Sergeant Evoran Que'kasaars Soul-bonded Staff


Greater Soul-bonded Everwood Staff (Str+d6, Reach 1, Parry +1, 5 Sorcery Essence, +3 Sorcery, Quickness, Teleport, Entangle [Life], Unbreakable)


Sung from the sacred trees of his home, Evoran’s staff was imbued with great Sorcerous power. Later, High Druidess Treesinger also imbued the staff with Life power, covering its wooden surface in a beautiful floral relief. After his death on Festival Moons 2nd, 3125, the staff passed to his soul-mate, Treesinger who holds the staff in trust for the next rightful bearer.

Sergeant Evoran Que'kasaars Soul-bonded Staff

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