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Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Memorandum from Capt. Hawksclaw

Dated Planting Moons 22nd, 3127

From: Capt. R.S. Hawksclaw
To: Regional HQ, Command Staff, and Finance Office
Re: Funding, and special projects for the Echer’naught garrison.
CC: Sgt’s. A. Longtail, S. Ravenwood, Col’s. A. Wolfhaven, Anderson

I have been in this office for just under four months now. The organizational duties, and details are done. Now it is time to get to work.
Per recent events both local, and abroad, I would like to propose a number of initiatives to be undertaken (pending approval/funding) immediately. These are laid out below in order of the urgency that (I feel) these projects merit. If more details are necessary, I will be happy to discuss these initiatives in person. In short, it’s time to expand our operational capacity; with a renewed focus on recruiting, and these measures, I believe we can do just that.

1. Lease or buy more storage space, that the Echer’naught garrison might increase it’s grain, and salt meat stores. This will help, alleviate shortages which would certainly arise, not if but when the conflicts abroad come closer to home.
This initiative would also include increasing our procurement of timber, and other non-consumables. To these ends, and pending approval, I intend to contact Capt. G. Völkstagg via Farspeaker in attempt to secure his estate (already under Ranger contract) for the planting of timber, and/or grain.
I will also make contact with my own people in the Elven Nation to obtain suitable, fast growing saplings, and to research what grain(s) might be planted or hybridized with our native seeds to produce a greater harvest.

2. Train, and equip heavy mounted Ranger infantry. To build on the success of the Wolfhaven Free Riders, I would like to select a small number of suitable Rangers under my command to begin training as heavily armored/mounted infantry.
I would use this team as the core to build a detachment that would act in support of our more conventional/lightly armored Rangers. (Much in the way that the Olarans use their Knights.)
If approved, I intend to seek the guidance of Sir Eric Halten, and work to secure his, or one of his subordinates assistance, and guidance in the training program.

3. Heavy weapons. I want to build a battery of no less than eight smaller/mobile siege weapons (preferably wagon mounted ballista or scorpions) to support Ranger operations in the vicinity of Echer’naught.
This one is pretty straightforward. We will acquire the weapons, train the crews, and divide the battery into two sections consisting of three or four engines each. The sections would be supported by an ordinance wagon, and a detachment of mounted archers each. The ordinance wagons will be fitted with parts for repair, and ammunition. The detachment of mounted archers will serve as scouts, spotters, and support.

4. Form a committee to research less conventional tactics, and weaponry. For instance, more effective means of weaponizing salt. Whether it be through napping it into arrow, and/or crossbow heads.
Researching Arcfire, and how it may be employed more effectively, and on a larger, more accessible scale.
More effective deployment of magic, both offensive, and defensive.
Things of this nature… In short, to improve, and continue to build on what we already know. All this is because if we become complacent it will be our downfall, and while I’m in command we will continue to change, and improve.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure there will be more to follow. Thank you for your consideration. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully Submitted,
Capt. R. S. Hawksclaw


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