a twister! Those Tempest crazies just ran right into it and vanished. Good riddance.

And then, it was over. Well, almost. Seems those Tempest rats had trapped their casters. They go down, we go boom. I grabbed everyone on my half the field, Thorgram grabbed his and we took off running hell bent for leather. Blast nearly finished us good, but we managed to eat dirt. Then, it was over.

After a bit, the Sheriff and what was left of the Free Riders came over. Volstagg and the Sheriff started drinking and eating while the medics went to work. One of the Sheriff’s knights went and found my wife. She was all shot up, but her stomach wasn’t hit.

Medic said she would live. I told him if she didn’t, neither would he. Im surprised he seemed not surprised at that.

I stayed with my WIFE while the others did their thing. Tents were set up, the wounded bandaged the dead stacked. Eventually, someone went to get the Corporal. Turns out she lived AND she’d killed Anaxelum. Well, almost. Shot him in the throat. I’ll never understand love.

Eventually the scruffy looking merc comes around and heals my wife. Volstagg said his codpiece was magic? I watched him VERY carefully.

[Medical caravan arrives in the afternoon on Dancing Clouds 15th, 3125-Malcom]

So, we stay there a few days. Eventually, the Sergeant wakes up. Ben helps me contact the mind lady and we get some wagons for the dead and dying. It takes a few more days, but we are on our way home. I stay with my WIFE. She’s strong.

[Rangers depart for Echer’Naught on the morning of Dancing Clouds 16th, 3125-Malcom]
[Rangers arrive in Echer’Naught in the afternoon of Dancing Clouds 21st, 3125-Malcom]

We get back to Echer’Naught maybe five days after that? My wife and I go to the Sacred Grove where tree singing elf checks her out and then we go back to our room to rest. I was sore.

While, we enjoyed each other, turns out the others were busy. I think it was the next morning that the Sergeant and Corporal went to the Elf commander about Anaxelum who was fine by the way. Anyway, I don’t fully understand but it turns out that he and the Corporal were married this whole time!? And she STILL tried to kill him?

I’m going to be extra nice to my WIFE. Someone said that elven maidens get even crazier while pregnant…

Maybe I could borrow the codpiece?

Kura’Kai Alfiem

Rogue Faction Play Two
Fall 3125
Campaign Report 71
Sergeant Evoran Que'kasaar's Funeral

This is my report,

[Report date begins morning of Festival Moons 23rd, 3125; Ranger Regional Headquarters –Malcom]

We’re in Echer’Naught now. Big place. Not as big as Olara…but big. Turns out, the Sergeant had a student, Malcom. He said he’d date my report. Thank the Ancestors.

So, we arrive at the city which will be my home now, I suppose. Odd. I never really considered living in a city before. I always found it kind of funny. So many people packed into such a small space. I’m surprised people aren’t killing each other all the time. Part of being civilized?

Anyway, we get here and go through this massive gate, then through another gate, then through another gate. This last in a castle. I’d heard about the Tower of Echer’Naught but Flame is it BIG! You could probably fit everyone from my gather in the blasted thing and still have room to move. I bet the view from the top is savage. Course, I doubt they’d let me up there. Rules.

So, we arrive and go in this palace. Least I assume it was a palace. Dakota said it was the Ranger HQ. I say it’s a palace.

Inside there are Rangers everywhere. Outside too. And out front. And back. Rangers training in the courtyard, Rangers talking in the halls. Everywhere you look, green cloaks and weapons. How many bloody Rangers ARE there? And then Volstagg tells me that this is the little Ranger HQ? What?!

We sit outside in a hallway wide as a road, carpeted in soft red, hard wood walls, mirrors, vases, furniture… Definitely a palace. Sergeant goes through these big double doors and meets with the Mak Torkash of the Ranger Gather.

Wait, no. The Lieutenant of the Regional Command. What in the abyss kind of word is Lieutenant. Sounds like some shyte made up by the Camonere. Bloody lushes. So, we wait outside in our bloody clothes and muddy boots. I didn’t mind. I’ve never been in digs like this. Rangers must be rich.

Besides, I was with Dakota. Seems these days I can’t take my eyes off her! Soft brown hair, green eyes, those cute ears…smells like…flowers, forest trees…and…her. Something new too. She’s carrying our child. I’m gonna be a father.

Weird though. Never figured I’d be one to care. Yeh, back in the gather I assumed I’d breed some strong Orcs for the gather. But, its not the same. Goblinesh, we don’t pair up. You want someone, you have them. Children are raised by all. No one lays claim.

But now…I am happy.

So, we sit and wait. Eventually, the Corporal comes out looking pissed. Turns out someone named Alfred and his team died? Gunther says Alfred is the Great Wolf’s son. Sad. Great warriors. I pray they died well.

Corporal then says we have leave. I thought we were going to stay in the city. How can you stay and leave? Damn Southlanders.

Anyway, Corporal also says she is done for a couple days and to leave her alone. She stalks off. Gunther smashers a vase then he storms off. Dakota says she will take care of me.


She’s about to take me to the Barracks when Gunther comes back and wants to go get drunk and go Shopping. I ask Dakota. She says its ok. She says she’ll come along.

I could get used to this.

First, we go to a bar called the Barracks. Wait…is this were I’m staying now? In a bar? Very nice!

So, we get a little drunk. Ok, maybe a lot drunk. Not Dakota. She won’t drink. Maybe because she is going to be the mother of my child? Orcs drink while pregnant. Guess elves are different. I don’t mind. So long as she’s happy!

I’m happy!

Volstagg gets REALLY drunk. Me, I can hold my ale. After we both get drunk. We go shopping.

I didn’t know what that meant. See, before, I asked Leaora, the bard, to help me get White Silver on my Chucktar. But that, apparently, wasn’t shopping.

Shopping is like…pillaging a town. You ransack the place, busting into shops, taking what you want, accosting the shopkeepers and wind up with all manner of loot and plunder! But, instead of killing anyone, you pelt them with gold pieces.

Strange custom. I think I like Shopping. I’ll need to get more gold so I can go Shopping again. Next time I’m home, I think we shall go Shop some Kal villages!

But, if you think Shopping is fun, wait till you hear what ELSE these Southlanders do!

So, after Shopping the town, we wound up with clothes, armor, weapons, jewelry for Dakota…and some amazing dresses…

She looks great in dresses. Better naked, but the dresses look good too…

So, after Shopping, Volstagg goes to sleep it off with some women and I ask Dakota what to do. I may have been drunk now. She say’s we’re going to stay in an Inn because we can’t sleep together in the Barracks. But we were just INN the barracks. Not sleeping, yes, but they didn’t seem to mind us being together. I’m sure they’d let us sleep there…

I am so confused. And was drunk.

Dakota takes me to an Inn and Shops it too! I love this city. Then we go up to our room and I sleep. A lot.

[Following day, Festival Moons 24th, 3125 -Malcom]

When I wake up, Dakota is still there. With all the Shopping and drinking, I forgot that I wanted to talk with her…about the baby. But, when I try to speak, my words get all jumbled. She does that to me.

Give me a raging Minotaur any day, but trying to talk to Dakota… about…feelings?!

Screwing up the balls, I tell he that I want to be a gather…no…a Family. That’s the word she says. Family.

I want to raise our child together. She asks if that means I want to get Married. Yes. That’s what these Southlanders do. They pair up and get married and raise families. That’s what I want! Dakota seems confused.

Was gonna ask Volstagg, but I’m on my own now. So, I ask Dakota how to ask her to marry me. She says I have to learn to tie knots. Ok? Strange, but if that makes her happy. Also, I have to kneel. Again, whatever it takes.

I do remember hearing that Southland women like jewelry and there is something about giving each other jewelry when you get Married? I find the whole things confusing. But, whatever it takes.

So, she asks if I’M asking to marry her. Of course? What does she think I’m trying to do. I say yes. She says she is worried that she’s not good enough. Being just an elf and me an Orc warrior…

I know Dakota’s a little crazy, one of the things I love about her. But, not worthy???

She’s the most beautiful woman in the world, elf or otherwise. AND she’s a warrior! And she’s a Ranger! And, she’s a Druid whatever that is. AND she fought off the plague that terrified every other elf!!!!

