Campaign of the Month: June 2018

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Campaign Report 24 (Sergeant Hawksclaw)

Arcfire Bombs

Report of Sgt. R. Hawksclaw
Evening, 30th of Festival Moons

I am tired. Physically and mentally exhausted. I will try to be brief, but so much has happened. I will begin with some good news. Eris has awoken, and has provided great service. We would be run even more ragged if it were not for her gifts. We, also, have a new addition to our ranks. An Eldekar named Evoran.
Yesterday morning, I met with The Lord Mayor, about our case(s). He is most concerned, and I can’t say I blame him.
Afterward, I called for Saron and ..,…. and we went to investigate the first murder site. What we discovered shocked me. After surveying the scene, we determined that the shot was made from an incredible distance, through a small glass window light, ricocheted off of a pillar, and lodged into the man’s throat… An impossible shot. Nearly impossible, anyhow. We examined the arrow, and were shocked again. It had been fletched by a ranger!
Armed with this knowledge, we went to the second site. The privy, where the man was shot through the head. Again, I was astounded. He had been shot from another incredible distance, through the light opening in the door, while standing up. I have only seen one ranger that I think capable. That man that held us off when the Prelacy Captain tried to make good on his escape is skilled enough.
I sense Redstore’s hand in this…
That was when the second explosion occurred. This time it devastated the Longhaul warehouse, which was full of military equipment. The first attack was a message. This time, it was to target the Olarian’s war effort. This caused great panic in the city.
We needed to open the gates. As we fought the fire, I ordered an adept to the main exits, and allowed citizens egress. Longtail has not stopped running, all day. Once the fire was out, we investigated the scene. ……… determined that the two magical components were havoc and explosion. Combined with arcmancy, these devices are quite complex.
I spoke with the High Sheriff, and we organized a city wide sweep for the next day.
Later, that evening, we returned to the outpost and turned in. Last night, While we slept, our world changed irrevocably.
I find it nearly incomprehensible that I must pen this mornings events. But, as of late, many things are hard to comprehend. I was woken, early. The sheriff was at the door. No messenger, no pomp, no flowery summons. Just the man. I was in wonder. He asked me to follow him, and he was obviously troubled. While we walked, “What is the matter?” I asked bluntly. He sighed and said “Grimbor is dead.” I stopped, cold. “What did you say?” I asked, as a cold shiver crept up my spine. “I swear to you, I had nothing to do with it.” He added. “You and I may not see eye to eye, but I would never step so low.” I nodded.
We went to the cell, where his body lay undisturbed. I removed his Rangers cloak, and covered his head. “Eris, are you there?” I thought. “I am here.” She replied. “Please summon Saron and …………. to me.” She responded, “It is done. I am sorry.” I turned, once again, to the body. I was, and still am concerned about Aradove’s reaction. What will she do? Will she try to take some kind of vengeance? I do not know, but I do believe the sheriff is innocent. I believe this is another part of the ploy against us…
The others arrived, and quickly determined the cause of death. Alchemy.
I ordered the body moved to the outpost. Once we arrived, I entered to break the news to Aradove.
She did not respond as I thought she would. A coldness came over her, the likes of which I’ve never witnessed from her. Again, I am concerned.
Later, we continued with our plan to sweep the city. We marched, with dozens of soldiers, through the entire city. Grid by grid, block by block, and home by home. We arrested scores of wanted individuals. As we marched, the people stared at us with fear, malice, and confusion. We also uncovered a din containing a new kind of floater. It was eerily similar to the ichor we witnessed from the plague in the Forrest. That is troubling. More troubling, is the fact that we did not find our target(s).
Now, it is time for a memorial. We are about to have Grimbor’s Last Call. I don’t know how to face them. He was one of my Rangers. One of our friends. He was murdered while under my command. I shall speak to Aradove.

Sgt. R.S. Hawksclaw


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