Wolfhaven’s Olaran Two-handed Sword

weapon (melee)

Wolfhaven’s Olaran Two-handed Sword
(+ 2 Fighting, Str+d10, Reach 1, 2 hands, Whitesilver, Illumination (Light), AP 2, Smite (Spirit))

Just under six feet in length, the Olaran two-handed sword is a monstrous weapon perfect for cleaving through undead hordes or riding down Childer on the field. In addition, the Wolfhaven sword was crafted from pure whitsilver and is imbued with many magical enhancements making it a formidable weapon in a master’s hands.


According to legend, the first blade was given to the first Baron of Wolfhaven by the Bear himself. Whether the current sword is the same blade remains a mystery. However, for centuries, the Wolfhaven patriarch has ridden into battle wielding the famed two-handed Olaran Sword.
During the War of Flame, when the former Baron Wolfhaven was struck down by a demon, the sword was very nearly buried with its master. However, just before the pyre was lit, High Priest Vallandrian removed the blade from across the Lord’s chest and handed it to his young son, Alexander Wolfhaven declaring that the blade’s duty was unfinished.
Since that day, now Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven has carried the blade through countless battles. It is one of his most striking features.

Wolfhaven’s Olaran Two-handed Sword

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