I was just afraid she wouldn’t want a poor Orc blade like me.


Dakota is now my wife!!!

I’m so happy.

And just when I thought things couldn’t get better, I find out that we have three whole weeks in the Inn for nothing but sex! AND WE GET PAID FOR IT!

I am DEFINITELY taking this custom home. One of the innkeepers called it a Moon of Honey? I thought the moon was cheese. Well, whatever damn food the moon is…I love this city!!!

It wasn’t all sex, though. We had a Last Call for the Sergeant.

[Evening of Festival Moons 24th, 3125; Wayfarer’s Rest –Malcom]

Seems like the entire city showed up. Someplace called the Wayfarer’s Rest. How crazy is it that we have a goblinesh place that sells fish?! In the middle of the grasslands with no water for hundreds of miles. This whole city is crazy. But good.

So, this old man named Fateweaver, some bigwig in the city, hosts the last call. I went with my WIFE! Corporal showed up with a big guy, Anaxelum Dakota says. They must be together as well. Everyone told stories about the Sergeant. I told the best.

I said, “He was an Elf, he was a mage, he was a scholar, he was a warrior, he was a Ranger. He died well. Now he’s a tree.” Volstagg plays a mean lute. Everyone thought it was the best. Dakota seemed impressed. Maybe I will be an orator?

So, the night goes long and we drink and toast the Sergeant. They pile cups and pots full of money on the bar. Weird. Oh, and apparently the Sergeant always blew up when he was still and elf, and not a tree??? I don’t know.

At some point, the Corporal snuck of with her man. Probably to go have sex. She needs it. No offense if she reads this.

So, after the Last Call, my WIFE and I go back to have more sex.

[Morning of Festival Moons 25th, 3125; Echer’Naught’s Sacred Grove –Malcom]

Next morning, we go to the Sergeant’s funeral. This was in some place called the Sacred Grove. That scary elf druid who was the Sergeant’s woman was there. She seemed scarier. The elves ringed us in and started singing. Good thing I had my Chucktar. Dakota likes the grove.

I’ll learn to like it too.

Fateweaver spoke again. Then, another Ranger steps up. Turns out she is out NEW Sergeant. Seems capable enough. She’s no Sergeant tho. She spoke well. I like her.

Then the old Sergeant’s lady spoke/sang. I cried a little. I don’t cry. She’s really scary. The elves plant a tree. And then the old Sergeant’s lady walks off, nothing else said. The funeral breaks up.

While the others sip wine and talk, I go and try to get to know the trees. They don’t do much, but I want to meet all of my WIFE’s friends. There are a lot of trees. This may take a while.

Afterwards, we go back to the inn for more sex.

While we were having AMAZING sex, it turns out that Commander Kelles, that Olaran commander during the battle when the old Sergeant died sent us a painting of wolves killing a bear. He called us Bear Killers and said we should own the name. I agree. Kura’Kai, husband of Dakota Alfiem, Ranger, Bear Killer. Nice.


[Morning of Festival Moons 26th, 3125; Baron Wolfhaven’s Estate –Malcom]

Next morning we gather at the Great Wolf’s home for the reading of the will. My Wife got some nice armor. Other ppl got things.

[Afternoon of Festival Moons 27th, 3125; Ranger Regional Headquarters]

Couple days later, I hear that the winged elf returned. Good?

[Afternoon of Festival Moons 28th, 3125; Ranger Regional Headquarters]

Then, a day after that, there is a huge commotion. My WIFE and I go to see what the fuss is about. Turns out another Ranger, this one a half-orc named Thorgram apparently just returned from prison. So THAT’S who the ass belongs too. I wondered about that.

We shake. He’s STRONG. I don’t understand much, but we went down to the dwarven alehouse, the Hammer and Anvil to drink and party. We stay a bit, my WIFE can’t drink. We leave to go have more sex.

Couple more weeks pass. I spend most of it in bed. I hear that the local Sheriff, a Sir Halten drags the half-orc through the streets every morning and every night in chains. I think I overkill, but these Southlanders do have odd habits. We don’t see anyone much.

[Morning of Dancing Clouds 2nd, 3125; Ranger Regional Headquarters –Malcom]

Not until we are suddenly called to the big HQ for an emergency meeting. Turns out our Moon of Honey gets cut short.

I’m ashamed to admit it, I was kind of happy for the break. I mean, I’m tough. Really tough, but Dakota is a Wyvern! Does she EVER get tired?! Maybe it’s an elf thing, or a druid thing. Or maybe because she’s with child. Whatever the case, I don’t know how much longer I could have gone…sometimes 2 or 3 times a day!

Thank the ancestors for missions.

So, we meet the elf commander, Celebor. He seems an odd choice. Tired. Also, our new Sergeant, Whitestone is there. A couple of guys and our new team.

Sergeant Whitestone, a human female. Olaran. Very military. Plate armor. The works. Stout. I like her.

Then, Corporal Ravenwood. She seems really sad. I’ll explain why.

Then the winged elf. He’s a Corporal too.

After that, there is the Half-orc Thorgram, Ranger First Class Ramshorn to be true, then a crazy looking dwarf named Rysak Ironblood, a Ranger First Class. Savage. Reminds me of these Dwergs out of Shaya’Nor.

Then the Rangers, a human in some old, scratchy black plate, named Thomas Zulcrum. Apparently he was a city guard before?

Leora, the bard, my wife, Dakota, and me.

Volstagg took the cloak and a new human man. One-eye. Very dour. He looks like fun.

That’s it. Our team.

And the mission? Get this! We have to hunt down Corporal Ravenwood’s man. Apparently he’s actually our enemy, but they were living together? I don’t even…

I enjoy killing. It’s what I do. But, now that I’m married, sex is better. Maybe I should suggest the Corporal to marry him instead of trying to kill him? Then the Rangers will PAY them to have sex!

I’ll ask Dakota if it’s a good idea.

Also, that Sheriff and his men will join us. Ranger First Class Ramshorn is still a prisoner? I guess he killed some Olarans. And now, they are sending the Sheriff to kill him if he gets mad?

What in the Abyss is wrong with all these people?

On second thought, I want to back to my room and have sex with my Wife.

But no. That night, we meet the Sergeant in the back room of the Barracks.

Ok, look. They have a back room. Why can’t I stay there with my wife?! Nothing in this place makes any damn sense.

Pre-dawn on Dancing Clouds 3rd, 3125; North Barony Road –Malcom]

I’m confused. But, orders are orders. We leave dawn the next day and ride hard north. I hope Corporal Ravenwood doesn’t get mad when I kill her man. I hope they had a good time during their Stay Leave.

Malcom says I should go back and sign all these.

[Ranger] Kura’Kai Alfiem

Black Lantern Report 1
Elm Grove Listening Post

On the morning of Festival Moons 16th, Beta team was ambushed by a significant number of arc-fire wielding bandits whose description matches the bandits Thomas worked with during his “Leave”. Without the healer and heavy hitter, the team was eventually overwhelmed by arcfire. Malerie was flanking the enemy when a blast struck Alfred, Sir Lugard, and Gwyn. Malerie stayed only long enough to confirm Alfred’s death, smoking and cooked body in his armor, before cutting her way free and returning to Echer’Naught by the 19th. He wounds are consistent with her story. All attempts to reach Alfred via Telepathy have failed. All other means of tracking or confirming his status also failed.
Investigation teams on site within days recovered the torched remains of three bodies, the arms and armor consistent with Sir Lugard, Gwyn, and Alfred, including his trademark White Silver Boar Spear.
Last Call for the team was held on Festival Moons 20th with funeral rites on the morning of the 21st.

The Last Will and Testament of Evoran Que'kasaars
Died, 2nd Festival Moons, 3125

This document stands as the Last Will and Testament for Evoran Que’kasaars. It is with this document I deliver to my family my last gifts and words.I name Samira Ravenwood Executor of this document, for my trust in her is supreme. Should she not be available for whatever reason, then I leave the task to my protégé’, Malcolm, for my trust in him is also unwavering.

My Dearest Family,

If you are reading this then I have, regrettably, perished in my duties. For placing that burden upon you, I am so sorry. It has made life harder, and that was never my intention. Truthfully, I never saw a point in these things until I lost my immortality. It was then I saw the beauty and horror of the mortal life.

