Durlan Daynore's Focus Crystal

Glowing blue/white Focus Crystal


*Focus Crystal (boost trait The Way (2 steps), 10 essence, Fortress of the Mind)
Use of this Crystal risks the loss of the Adepts Free Will.


Ultimately, the Adept Farspeaker Daynore was forcibly cut off from his own power after being “inhabited” by a force of unimaginable power. With the binding of his magic, Daynore turned over his focus crystal to the Rangers to be added to the Vault. However, very little is understood about the entity or force which overwhelmed the Adept. The only thing the experts can agree upon is that the Crystal absorbed the self-same entity granting it incredible power, but at a significant risk to any user.
Along with Von D’s Slayer sword, and Toma’s Mask, Daynore’s Focus Crystal is considered one of the most powerful, and dangerous artifacts housed in the Vault.