Thorgram Ramshorn's Unbreakable Shield

Large Targe emblazoned with Ramshorn


Enchanted Large “Targe” Shield (+3 Parry, +2 Armor versus ranged shots that hit; Defender of the Gather*, Shields Guardian*, +2 Toughness vs Flame/Darkness (per Chosen of the Horn)**, Unbreakable)

*Does not stack with characters who already posses those edges

  • Does not stack with character who is already Chosen of the Horn

The original shield was gifted to Thorgram Ramshorn early in his career with the Rangers after extreme heroism and served him well until the Darkness attack on Echer’Naught during the winter of 3125. During that battle, the original shield was shattered by a Troll strike. Shortly afterwards, Col Wolfhaven gifted Thorgram a new shield, exactly as the old, but imbued with magic making it Unbreakable.

That shield, he carried into Shivak Novos, Dark Moons 1st, 3125, and was with him when he perished holding the gate to allow his team to escape. Recovered by his Sergeant Whitestone, the shield is now an Heirloom of the Rangers and serves to protect those Thorgram loved, passed from one Ranger to the next, forever defending the Gather.

Thorgram Ramshorn's Unbreakable Shield

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