I have been blessed for I have loved like no Eldakar ever could. I have been cursed for I have felt loss like no Eldakar could ever understand. Know that my curse is lifted and I am at peace. I am home.

In my passing, however, there are things that need to be addressed. Tasks that I have failed to complete in life. Ironic that my list is more of events, and things to offer as opposed to material possessions. One would think with my lavish taste I would have a lot more to give than I do.

To Sarin I leave my fine robes. I always had a spare remain in Echer’Naught. I leave these to you my friend. I know you will wear them well. Should they need tailoring, I request funds be used so it will fit him.

To Dakota I leave my Shay’von Armor. It has served me well in my endeavors. Hopefully it can serve you just as well. You are young. I hope this gift permits you the chance to experience happy moments in life. If this needs tailoring to her, I request funds be put aside to permit this as required.

To Thorgrim — Alas, I have nothing of a material to give to you my friend. Instead, you will find enclosed with this the papers that will allow Muriel to officially become a Ranger of Echer’Naught. They merely need a signature. She has been loyal to you and you to us. I only see it fit that she be taken care of.

To Eris Moonsilver I leave my Filing System — I request that a patent be filed. Since I am unable to be listed as the benefactor of any financial gain in death, I would like it to be filed in the name of Eris Moonsilver. She is to be the recipient of these funds with one caveat: So long as the Library stands and is successful, the funds will go to keeping it functioning. Should it fail, the funds are hers to do with as she sees fit. Malcolm should be able to file the necessary paperwork for this. Eris, I am sorry I did not find him, but I still hold to the truth that we will.

To Malcolm I bestow The Library — This was my dream passed to me from my Master, Olgore. I pass it down to my protégé, Malcolm. He has learned my filing system and I feel he would be the best at seeing to its affairs. I would request Malcolm file the necessary paperwork to create an order to be stationed at the Library. The purpose of The Library is to share knowledge and make it accessible for all, especially for The Rangers. The name of the order is to be The Order of The Open Book.

Attached also, my dear Malcolm, is the necessary paperwork for your promotion to full Ranger. You have served us admirably and no one can take that from you. With this I also gift to you a letter of recommendation. This letter of recommendation is for the position that I have now vacated, the Stewart and Scribe of Echer’Naught. I have taught you all that I can. I hope it is enough.

To Samira I leave my Whitesilver Rapier. It has never slain in my service with the Rangers, however, it is the closest thing I have to Hawksclaw as he used a similar weapon. With that being said I pass it on to you. I hope to start a tradition in his honor — passing this to the next leader. So take this rapier in honor of Hawksclaw, and as a symbol of my blessing. I think you will do well. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you most. My last request of you is to make sure my family back in Landra’Feya know of my life and deeds. I leave the method up to you.

Finally, to my love, Lady Treesinger — I leave to you, my most precious gift: My Everwood Staff. It is apart of me, bound to me. I give it to you so that I shall be with you always, even in death. Farewell, my Lady. Until our paths cross once more. I love you.

Thank you all, so much, for being my family. My time with you has been some of the most joyous experiences I could ever hope for. I am only sorry that it was as brief as it was. So I can only offer one final piece of advice that I have learned in my very brief stint with mortality.

Be stalwart like the Dwaves. Wise like the Eldakar. Swift like the Brinchie. Honorable like the Goblinesh. And passionate like the humans.

I love you all.

Farewell, my dear family.

Evoran Que’kasaars

Campaign Report 70
Into the Underworld: Death of Evoran and Ben

Kura’Kai Report-Part Three.

23rd day of Festival Moons, Year 3125

This is my report

I would ask the Sergeant if my dates are correct. He is no longer able to answer questions.

We came out of the fiery pit like avenging demons from the Abyss. Our deliverance, as the Priests who visit our Gather like to say, was NOT at hand.

Thank the Ancestors, the battle I have awaited has found me.

Before us were arrayed three armies. Flame, Darkness, and Tempest. Matched set. I have underestimated these Southlanders, Rangers and Olaran both. The Northern Gathers have no absolute claim on courage…or sacrifice.

Commander Kelles, true warrior, commanded his men to form a shield wall and push the Childer and Undead hordes into the teeth of the Tempest Legion. It was a good plan. Not good enough.

Our healer, Priest Drainar was able to revive the Sergeant, but Brother Toma was done for, though we didn’t know it then.

Sergeant, Corporal, me, Wyvern, Steile, Drainar, Danica and Dakota joined with members of the Great Wolf’s army, the White Silver Wolves led by the Red warrior Volstagg.

Commander Kelles gave us the duty to hold the left, plug the holes and wait for an opening in the Tempest lines. Assuming we ever go there. We didn’t.

It was maybe an hour after the 13th on the 2nd of Festival Moons when we joined the battle. Words are poor substitutes for experience. I cannot TELL you what happened. You simply cannot understand. You read these words and THINK you know, but you do not.

Can you know the terror of the man beside you as he watches his life’s blood pool at his feet? Have you felt the cold touch of Darkness as the corpse of your best friend begins to tear out your still beating heart? What about the intense heat of Flame as a Thaumaturgist burns your unit to cinders…?


Then what can I tell you here.

We fought. Like Lions we fought. Our lines pushed them back, slipping and sliding over the guts of our friends. And then we were throw back, forces back across the ground we spend a dozen lives to gain.

Back and force, churning the earth to a bloody froth, out legs stained to our crotch in the intestines of our brothers. Olarans fell, Ranger fought. My arms grew heavy.

It was maybe 200 yards to the Tempest lines. We never made is closer than half that. Olaran bodies carpeted the ground, but in the end, we ran out of men, and time.

Tempest Arclances cut bloody swathes through Flame and Darkness until only they, and we remained. Our numbers dwindled to a couple dozen, the Ranger forces battered and nearly broken.

Dawn brought death and Kelles gave the command, “Die with Honor.”

We would have too. Were it not for the Sergeant. Most of my kin think of Mage types as weak, relying on Magic because they lack the strength to lift a blade. I have learned otherwise.

Kelles gathered his men and made an orderly retreat, the Rangers held the rear. Sergeant walked alone into the valley of death and faced the Tempest forces alone. Such power.

At first, the ground rippled with eldritch purple energy, blasts, beams, and…what…I can’t say. Then, the Sergeant’s body began to dissolve, becoming more energy than flesh. Purple lighting rippled through him like waves of a storm…

By the end, I couldn’t see him, just light, flashes, and death.

One man defeated an army our entire force could not. It was a good death. His name will be long remembered. In the end, nothing remained but blasted wastelands.

We pulled back to a grove of trees created by the Druids. Commander Kelles had established a secondary relief location. Wise man. It was here, after being released from duty by Stiele. Oh, Sergeant dead, and the Corporal unconscious. I think she was doing something magicky with the Tempest Mage.

Released, I found Brother Toma’s body. Thought I’d saved him. Seems, I lack the strength of the Sergeant… I could save nobody. Even if I’d stayed behind, what good would it have done? I have always been the strong one, the tough one. That day, I was as useless as a corpse. No, I’d seen plenty of more useful corpses that day.

In my home, it is traditional when a brother falls to take a piece of his soul with you, and leave a piece of yours behind. So, I took his mask of blue and white and left mine of black and iron. It felt…right placing it on my face. Only later did I understand that the mask was not all I had taken.

I was given permission to burn the body. I would have done the same for the Sergeant, if there was a body left to burn. I remained with my brother until the rest of his spirit rose into the sky to join the ancestors. Then, I found a healer to bind my wounds. I would not let them waste their magic, or herbs on me. I was not worthy.

Then, I sought out Dakota. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Soot staining her pale face, eyes burning, even in spite of the disease wracking her body, she failed to retreat a single step. Something the druidess did to her had her glowing with power, life. I could not resist her. She, though, could clearly resist me.

It was not a no. But definitely not yes. Defeated, I retired to pray to my ancestors for strength and guidance. Sleep was long in coming. Before I passed out, I gathered the white dust from the mountains and made the oath. I failed to protect my Gather, and so I was unworthy of my life. I am now one of the dead walking, a ghost among the living, not alive, not dead. Waiting for the time when I can reclaim my honor and join my ancestors.

