Three Obsidian Stone Knives

weapon (melee)

Obsidian Blades (Str +d4, AP 1, Unbreakable)


Though their origin is a mystery, the three small stone daggers were uncovered in the ruins of some ancient palace in the Hard Lands of Norcan Darr centuries ago. Since that day they have passed from hand to hand, sometimes as trophies of war, or sometimes as gifts. Eventually, Alexander Wolfhaven bartered for them when he found himself trapped in Norcan Dar. He traded one of his White Silver parrying dirks for the three blades as gifts for Aradove Lontail’s offspring.
As luck would have it, she gave birth to three children, each inheriting one of these unique weapons. More remarkable is that these blades lack the fragility of other Obsidian tools. Somewhere in their past, they were enchanted to be indestructible and so have stood the test of time.