Campaign of the Month: June 2018

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Silver Snow

Grendel's Report

Grendel grow tired of doing nothing, and me think so does the team. Nexus grows bigger everyday and I think Volstagg grows even more worried. I can’t blame him from what has happened. Even Grendel is concerned for what will happen to his gather. The days grow colder and the snow gets deeper, we are not going anywhere soon.

All this time on Grendel’ s hands is scary, now that we aren’t being chased by the smell of blood and sulfur. We were saved by people who use to be slaves apparently and they seem nice enough. But Grendel never not be in danger and it is weird, so he do something me never do before…. pray.

I still not sure of the silver light but I try to understand. I break away from the camp and stare at snow “praying” that someone answer. Then snow turn silver.

I look at new strange color snow and look up to see lone tree, it silver too. And standing next to it is a troglodyte, hobgoblin, and troll. Me get ready to fight but they not looking at me, they looking at tree. That when the tree glow and big flash blinds Grendel for a moment. When me can see again there standing is a goblin, orc, and ogre. Me think I understand that this silver light may be linked to the gathers and maybe it save us from what we truly are. Grendel scared at this thought, but it make me think something, maybe this be how me save my old gather. And maybe me can save Wendel, but it may also be how me protect new gather. That all.



howardrbrandon howardrbrandon

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