I was awakened mid afternoon by Dakota. She’d reconsidered. I’ll not say what happened. That is between us.

Strange. Among my people Marriage is unusual. We tend to breed for strength and passion, not contract. But here I am thinking only of being with her again, forever? And I don’t figure she thinks twice about me. Don’t know if I’m growing soft, or wise…

All of this happened on the 2nd of Festival Moons. Abyss, I suppose most of that last battle did. That afternoon, the Corporal, awake now, called us to a meeting. There, she informed us that the Olarans needed us to leave. Dakota still scared the elves and despite everything we had done…I may never understand these Southlanders.

Treesinger was there. She and the Corporal went off. Corporal came back with the Sergeants staff. I guess we’ll leave it to the Olarans to recover everything else from the fallen. We geared up and headed north. Wyvern’s home was having trouble and we had to deal with that before heading to the place called Echer’Naught.

Seems like the city is home to these people. Me, I’ve never been. But the longing look in their eyes when they speak of it makes me want to go.

Before we head out, I hear the Corporal asking around for a Far Speaker. Dunno what that means, but I know that I can help. Don’t ask how. Turns out, that mask has more than a piece of Toma’s soul. I think it may have the whole damn thing. Sure enough, I reach out and, WHAM, I’m hearing voices. Well, one voice.

Woman. Elf, I should say. Says her name is Lady Moonsilver. What kind of name…? Anyway, Toma knows her, trusts her. So, I relay what Corporal says to me to Toma, he tells this Moon lady and back again. I guess its faster than messengers, but leaves me with a damn headache. Can’t do that too much. Anyway, turns out I’m the new Far Speaker. Whatever the hell that is. Oh, and the Sergeant got off one final message before dying. Bastard filed a bleeding report!!!!

Damn, Sergeant. Hell of a thing. One hell of a thing.

Three days hard walk. Not bad, all things considered. Danica stayed behind with the Olarans and Steile returned to the forest with his kind. We did pick up the Red Warrior, Volstagg. Wyvern was hot to trot. Kept pushing to move faster. Seems he missed his home as well.

Anyway, 5th of Festival Moons we arrived. Right at first, something was off. Wyvern had left mercs to guard the place. Nobody was moving. Front gate wide open. I smelled a trap.

We moved in, cautious like. Corporal on edge. Half of us were still hurting bad from the battles. We get inside the courtyard…and nothing. Like nobody home. So, we spread out, I hold the center. First Dakota, then Volstagg, then Drainar shout out. Bodies.


The place was a tomb. But no sign of battle, no burning, no broken arrows or discarded gear. Almost like everyone just keeled over and died. Spooky…

Wyvern lost it, took off inside the keep screaming for his maid, what was her name…Fella…no Feena. Maybe.

Anyway, Corporal shouts for me, so I follow. Inside, the same. Just more dead mercs and no sign of struggle. Then, we hear movement in a cupboard along the wall. Wyven throws open the door while Corporal covers him and I watch the room.

Feena, curled in a ball. She leaps into Wyvern’s arms, terrified. I’m just lowering my weapon when Wyvern screams, the little witch’s knife in his side. He drops. Corporal does her in.

That’s when I feel it…in my mind. Like a pressure. Not like Moon lady’s touch, which felt kinda nice. Gentle caress. Almost tender. No, this was like an dagger behind my eyes. Brother Toma was having non of it. Don’t know what he did, don’t barking care.

About then the Corporal shot me. I figured MAYBE she didn’t mean it, but when she nocked another arrow, I had to take her down. Was trying to be gentle…then Drainar comes in and starts shooting everybody. Corporal goes down. I think I may have done it. Maybe not. I was seeing red.

This was a bad place. Had to get out. Me and the dwarf traded blows. I nearly had him when Volstagg stepped in. Pushed us apart and started screaming. Ok, so maybe I over-reacted. Then HE bashed me upside the head!!!!

That’s it. They are all dead. And I woulda done it too.

But she was there. Tear running down her cheeks. Cut through the red haze like a chuktar through armor…

I’ll die before I see her tears again. Someone started shouting about adepts and mind control. Brother Toma told me we were in danger. Someone, Leaora, maybe Dakota. I don’t know. Someone said to run. Drainar and Volstagg grabbed the Corporal and Wyvern and followed the others out the door.

Toma said I had to fight or we were all dead. He said he could protect me…for a while. Also, said the bastard was upstairs. Dunno how he knew, but he was right.

I charged. Never saw him, but Toma could. Kept shouting directions. Kinda like a spotter. I trashed the place good. Dunno if I hit him or not. Toma said he was gone. Dead? Maybe, dunno. But, we were safe.

Outside again, we looked like hell. Wyvern was taken to his room. Corporal came around. I was on guard. Dunno much but I DO know that the next morning something changed in Dakota.

Later, the Corporal said that she was healed from the plague and now she was magic??? Elves are odd. But, beautiful. Never thought Dakota could be MORE so, but she is.

Damn I got it bad.

Volstagg gets us fed and Drainar keeps us alive. We salvage what we can and deal with the bodies. Wyvern comes around on the 10th. I was outside when that happened. We had left his maid’s body in state. Figured he’d need to see it.

He was on his way there when something broke him. When the Corporal saw it, she ordered an immediate retreat. We grabbed all we could carry and ran. Said it was a flag.

Obsessed with Wagons. Terrified of illness and flags. Strange band. But warriors. Damn good warriors.

So, we headed east and south. We travel days, weeks. Then, on the 23rd of Festival Moons, just after dawn, we crest a rise and there lies the city of Echer’Naught. Big, though not as big as say, Rhion. Still. BIG. Walls, flags, the works.

We enter the north gate and head straight for the Ranger Headquarters. There, the rest of us sit outside while the Corporal goes in to talk with the boss. I was real tired at this point. I know cause I swear I saw a goat wearing a green cloak leading a group of Rangers around the courtyard.

Anyway. Got a good look at my new home. One corner a massive tower reaching into the sky, two large barracks and a castle all sitting atop a hill. Decent defenses. Corporal comes out a bit later, tells us last call for Sergeant in two days. We are getting a new commander, someone named Whitestone, former comrade, and that she was denied command. What kind of bull…


Still, we were given leave. Three weeks. Guess I need to find a bed, a bath, and a bar.

After everything I am left with doubts. Strange for me. Doubt is the death of a warrior, but as I am already dead… We think of these Southlanders as weak, with their talking and their politics. But I know better now. I know that they talk not because they are weak, but because they do not SEEK war. Yet, if war is called for, their strength, bound by love and honor, is more terrifying than anything I have witnessed. Perhaps, it is time I too gained some of this Southland “weakness”…

Also, how do you ask an elf to marry?

I should sign this

Campaign Report 69
Into the Underworld: Part 2

Kura’Kai Report-Part Two.

Still, 1st day of Festival Moons, Year 3125

This is my report

We entered the tunnels and caves beneath the rocks. I led because I could see…and smell the enemy. My band, brave as they are, were simply not cut for this kind of work.

Mines. Been in places like this before. Back home, there was a goblin run operation south of my Gather. Way south. 2-3 days.

I was protecting a convoy for my Mak Torkash, picking up ingots and things for forging. Learned real quick that mines are no place for anyone. Place was crawling with rats the size of dogs, and worse.

The more things change, no? Lost half my band back then. Figured I’d lose more here.

This place was nothing but Darkness, and I’m not talking about the lack of light.

When we first stepped inside, the silence, well, dull roar, was almost deafening compared with the raging storm outside. Corporal’s got more chutzpah than even I gave her credit for. She would make a worthy enemy.

Wall of wind and water behind us, and dank, reeking mines ahead… Ancestors I love my jog.

Brother Toma lit his blade like a torch. Something to do with the Church of Light or his mind powers. Dunno. Magic is strange.

Didn’t bother me nun, till I heard them. Sounded almost like silk ripping over rocks, but faint like. A whisper. Then I saw the shadows, long spindly ones, moving against the light. One nicked the Sergeant, the other Brother Toma.

