Dragonscale Pendant

Single Red Dragonscale strung on leather cord


Dragonscale Pendant (Unbreakable)


First gifted to Thorgram Ramshorn by Fekla Kolfis, the Dragonscale has been an heirloom of the Gather (one of the four Defender Gathers) for centuries. None alive remembers HOW the Scale came to be taken, but it was scavenged from the battlefield when the Dragons were finally banished at Og’M’Drakar. Bearing the talisman grants an individual honored status among the Kolfis Gather, given only to honored members and close allies.

Thorgram wore the pendant proudly as a badge of belonging to a Gather, he only a half-orc and being raised by humans. Sadly, before embarking on the mission which would result in his death, Thorgram buried the talisman at the base of Evoran’s Tree to be returned to the Gather and his people.