Davos Olandoran (Therel Fateweaver’s) Completed Works.


High Magic Phantasm (Triggered by code phrase; when triggered replays “The Ballad of the Stagg and Lion” duet of Fateweaver and Nazir in its entirety)


Exiled and hunted by the Olaran Crown, Davos Olandoran was once a high bard in the King’s court before falling out of favor. Abjuring the realm he traveled for many decades, collaborating with and learning from the greatest bards, musicians, and storytellers Shaintar over.

Over four decades after leaving, an older, wiser man, now calling himself Therel Fateweaver, returned to Olara, establishing himself as a street performer in the city of Echer’Naught when it was still just a trading town. Despite his exquisite skill, Fateweaver kept a low profile, performing under numerous guises for tavern patrons and local lords alike,

During this time, he recorded all of his greatest works, even those from his youth, but dared not reveal lest the King’s justice find him. His last performancem “The Ballad of the Stagg and Lion,” was a wedding gift at the nuptial feast for Sir Gunther Volstagg to his bride, Lady Nexuz Zathlan, House Lyonn. He was killed by a bounty hunter on the King’s writ within minutes after completing the duet with fellow bard, Leaora Nazir.

After his death, his writings and songs were collected, bound, and distributed. Due to his criminal past, the book was outlawed by the Crown, though still remains one of the most popular works of its kind, even in Olara.
Rumors about that the final work, his last song, has been bespelled. Should a reader know the correct “phrase” then they will be transported by grande illusion to that feast hall, to witness the greatest performance from one of Shaintar’s greatest bards.

In Olara, possession of this tome warrants severe fine and censure by the King’s men.

Davos Olandoran (Therel Fateweaver’s) Completed Works.

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