Dakota was behind me. Close. I could smell he scent of flowers, and decay. Flipped her to get at them. Shadow spiders. I killed one. Bard Leora did good with the Chuktar. Now I can kill anything.

Shadespider is what Danica yelled. So that’s what they were. More came, people got bit. Dakota too. Tough girl. Sad to think she will die soon. A waste.

We killed a couple, but they seemed attracted to the light. So, Sergeant said douse the blade. Well, Wyvern tossed his cloak to cover Brother Toma’s sword. The Brother looked a bit peeved, but he killed the light.

I didn’t mind. I can see in the dark. Better even than the elves. So, I saw what came next.

Can’t say that being in the dark was any better for us, but seems those Shadespiders need a least a little light. So, we defeated one enemy by making ourselves vulnerable to another. Fair trade? S’pose so. Not my call.

Next came the Arachnaurs. Two of them. One toward Dakota, the other on our right from another tunnel. Steile, I think his name is, he ran into the flamed thing. Don’t know who was more surprised. The strutting elf has moves, but he’s a depressed sort. Gets flustered easily. Not a warrior, but something else. He punches good enough.

I leapt Dakota again, got webbed, broke free and killed my spider. Stiele played around a bit, not real serious. Guess he’s not easily impressed, but he eventually got the job done.

Our soldiers mostly got stuck. I think Bard Leaora and the Corporal worked to get them unstuck in the darkness. Honestly, don’t know. I know we came out with fewer than when we went in, so, some of them may still be there.

So, we went deeper in the mines. Left first. I lead. Next tunnel, more spiders.

Me and the Sergeant got webbed. Bad. The others were cut off. I broke free and charged, cut down one of the spiders. Behind me, the Sergeant started talking to a horse? No, unicorn.

Never seen a unicorn. Some say they ain’t even real. Saw an ass with a horn glued to his head that the shyster claimed was a genuine thing. It wasn’t, though donkey doesn’t taste half bad.

Nor does shyster…

Whatever he said worked. Cause I could see. Not just the red blood of my enemies. I could see proper. Arachnaur’s are ugly brutes, I can tell you that. All of them we fought, women. Odd, no?

So, the others, behind the webs, start cutting through. Sergeant gets free, so does Brother Toma and Steile and the rest. Corporal and Bard Leaora stay well back. Helping the soldiers or hiding, don’t know, don’t care.

Onward to another cavern. This one is bigger. Left or right. Left smells bigger and wetter, right seems darker, closer in. Sergeant says right, so I go right.

Me and Danica get ahead, come into another chamber. Guess what’? More Arachnaurs. Almost like they live down here.

Behind us, the rest of the band got ambushed by waves of skeletons. I didn’t see the battle. Well, not till the end. They did well enough. Steile dropped one or two. The Sergeant did as well. Wyven didn’t die. The healer stayed busy, I hear keeping us all alive.

Eventually, the Sergeant collapsed the tunnel they was coming from. Not sure if I would have, but what was done was done. We killed out three bugs. Well, I killed two, Danica her one.

Regroup and re-think. Our bard figured the best way was left, but that was blocked, so we went right again, back past our spiders and then left. Tunnel looped around again and we entered a large cavern.

The mine proper. Tracks, carts, lamps, the works.

I also heard and smelled water. Brackish vile stuff, but water it was.

And bridges.

With lights came Shadespiders. Sergeant said push, so I pushed.

I made it across the rickety bridge, one of two, over the chasm. Sergeant and Danica with me and Brother Toma made the leap. We were met by crossbow bolt and Dwergs. Oh, and they dropped our bridge.

Never faced a Dwerg before but they are tough as reported. Steile leaped the chasm. Seems now that he can see proper, he has a bit more spirit. I suppose Sergeant’s spell missed him. Or, he wasn’t worthy. Dunno. Magic is odd.

I take on my handful, Brother Toma, the Sergeant, Danica, and Steile join in the fun. Drainer, the healer, runs around to cross the other bridge. Not smart.


Down it went with a surprised looking dwarf. And sploosh. Dwarves can’t swim. Oh well, there goes a perfectly good healer.

Dwergs maybe ugly as sin, but they hit hard as an anvil. And them crossbowmen were no joke. In no time, Sergeant goes down. Brother Tome tries to cover him, and then he goes down. Seemed almost like he off’d himself. Magic maybe? Odd stuff.

So, me, Danica and Steile have the Dwergs all over us. The Corporal is covering us. Not sure what Wyvern and Leaora are up to. Maybe they and Dakota are fishing the dwarf out of the drink? I hear a lot of shouting.

Course, then a lucky hit and I’m seeing red. Missed the next bit. Just know I cleared out the Dwergs just in time to hear some bloke laughing from the shadows ahead. I couldn’t see em, but I could smell the Corruption. Then, the rumble started.

It sounded almost like thunder, but this thunder came with smoke, fire and lots of rocks. We were trapped on this side of the river with the whole bloody place coming down about our heads. It was a neat little trap, I can’t lie.

I mastered myself in enough time to see Danica screaming. The Sergeant and Brother Toma were down. No WAY they were getting across that chasm. Steile made the leap. No hero there. Danica would have died with me, so I scooped them up and hurled them. That’s when the rocks came down…

Dunno what happened next. Swore I saw a Unicorn. Probably just hit on the head by a rock. Next thing I know, I’m standing on the far side, head just spinning.

Danica’s screaming, the dwarf is coughing up black water. Wyvern is dying. What in the Abyss was going on.

Leoara starts screaming about a rope, so she and Danica throw out a line and we all grab on. I scoop up the Sergeant and Brother Toma. I nearly dropped them the ground shook so bad. We had to hurry, pieces of stone the size of a Mak Torkash’s hut were crashing down all around.

I could at least see. Most couldn’t. Not sure who was luckier. So, I held on and ran trusting the Elf to lead us free.

Out through the tunnels passed the piles of dry bone, out passed the webs, out of the caves into the exterior mine. It too was coming down. Like the whole world was exploding around us.

We ran, slipped and clawed over a carpet of bodies, men, horses, corpses and worse. All the while the walls around us tumbled like a child’s toy knocked over by a prat.

Finally, through the smoke and dust, we could see the exit. I dropped the rope and sprinted. So did everyone else. Coughing, covered in soot and blood we staggered drunkenly out of the rocks to fine a wall of men…with their backs turned.

No more than a hundred Olarans stood shields locked facing outward. Beyond them, a scene of nightmare. Flame creatures and undead tore at each other, and the Olarans in a grande, bloody free-for-all. The Commander, Lord Kelles, nor horse or helm stood grimly surveying the field.

He seemed surprised out our appearance. I was just about to drop the two when a horn sounded in the distance. Coming over the ridge that we had camped on just last night, another army appeared.

Small, but very well drilled, above them rose a standard, a Lightning bolt on a Midnight field…


It is a good day to die.

… to be continued …

Campaign Report 68
Into the Underworld: Part 1

Kura’Kai Report-Part One.
1st day of Festival Moons, Year 3125

This is my report

Now with horses we find ruins that are run down even for ruins. This is where I will sit for weeks. At least these Free Riders know their business. Sergeant says we arrived on the 31st of Eternal Sun. So, I guess we did.

The Corporal had me guard a pile of rocks on the south side. There were three of them. One was big with moss. One was mid-sized and kinda brown. The smallest was actually pretty. Some crystals and such. I figure they might have been a wall once. All they could stop now would be an anemic ratzin with one leg. Orders are orders.

Hey, and that strutting elf showed up a couple days later. Turns out he got lost in the mists and managed to save our elf escorts. I’m still not sure if they are there to protect us, or keep us prisoner. Anyway, now we have more elves. Yay!

We spent three days piling rocks for walls. Hey, my little rock garden grew into a wall…or at least a pile of rocks resembling a wall. As long as I didn’t lean too hard, they usually stayed stacked.

Then, on the 1st of Thunder Hawk we got more horsemen. Wolfhaven Free Riders. There sure are a lot of these guys our here. I thought we were in elven lands? And, I don’t think this fort was ever designed for this many horses and warriors. A bit crowded.

Things were pretty boring after that. I watched my rocks. Horses stamped and farted. Rangers paced and pouted.

