Sacred Soul-bonded Everwood of Evoran


Treat Site Strength as Strong (5d8) for Channeling and Sorcery. The area around the tree is also High Magic Exalted Sanctified Ground (opposed rolls are vs d12+5) and both Channeling and Sorcery receive the +2 bonus while in the are of the tree.


There is a tree in the northern lands of Landra’Feya, not far from the Olaran border which stands beside a great tumble of rocks and grass. Here, within the rocks, mine shafts once pierced the earth were creatures of Darkness toiled and scratched for things long lost. A great battle was waged between Darkness, Flame, Tempest, and an alliance of Olarans, Elves, and Rangers.
In the end, one Ranger, Sergeant Evoran Que’kasaars, sacrificed his life to end the conflict and save those that could be saved. When he fell, immolated by his own eldritch energies, his sacred staff stuck in the earth. From that branch a tree grew, overnight, to dig its roots deep in the earth and raise it branches into the sky. From this tree a new staff was sung by Evoran’s soul-mate, High Druidess Illandria Treesinger. She, and her circle, accepted custody of the tree and the land to grow a new grove.
Even with a single tree, Life energies begin to flow, but unlike most sacred places both Life and Sorcery run powerfully here. Those with ears to listen can even hear voices on the winds, imparting wisdom and knowledge. In a few centuries, with careful tending, this small seed may well plant the beginnings of a new forest, a reclaiming of the lands of the elves, and bastion of their strength and immortality

Sacred Soul-bonded Everwood of Evoran

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