Campaign of the Month: June 2018

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Training for a Wedding

Grendel's Report

Since Grendel took command of team from Lieutenant Volstagg, we have had difficulties working as cohesive unit. This falls mainly on my shoulders for Grendel’s inexperience as leader. This does not mean team is unfit for duties, but we all in need of training, which is what our superiors saw fit.

When Grendel mean training he mean a mission and this one was in walls of city, thank Celesia. There discovered group of people we encounter before when looking for gold of king of Olara. Which Grendel not mind since this people almost killed Grendel’s team.

The plan was to stealth to their hideout in Warehouse district while team led by Great wolf’s son, Alfred, approach from underneath in sewers. The team from underneath needed signal to know when to attack. This signal was decided to be from an explosion. This was tasked to Aronzo, who took form of Corporal Newt. Then both teams would converge and close in on enemies.

Grendel never see much in ways of explosions, but the one he see on mission amazing. After explosion Ranger Steelwing swooped to draw fire with the Explorer giving cover from nearby roof top. Rest of team rushed in after and made quick work of rest.

In aftermath of battle, if can be called one, we find large amount of what highers call Storm-fire, and surrounding teams capture few that try to flee. Grendel glad this go good for team, it nice to see all work together to achieve our missions and to make it out with little casualties. Grendel believ we may need this for upcoming mission.

Blackstone has become one with a new clan of dwarves, which i understand is similar to Gathers. We tasked with escorting him to the Blackstone mountains to make union official. This terrifies Grendel. I not well versed yet in the political battlefields of this new world Grendel has called home for some time now. Thankfully though I have the team to help me in my short comings.

This coming mission will rely heavily upon RFC Blackstone, but if i have learned anything is that he will not be alone in this. Corporal Lisa has been a great asset in the Political battlefields we have found ourselves in on many occasions as well as many others have proved to be invaluable in helping Grendel talk with others. I wish this team does well in the coming mission and expect us to succeed, just hope it at no great cost. Celesia guide us.

Sargent Grendel


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