Then the real warriors arrived. Late on the 3rd the Corporal Ravenwood sounded the alert. We all scrambled up the rocks to see a sight which brought a tear to my eye. Down below, snaking across the valley was a perfectly ranked column of warriors in tight formations. Pikes, billhooks, swords and, oh wait, were those combat engineers?!


The Olaran commander is a Lord named Kelles. Fully decked in plate, astride an Olaran warhorse. A Knights Knight. He also had a human giant as his second. Topping in at seven and a half feet, the man was more of a bear. Maybe he WAS a bear in armor. I never did see his face.

Sergeant had us form up to greet our new Lord. We looked a little thin with only eight ragged Rangers, but I was proud that every Ranger stood proudly. The Riders were not bad either.

So, with the Olarans in charge…we had NOTHING to do. Literally, we were relieved of duty. The drunk got a job peeling potatoes for the Olarans and the singing elf acted as the Sergeant’s aide at officers meetings. Even though he’s not technically an officer.

As for the others. The Corporal rested. The Drainar healed. The not so quiet man, I don’t know. Danica stayed with Dakota who lay in her tent and slowly died. As for me, I hunted down the singing elf and got her to help me buy Whitesilver enhancement for my Chucktar. The drunk got his pig sticker enhanced as well.

She may sing to horses, but damn that little elf drives a bargain.

So, I made the rounds, trained, ate, and spent time with the Olarans. I like these folk. Strong, straightforward and militaristic. Sad, Sergeant banned us from leaving the hilltop fort, so I never visited the camp.

Oh, but the Olaran Combat Engineers were top notch. Within the week, our little pile of rocks was a bone fide fort. Impressive.

We waited for about a week. Then on the 8th, or so the Sergeant says, the elves arrived. Stuck up bunch of tree lovers. Also, the Sergeant has a girlfriend. At least I think. A druid no less. She didn’t seem to be part of the other bunch. Soon as she arrived, she went off to visit Dakota.

Which is surprising given that I thought all elves were afraid of the sick one. Hmmm. Curious. And, the orders were if our elves spoke with any other elves, death. So, who is the Sergeant’s woman? Dunno. But she has balls.

Yeh, also, the night the elves arrived, it started freaking raining…and rained…and rained…and rained. I saw men nearly drown standing up. I’ve never been so soaked in my life, even in the wash.

Nothing moved for two days.

Then, the sun pops out and the heat was like an oven. We dried quick, but everything shrank. Rangers running around in neck scarves where cloaks should have been. Woulda been funny if my crotch didn’t itch so bad.

So, the 11th, or so the Sergeant says, the rain stopped and Lord Kelles got the column moving. We were selected for the Van. And I thought all Olarans hated us? Guess the Sergeant knows how to kiss ass well.

Up and out by three. We linked up with the elves and the Olaran Wardens. And if you thought regular Olarans hated us, these blighters HATED us. And they were in charge. Hilarious.

We marched 5 days north reaching the battle site on the 17th. Or, at least the Sergeant says we did. Funny, no sign of battle. In fact, it looked exactly like it had when we first arrived…what a month ago?

So, we secured the site with the Olaran column arriving over the night. By the following day, the 18th, we were camped on a ridge, the same ridge that we had lost the Olarans before.

This is where everything went sideways. Turns out, the BEST day for the ritual was like, two days before. Due to the rain, we missed our opportunity. The next available date, two weeks. That’s right. We had to camp on Darknesses door for two weeks. Kelles was pissed. The Sergeant wasn’t real happy either.

The Rangers got the inglorious duty of prepping and preparing the ritual site. I just followed the drunk around while everyone else shoved sticks into the ground. Well, except for the Sergeant who was overcome with constipation. He spent the whole day straining.

Then we waited. Rangers spent our time at the ritual site, while everyone else patrolled the rocky outcropping. That and got themselves captured/killed. I don’t know how many overall, but by the night of the 33rd, our Riders had lost 15 men out of 60.

Worse part, we never even saw the enemy. Damn Darkness.

Ok, so couple days before the 33rd, the Druids, minus the Sergeants bedmate, all gathered and started pouring water on the ground and singing and whatnot. Stuff magicky types do.

We were on high alert, triple guards and all. Kelles figured that the most likely target would be the ritual or the druids. Without them, the spell remained and we couldn’t see squat.

So, for two days I watch a bunch of druids pleasure themselves. Then, the night of truth. Kelles formed his army, expecting an attack and the druids began to chant.

After a bit, I even got a headache, but you could cut the tension with a knife. I gripped by Chucktar, sniffing the air for any sign of trouble. Around me, the Rangers tensed.

The chanting reached its climax and then…NOTHING.

Jack and shite.

Are you joking? All this for that? Well, the spell worked, so they say. We M finally see the rocks the Sergeant had blasted.

More than 500 men had marched to this spot to enjoy the Sergeants landscaping. I figured Kelles would have us all executed then and there. Strange thing though, the Sergeant was called to meet him.

It was brief. Then, we were ordered to lead the march into the rocks.

I could feel my blood up. It didn’t take a genius to realize we were walking into an ambush. Greatest day ever.

And that druid lady, the one who beds the Sergeant, she actually led the attack. She has bigger balls than he does. Guess he’s into that?

So, we march in and immediately, I smell the blood and death. The passage was winding and narrow. A perfect kill zone.

We make it ALL the way to the mine site in a natural rocky amphitheater before the trap was sprung. Course, we all knew it was coming, but still. Impressive.

All at once, we were hit with Darkness and the world around us dimmed. Then, the ground shifted and moved as corpses rose to kill us. I could smell death, blood, and rot along with leather, steel, and oil.

From above, Troglanesh rained arrows down on our heads. From the ground, undead rose to grab our legs. From the walls, dark spirits wailed and grasped. It was as if entering the Abyss itself!!!!

The first Wraith which reached for me felt the cold touch of my White Steel Chucktar. Its death wail was like the singing in my very soul. Nothing can now stand before ME!

Behind him to the right, the drunk, no Wyvern charged, his eyes wild. And to my left, Brother Toma, his grim mask upon his face, his saber gleaming blue. As battle brothers, we tipped the bloody spear.

I had wondered if the Sergeant was more than bluster, and so he is. Purple energy ripped around him, smashing our foes likes kindling. Her arrows screeching past our ears, the Corporal was the bringing of annihilation.

Danica and Dakota fought well. Of the Strutting elf, what can I say. He should think about finding a sword.

My greatest surprise came from the she-elf druid. Should I ever walk again among my own people, I must warn them that the southern tree-lovers are not the weaklings we have come to imagine them to be. No, Lady Treesinger is the bringer of death, destroyer of all. Towering trees, snapping vines and thorns as sharp as a blade, and long as a spear sprouted from every rock and crevice. I could hear the anguished cries from the Trogalnesh as they were torn apart by her children.

All the while, Bard Nazi’s voice rang clear and strong, singing a song to light a fire in my soul!

We charged, our Wolfhaven Free Riders around us, we charged.

Down into the valley of undeath, we charged.

Around us, the Druidess wove a tunnel of vines, supported by living columns, trees, elm and oak.

We charged.

Wyvern slashed and cut, though himself bleeding and ragged.

We charged.

Brother Toma split our minds with his voice, calling the Commander’s will to our ears. Find the enemy. Root him from the very earth.

We charged.

Sergeant raised his hands in a torrent of edritch fire as the scaffolding and platforms of the enemies mines were shattered along with dozens of the enemy soldiers.

We charged.

Rising above our heads on a column of wind, her eyes flashing like lighting, the Corporal called down a tornado upon our very heads, whipping the debris into a devastating wall of blood and pain, the Druidess’ trees bowed and groaned, but not even THIS could best her magics.

And then she called forth living creatures from the very ROCKS! Golems to smash and crush.


Into the very heart of the enemy’s lair, down the rabbit hole into the underworld.

Together, as a band.

We. Charged.

…to be continued…

Campaign Report 67
Battle in the mist

Kura’Kai Report
30th day of Eternal Sun, Year 3125

This is my report

I have had the greatest day of my life! Had I known Rangers had such battles I might have joined years ago.

Strange, my companions found little fun in our glorious battle. Southlanders. I will never understand these people.

