Ancient Von Dietrich Slayer Sword

Ancient Black Iron Sword

weapon (melee)

Enchanted Black Iron Bastard Sword (Str+d8+1,-1 Parry; if used 2-handed, no Parry penalty, and Str+d8+2; AP2, Atk +2, +2 damage vs Darkness)


No one knows the true history of the famed Von Dietrich sword. Legends holds that this sword was one of a few recovered from the first battles during the Age of Darkness after the founding of the house of Slayers. Centuries before the discovery of White Silver, these Black Iron weapons were, nevertheless, magic and proved effective at slaying Darkness. Passed from generation to generation, this blade wound up crossing the oceans and founding the Nazatiran branch of the Von Dietrich family.

The blade was in possession of Mugin’s father when his brother betrayed and slew the family. The brother, in an unusual fit of nostalgia, left the sword untouched, and it was given to Von Dietrich just before his famed duel with his brother. When Mugin fell to Darkness, and we corrupted, he retained his father’s sword, using it to slay hundreds of innocent’s and wage war on those he, in live, sword to protect.

In winter 3125, Mugin Von Dietrich was destroyed by Col Wolfhaven during Darkness’ attack on Echer’Naught. Though the rest of Mugin’s gear was destroyed, Wolfhaven had the sword reclaimed, and cleansed as well as possible. That sword now awaits a new Slayer to take up the calling…