Campaign of the Month: June 2018

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

1st Report of Ranger Gilbert Grimm

First Meetings

I have been informed that as a new recruit one of my duties is to record the occurrences myself and my new team have during our various missions. This with the knowledge that they will be public records, i’ll be sure to keep the Rangers reputation in mind.

I was paired with a fellow new recruit to travel through winding roads to our teams current location, deep within the black mountains. He seems to be a competent fellow and a noble to boot, Olaran I believe. During our travels we were informed to act in certain roles, myself as a “merchant” and the noble suprisingly as a noble. I must admit I was excited to find myself with the Dwarves of the Black Mountains, their precious stones and metals are renowned to those who dabble in Jewelry making, myself included. I greatly anticipated making new contacts and procuring new materials for my own tinkering. Those plans fell through before i even arrived to the Rockbreaker Clan Home.

During our trek to meet our new team, I understand the one member who was pivotal in the political schemes said something that completely devastated the Rangers position. I believe, at least from what I was told, someone’s Grandmother’s sexual preferences were called into question. To say the least our warm welcome into the Clan Home was short lived.

Nonetheless while I awaited to meet with the team, I searched to procure some precious stones. After some difficult negotiations I walked away with a small bag of some prize gems, but surely it was made more difficult by the current views i as a Ranger have with the Dwarves of this clan. I worry what awaits me in the Clan Chiefs home.

With this I end my first report. I am about to meet with the Olaran noble and make our way to the high standing Dwarves estate where the rest of the team awaits.

Ranger Gilbert Grimm


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