The battle began almost as I was concluding my previous report. As I put away my parchment I noted a sudden darkening of the skies. Sundown was at least half a turn of the glass away, so this was odd. More strange yet, mist began to coil about my legs.

We were under ATTACK!

My band seemed slow to respond. They were still talking about rocks. By the ancestors. I was considering shouting a warning when I found myself standing in a cloud. At least, I assume that is what it would be like. I am an orc. I don’t fly.

Maybe I’ll ask the winged elf. Come to think, where is he. I have not seen him around. Strange.

As I stood in the mist, enjoying the feeling, I began to smell the cold, rotten stench of death and corruption. We were definitely under attack.

My soul soared!

Gripping my chucktar, I planted my feet and waited for the strike that herald the bloodletting. Around me, I began to hear muffled sounds of combat as creatures of undeath engaged my band. I am ashamed to say that I felt a pang of jealousy hearing their screams. How fortunate to be the first struck.

Fortune smiled, I was quickly engaged by Trogolodyte by its putrid scent of sweat, corruption and boiled leather with a hint of cold, coppery metallic accents. It was a familiar stench.

Almost the instant I detected its presence, I felt the air caress my cheek as his axe blade nearly separated my head from my shoulders. Death had never been so close! Finally, some entertainment.

I unleashed my battle cry “KURA’KAI!”, and counter attacked. Maybe it is the southlands themselves, with their weak people, and lush, bountiful fields. The Troglanesh here seem somehow…weaker and more pathetic than those of my own lands. It was felled by a single blow.

Disappointing, but I had my first kill of the day. Actually, first of the month, I think. Well, at least many weeks.
Around me, I smelled blood, fear, sweat and undead. I think my allies were bleeding, sweating, and fearing. Can undead sweat? I shall ask the Sergeant. He is full of useless knowledge.

I stray. Nearby, I could make out the sound of the Sergeant and the not so quiet man engaged in battle. The Sergeant is easy to find. He makes the most feminine sounds in battle. That, and his constant muttering arcane gibberish. The not so quiet man is harder. He doesn’t say much. But, we have only two human males, and one smells like a winery.

No booze, no drunk.

So, my foe in pieces at my feet, I leaped to the Sergeant and swung wildly at the foes around us. I only ever faced a Wraith once before, but I was blessed by our shaman then. Apparently you need magic to kill Wraiths…and Specters.

That is something I must fix.

Though I could not see the others, I do recall the scent of flowers. Not sure about that one.

While I vainly battled the Wraith, the not so quiet one to grazed by the creature and decided to take a nap. We had been walking a long time, though I’m not sure that the middle of battle is the best time for a sleep. Anyway, he slept very soundly.

I felt so sorry for him. He missed the entire battle and claimed no kills for himself. Maybe, I could round up some undead so that he could get in practice?

At some point, Danica arrived. I know because she smells of woman and steel. I like it. She was battling too. I think that she and the Sergeant switched dance partners. Or maybe the Specter was too much for the Mage? Either way, I could hear, even over the clash of weapons that the thing had caught her up in its deathly grasp.
Once saw an Orc get sucked down to a husk by one of them things. Horrible way to go. Bout this time, the Sergeant lost his courage, again, and ordered us to flee with tails tucked.

Truly sad.

Not so quiet man was on the ground, but the Sergeant was groping vainly to find him. Danica’s pleasant bouquet was close. Only way to get away from of those things is by force, so I took a running leap and followed my nose.

Danica is surprisingly hard for a human woman. Stout. Heavy. I like that.

We hit the ground, but I could smell the blood and stress. Nothing doing, orders were to flee like frightened children, so I snatched her up and took off after the Corporal.

Now there is a scent if I’ve ever smelled one. She’s got that elf woman thing…sweet, floral with a hit of…earth? But the corporal also smells of boiled leather, wood and sinew from the bow, oil from the armor and ozone, like the air right before a rain.

Never smelled nothing like it in all my years.

Good thing though, hell of easy to find. It’s a wonder she isn’t hunted down all the time. Too easy to mark.

We make it out of the mist and I was happy to see that the battle wasn’t over!

To my left, the drunk was crying about a little arrow through his chest. Idiot. Further on, the Corporal was playing with a couple Shayakar. Looked like fun.

Nearby, Dakota stood with wild eyes. I’ve seen those eyes, right before some blood-mad orc decides to take on an entire Maelstrom slave column himself. But, at least she’s got some spirit. Odd though, none of the Darkness beasts showed much interest in her.

Probably cause she wreaks of corruption and death. Maybe there is something to this sickness? What a waste. I’m not into the elf thing, too easily broken. But…I dunno. Crazy can be fun.

Knew this orc shaman once. She hailed from a gather a few days south. Anyway, crazy orc tried to bed anything that slowed down long enough. And she wasn’t bad to look at. Trouble is, she stabbed every poor sod that rolled her. Got so bad, about half the gather sported wounds from her blade. Became something of a bad of honor for the gather. Women folk didn’t care too much for it, tho.

Anyway, she got older and it got harder for her to lure victims to her bedroll. After that, she just stabbed whoever she could get the drop on. It paid to keep a watchful eye out when trading with that lot, let me tell you. Old biddy was fast.

Dakota kinda reminds me of her somewhat. It’d be fun to go for a roll, but I should probably keep my armor on. To be safe, you know?

Oh, yeh. The battle. So, that all was going on off to the left. Ahead of me, where the horses were the Olarans had formed a shield wall and were being pressed by some more of Shayakar fellows. Behind them, the singing elf was singing to the horses, oh and the one ass. Muriel, not any of the Olarans.

Well, also that little dwarf was there. Turns out he can speak, but only when casting spells. He’s a healer and mage. I always figured you had to be one or the other. Turns out not. Though, seeing how much time it takes to master that stuff, who would want to try and do more? Dunno.

But, he’s pretty tough for a midget. I guess.

And, off to my right was the most beautiful sight my eyes have beheld. And entire army of Darkness marching down on us. Bone golems, trogs, and them black robed necromancers. Things were just getting good.

I thought about meeting them head on, get a real challenge, but remembered our orders were to run away. So, I dropped Danica and headed over to help the Corporal. I hated to ruin her fun, but she was taking too long with the Shayakar. If that army got there, no one would be leaving and the Sergeant would be pissed.
So, I gutted one.

Dakota blasted the other. She has that whatdya call it…Arcfire. What them Builder types use. Crazy little elf. Cute, full of fire, and fearless. Maybe I am a little into elves?

Well, the Corporal was free and the Sergeant staggered out of the mist lugging the still napping not so quiet man. Boy he can sleep.

We were having a moment, enjoying the evening air when one of them black robed necromancers cut down the Sergeant. Well, now I had him and the not so quiet human down. Ugh.

So, I snatched them up and jogged over to the horses. The Olarans were making a good show of it. As was the dwarf. The singing elf kept singing. Strange woman.

I dropped off the two bodies and turned to see Dakota running at the enemy army. Curse it, she’d gone blood mad. No reasoning with’em when their like that.

So, I jogged after her to bring her back. Sergeant said we all had to flee. Since she was touched in the head, I figured she’d not follow orders. Speaking of, the Sergeant was bleeding pretty bad from his eyes and ears. I think that last bolt might have done some head damage. I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

I knew this troll once, had a rock fall on his head while building a wall. Healers couldn’t find nothing wrong. Said he had a slight headache, but nothing doing. So, he rests a day and then goes back to work. I swear, a week later, he just keeled over. Dead.

Head wounds are like that.

Anyway, the Corporal and Danica laid down some cover fire as the drunk staggered to the ass and everyone else, save the Olarans, got to the horses.

As I ran, I noted the crazed little elf was fiddling with her arcfire thing… I wondered what that was about until she charged the Necro and set it off. I THINK she was trying to blow herself up, and take him with her. A plan I would definitely approve, but the cursed thing just popped and fizzled.

Kind a tickled, really. Didn’t do much to the necro, but it did send her flying back to me. Saved me a few steps. So, I tucked her under my arm and head back. Danica put an arrow or two down range, but didn’t do a whole lot.

The necromancer tried to drop me, but I guess he’s never faced an orc before. Pissant little spells don’t do an abyss of a lot. C’ept maybe piss us off.

