Arcfire Madness Device

Arcfire Madness Device.


Built inside a strange, glowing pack this device appears to combine functions of Telepathy/Puppet in that it creates an area (large burst template) of rage forcing anyone within range to be filled with overwhelming desire to maim and destroy. Worse, this aggression can seem to be focused by the wielder to create small forces of crazed combatants. However, they are unstable and the packs explode upon being struck by sufficient force killing the wielder and all those around.

Also, they seem to have an adverse effect to those using Telepathy or sensitive to mind powers causing pain and confusion.

Thankfully, they appear to require copious Crysarium making them very short term use devices. Only one seems to have survived and is in Echer’Naught.


Created by the Builder dubbed the “Mad Bomber”, these devices were first used in Echer’Naught on the Night of Rage.