Campaign of the Month: June 2018

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Unwanted Family Reunion

Grendel's Report

I don’t have much time to write but i wish to report what has happened these past few days to team. we were sent on a political mission to escort RFC Blackstone to his betrothed’s clan home in the Black Mountains. the positioning of the location allowed only for a few certain routes that could be taken. the route deemed the safest took team north through Olara and passage through the northern gathers., where we would descend into the black mountains that border my homelands. however if Grendel has learned anything from being in the Ranger’s is that our mission’s are anything but simple.

After some time passing through not so kindly regions, especially to rangers, we arrived at the borders of the gathers. passage through was relatively easy and i informed the team to be cautious with any interactions with the locals. My people are brash and harsh to say the least and outsiders are not looked kindly upon in most cases. Not long ago i held those same feelings towards humans and other races but my time with the rangers has been insightful. along our journey we rested outside one of the guardian gathers, and quickly discovered the region to be on high alert. this is strange and unsettling considering the strength of the gathers surrounding that accursed isle, would be on such guard by an unknown entity or entities.

we heeded their warnings and decided to move through the region as quickly as possible. i felt our force would be able to move relatively quickly and unnoticed through those lands without drawing too much attention. we had been paired with a smaller group of rangers to provide added protection in our mission, led by a Brinchie female, and this added to my hope of safe passage.

true to their duties the added group did do exactly what they were ordered too and informed us of an incoming attack only a few days into our mission, sadly that is where things became much more personal than i had hoped.

a pack of werewolves stampeded over the nearby ridge, and quickly surrounded our group. the team fought hard but their numbers soon took their toll on all of us, however not long after hulking beings crested the ridge and approaching were dark necromantic gollems that quickly took arms against Ranna and Myself. i called for the team to retreat but soon the enemy forces dropped us one by one, and eventually Ranna was stabbed by the mechanical beast and it began to drag her off. however of all the beasts to come over that hill non were as chilling as the sight of “that” troll. It seemed as if i was looking into some dark shadowed mirror as i stared at my fallen brother. i had hoped to never see him again after i left our gather but there he was and i knew he recognized me in the same moment.

i finally managed to best the gollem before me but became swarmed by even more wolves and after a few blows i too went down. before i lost consciousness i did notice that only myself and my beloved were the ones being taken and in that moment i hoped that the team would survive and continue on without us.

i awoke some unknown time later in a large encampment, surrounded by troglinesh, and sitting before me was Wendel my brother. i was naive to never give second though to the blood witch for so much time and as i stared at him and the massive throne of bones he sat next to, and i knew myself and the world were about to pay for our negligence. the throne i knew immediately belonged to our Gram- Gram, who in life was ruthless and mean being but in her fallen state i feared what she had become. my brother informed me of our coming battle as he had to show who was in fact the strongest, an idea i was unsure was his or gram- gram’s idea. the leverage obviously being my beloved who was chained next to me. we were left to our thoughts for the next day, but strangely enough we had the company of a human, which in little time i figured must be a very powerful vampire as the evil wafting from him was immense.

the next day my and wendel’s battle commenced, we traded blows back and forth never truly gaining the upper hand. finally we both gave our all in one final swing and from Ranna has told me it ended in a draw. i lost consciousness and awoke surrounded by my team to my relief and fear as for what they were going to face because of us.

we quickly returned to our mounts and cart and for three days we were chased by the encampment, during which time i learned of Aronzo’s condition and how he was missing, as well as the assistance from the damned kal wing hunters who had been hostage like us.

eventually we entered the borders of the black mountains and were met with a large dwarven force who quicly welcomed us through their shield lines. and that is where myself and the team are now. the dwarven commander tells me that Colonel Wolfhaven has a plan but we must hold the enemy at bay for some time. the terrain gives us a slight advantage and the dwarfs are a group of skilled warriors i am glad to have by our side.
i pray celesia guides us in our coming battle and that the great wolf arrives soon.

Sergeant Grendel


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