Well, I got back and everyone was on their mounts or dancing around with their horses. With all the singing and dancing, maybe southlands have some kind of ritual they have to perform? We don’t really use horse much, but when we do we just get on, and get back off once we reach where we are headed.

These southlands have to wine and dine their mounts before they’ll do as their told. I really think that everything down here, people, trogs, and horses are all soft. Makes killing easier, though.

So, now we’re all mounted, save for the Olarans. Do I envy them. Such a glorious battle and a death worthy of a warrior. But no, I had to ride this flamed horse away while they hogged all the glory.

They got roasted behind us. Spooked about half the horses. The rest of us had to carry out those of us thrown. Made riding a pain. Horses struggled with all the weight.

But, we got out. The team, at least, not the Olarans. Most of my companions were banged up bad, save for me, Dakota, and the weird singing elf.

Ya know, come to it. I didn’t see either the flying elf nor the strutting elf. I know the flying one has been gone a minute, but I swear that strutting leaf ear was there right before the mists. So many flamed elves, hard to keep track.

We rode till the horses died, then we stopped. Some of the Rangers field stripped the horses. Honestly, I figured these soft southlanders would be too squeamish for that rot. But no. Color me impressed.

We made camp just after dawn and got some rest and healing. I stayed on watch mostly. Me and the singing elf. Seems she’s the only one who knows where to go.

Oh, and not so quiet man finally woke up. Seemed pretty well rested, though a little sad he missed all the fun. So, we marched and camped and whatnot.

That night, though, we were all enjoying some horsemeat or sleep as was our wont. The singing elf said something was coming, so Danica went out. Couldn’t see nothing, so the Sergeant, the singing elf, and Danica went out there while the rest of us got ready for battle.

Twice in two days! Was not to be.

Turns out it was some horsemen looking for us. Some free riders or some such. Anyway, they brought mounts, food and medicine. Course, nothing seems to help Dakota. She’s already got one foot in the grave.

After they talked, we broke camp and headed south and east. Seems there’s a fort there. An army is assembling so we can go back and attack an empty bunch of rocks. To my mind, that’s a bit of overkill, but these southlanders are a cautious lot.

So, that’s about it. I think once the army arrives I’ll see if that singing elf can help me scrounge up something to magic my blade. Was kinda sad not being able to hit the Wraith.

Other than that. I expect to have more guard duty and more sitting around waiting. Though, I am worried about Dakota. Maybe I should see if she’d like a roll? Before she goes.

About the band.

Sergeant has the power, but seems confused in battle. I was right about him being the academic type. Probably be better served behind a desk. That necromancer fellow didn’t hesitate none. I might see if he wants to train a bit. Nothing helps your focus like a chucktar flying at your face.

Corporal’s a tough one. Maybe the toughest elf I’ve ever seen. Abyss of a shot too. Not sure about he magic stuff, though. Reminds me of them storms a few years back. That was bad mojo.

Not so quiet human. What can I say. He’s got the magic. I’ve seen it. He’s got the skill. Something is holding him back. Seems almost afraid to unleash himself. One of these days he is gonna get himself or a friend killed if he can’t get over whatever thing has hold of him. Too much control. I’ve seen it before. Sad waste too. He could be a mighty warrior.

Danica. Good, solid warrior. For a human female.

Dakota. Lovely in a crazy way. Not long for this world. Sad waste. Funny, she’s got too much fire. Trying so hard to be mad that she can’t focus on any one thing long enough to make a difference. If she just had some control… Funny, isn’t it. Not so quiet man has too much control and not enough fire. Dakota the opposite. Wonder if there might be a way to rectify that… I should ask the Sergeant.

The drunk is a fool and not much more.

The dwarf made a good showing of himself. Half decent healer.

I don’t know what to say about that crazy singing elf, though. She has a thing about horses. But, maybe she can help me get better gear.

Strutting elf ran off before battle. Not much to say there. Always struck me as a poser.

That’s pretty much it. Been not two days since my last entry. Seems longer.

Pretty sure I should sign here somewhere.

Ashley (Howard) Leuenberger Wedding Report
Non-game Report

Howard R. Brandon III, Gamemaster
July 1st, 2016

The day began like any Friday, work. Though, this day with the promise of an early release. My goal was to depart in plenty of time to arrive at the wedding site with time to spare. As these things go, a series of unfortunate plumbing events pushed my departure date well into the Red Zone.

Nevertheless, I persevered and was out with just enough time to make the wedding. Though, i had to pause to fetch my nav system from the other car. As it turned out, the errand was entirely pointless. Ashley Street or the Ashley Conference center does not, in point of fact, exist!

Sitting in the parking lot with a fussy Evie in back, I desperately searched my phone for information as the clock ticked ominously onward. As luck would have it, Ricky was enroute a few minutes before and, knowing more about the general area, he and I were able to guess a heading.

So, using my phone for navigation and maintaining contact with Ricky, I made my way uncertainly to the wedding. The timer on the trip said I would arrive by 5:58 PM. Hardly the buffer I had been hoping to have.

The route was an interesting one. Everything seemed normal until my phone abruptly signaled a right hand turn onto a road I had never traveled. I supposed that it to reach a place that did not exist, one must travel unfamiliar roads? So, I hung a hard right and very quickly regretted my decision.

Within 5 minutes I found myself driving through a parking lot, then loading docks, then a gravel road. I finally chose to turn around in the first lot I found when, low and behold, a lot appeared. The wedding at last, what fortuitous luck. And a Ricky.

Technically, I made it through the door at 6PM, so I was not late. Ricky, Evie and I found Jimmy, JJ and a lovely young woman Rebekah who it turned out was there with JJ. Actually, Jonas aside, JJ was the only one of us who came with a companion. Unless you count Evie. And, added bonus, Rebekah might consider joining our game!

So, we all sat, Evie playing as the wedding began. Andrew looked smart in his uniform, Ashley a vision in her dress. I’ll admit I had difficulty hearing the sermon, mostly due to a bug, but what I heard was lovely. I would rate this ceremony highly among the many I have witnessed. It was a joyous occasion.

And then, the after party, I mean reception. Jonas, Anna, and Tina arrived. They, sadly, were stuck on I-20 which has become something of a dead man’s land over the past few years. I don’t understand why, but that highway is HELL.

All together at least, sans Xavier, we enjoyed a wonderful evening. The music started a tad too loud, but after nearly blowing out their system once or twice, the noise was lowered to a respectable level. And Jimmy manned the bar! What?!

Note: If I ever have a formal party, Jimmy shall tend bar.

The only dark spot was that the Diet cokes took about an hour to arrive. But once they did… And Evie enjoyed running amok. I can only wonder what the guests thought of me out walking my bug despite how cute she happens to be.

The music was good. Dinner was excellent. Ashley’s first dance… I was reminded of my own wedding. She looked so happy.

My favorite moment of the evening was just after the dinner buffet was served. The line was understandably huge and so our little party elected to wait it out, enjoying the good music and excellent company. While sitting, I noted the happy couple were sitting alone at the head of the party while their guests slowly made past the buffet table.

So, I assembled the Rangers and approached the Head Table. I cannot be certain, but I do believe the groom looked…worried as we approached en mass.

Having experienced my own wedding, I know what a hectic rush it can all be. I remember the vows, the dance, and a few other key moments, but the rest is a hungry, tired blur of faces, conversations, and confusion. So, I hoped that in that moment, while the masses were distracted by food, we could have a brief meeting with our Corporal.

I hope that when Ashley looks back on this day that our short, but heartfelt private celebration will be one of her fondest memories.


Then, all that remained was the cake cutting, delicious by the way, and the end of a perfect evening. Due to having a guest waiting alone at my house, and Evie getting fussy and tired, I was forced to leave. Shaking the groom’s hand, and hugging the bride I made me exit.

With one last order to the assembled, “Ranger’s Dismissed,” I loaded a very sleepy bug into the truck and departed.

To Ashley and Andrew,

Congratulations! I could not be more happy for you both. May you have have happiness, health, and joy in your new life together. But never forget, no matter where you go from here, what new adventures you embark upon, you will always have a home, family, and friends here.

With hope and love,

Howard Brandon


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