Thomas Zulcrum's Full Plate

Blackened full plate armor emblazoned with the Stone Tower of Echer'Naught


Olaran full plate (+8 armor, -5 coverage, +3 Fighting, 25 lbs , greater healing, succor, A Soldier’s Life, Spirit of the Bear, Ignores AP, Albrecht Steel, usable only by full-blooded Olaran human).


Former Ranger Thomas Zulcrum acquired the antiquated armor from an older Olaran warrior. After numerous battles, the armor developed unique abilities, in particular, the cod piece of healing. After his demise in the Defiant Lands, the armor was bequeathed to the Wolfhaven estate. Despite Thomas being a wanted fugitive at the time of his death, his armor was added to the Vault along with the unique items of past Alpha Team members.