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Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

2nd Report of Gilbert Grimm

There's an Arrow in my Shoulder

I sit here in my quarters desperately trying to not bleed all over my parchment. Recently I have experienced something quite new and I am not pleased, but first some context.

When i last left off I met with The Olaran noble, Ranger Egon Manfried, and we made our way to meet with our team. During our travels to the clan home we were informed that our team mate, Ranger Blackstone, was set to be married to the clan chief’s daughter. Sadly for him the battle with an army of Trogladesh and the political blunder have made everyone question wither the wedding would still be accepted. By a show of luck or some sort of deep seated trouble that may befall us all at some time, the wedding was still accepted.

Still before that we were introduced to the team. Once we reached the estate we met the team, and in order of rank they are: Corporal SSalisstah, Ranger First Class Ranna, Ranger First Class Blackstone, Ranger First Class Mckenzie, Ranger First Class Ingrid, Ranger First Class Steelwing, and Ranger “The Explorer.”

the most surprising and interesting of them all had to be “The Explorer.” I had heard rumpos and ghost stories of the Builders or sometimes “The Red Devils” and how they marched in droves across the lands leaving a wake of death and destruction behind them. The fellow was nothing like I had expected such a being to be, but most striking of this being was the Arc-fire that he carried and more specifically the Cresarium used to power it. As an individual who searches for rare and magical ingredients for my own uses and research, i nearly salivated at the thought of acquiring such a rare and valuable material. I hoped to make good relations with “The Explorer” in hopes of maybe making a fair trade for some of his precious cargo.

I resolved soon after to try and talk with the Builder, and to my surprise he was quite cordial in taking time to allow me to ask some questions. Even more to my amazement he even parted with one of his crystals, but certainly not at a cheap price. His price was not one of a monetary standard but one of more troubling means. He simply asked for a favor in some near future and where I come from owing a favor gets you killed. Still I couldn’t pass up the chance to acquire such a rare ingredient, so against my better judgment i agreed to the terms. The Cresarium wasn’t the only valuable thing i received from him. He offered knowledge as well and i greatly accepted it. I have to say I look forward to a partnership we may share in the future.

Next, I found my way to Corporal SSalisstah. I spoke with her about possibly putting in an order to acquire funds for ingredients and other necessary tools for my Alchemical pursuits. The often overlooked aspect of Alchemy is that a steady and reliable need of funds is necessary for such things. Many other alchemists find these through wealthy benefactors or by being some sort of merchants themselves and acquiring the gold that way. To be frank I hope the Ranger’s in some sense will be my “Benefactor” if I am to prove useful to this team.

After the meeting with the Corporal I made my rounds to introduce myself to the Others. RFC Ranna seems to be fairly quiet but I know that she’s experienced a great loss and so I can understand her silence. RFC Blackstone seems busy and quite spread thin but that is to be expected of a man in his position. Ranger First Classes McKenzie, Ingrid, and Steelwing seem to be in quite the relationship. I never expected the Ranger’s to be a place one could facilitate romantic relations, but then again as i stare at my bandages I can see how one might never know when such things could no longer be a privilege. I was already fairly acquainted with Ranger Manfried, but overall he seems to be a capable fellow, not surprising considering he is a noble. Though from many different walks of life, the team seems to be quite capable and easily entered me into their ranks.

During their time in the clan home Ranger “The Explorer” seems to have found quite a degree of respect from the dwarves. This is primarily from the Lore Masters, but such is to be expected of a being from an advanced and still vastly unknown civilization. Through what I guess to be a form of luck he has been gracious to allow me some time in the clan homes archives. This was in great part due to my knowledge of the Drawven language and he asked me to be his interpreter, to which i greatly and quickly accepted. Much of the time i spent relaying conversations between the two parties but own my own time I was allowed to peruse their collection of knowledge and have discovered through it many new and wondrous ingredients, experiments, magical theories, and much more that will greatly help advance my own Alchemical achievements. The time on the archives seemed much too short, but soon the date of the wedding arrived.

The wedding was a long affair but sported many new and unknown customs of the dwarves I had never known. Most intriguing was the chance to see the dwarven made rings. I made sure to keep a mental note of the style and aesthetics for future reference, considering Dwarven craftsmanship even rivals that of the Karrymains. Nonetheless the whole affair lasted roughly 8 hours, during which i later found out from the Corporal that Mckenzie and Ingrid had fallen asleep. Luckily we don’t believe the dwarves noticed, but considering what follows I dough that would be the greatest offense towards this clan.

Following the ceremony we were led to the grand hall where the post celebrations were to be held. Myself acting as the Interpreter and “The Explorer” as an esteemed guest were seated near the head table, Blackstone obviously with his new bride at the head table, and eventually the rest of the team was seated at the very back as one of the last patrons to file in and receive their food.

Time passed and the festivities went on as usual, but after some time a ruckus arose from outside the grand hall. Soon after all hell broke loose, literally. Human sized combatants rushed into the hall and began their assault, and soon from them Minotaur and Ratzen were summoned from their hellscape and began to break the pillars holding the mountain top above us. What followed was nothing short of a massacre, Dwarven blood ran deep in that hall and we all could do little to stop most of it. RFC Ranna engaged one of the Minotaur, desperately keeping it from bringing the hall down. There were many other childre present and soon it seemed clear that a great deal of the clans inhabitants would be killed along with a great deal of our team. This plan was thwarted luckily by Ranger Manfried who through a great showing of arcane prowess restored the hall to its structurally sound state. The combatants fled sometime during the supposed collapsing and during their retreat is when i received the said arrow to my shoulder. Damb thing still hurts.

Once what we assumed to be the worst concluded, it was later discovered that Steelwing was taken during the chaos by a familiar enemy, Novri I believe. From what I understand he is a Kalinesh wing hunter, which makes since he would take the Aevekar. Later I did find out that this particular wing hunter and Ranger Steelwing have history.

This whole debacle falls solely on the Rangers collective shoulders’. We are lucky that the grand hall didn’t crush half of the dwarves in this clan, because if it had i doubt those of us who didn’t die in the collapse wouldn’t be writing anything. Though the consequence of this attack is apparent since the Dwarves march off to war. I fear what this means. This whole attack makes no sense, no bad grudge would prompt an all out attack on a Dwarven clan home. There is something else happening but I’m too much pain and too tired to care about that right now. Goodnight.

Ranger Gilbert Grimm


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