The Heirloom Necklace


First created by Rellar Aloran for his wife, Miria of the Shay’Von elven house, in celebration of the birth of their daughter Sideria Alorian (Nexus Zathlan), the necklace has since passed through the hands of many of her family, always finding its way back to the bloodline.
When Rellar and Mira were slain during a raid on their village, and baby Nexus was lost, presumed killed, Miria’s Essania-Life Bonded identical twin sister, Niria, took the necklace from Mira’s body when she fled to Tar’Imas. After the War of Flame, Niria gifted the necklace to her daughter, Sysvayanya, called “Sys”, when she left to join the Rangers. Sys was slained in 3123, but the necklace was recovered by a Mugin Von Dietrich, fellow Ranger and the man who loved her. Von D turned the necklace over to the Rangers to be sent back to her family.
Some time in 3125, the necklace arrived in Tar’Imas and was claimed by Sys’ brother, Serysvarya , “Serys”, who embarked on a path of vengeance to hunt down and kill Von D, the man he held responsible for his sister’s death.
He arrived too late. Von D, having been corrupted, had been destroyed by Col Wolfhaven, and nearly killing Zathlan! Serys joined Alpha Team, and ultimately sacrificed himself to save Nexus and her newborn twins, but not before giving the necklace to Sir Volstagg to return to the Rangers, to be returned to his mother.
Only after arriving back in Echer’Naught did Nexus learn of her family history, that the necklace was originally her mothers, and that Serys was her cousin, closer to half brother, and that Sys was half sister.
With each death, each member to bear the necklace, the ties binding the artifact to the bloodline grows stronger.