Campaign of the Month: June 2018

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Campaign Report 138

Wyvern Attack

Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander

Commander of the Legio Heroes

Exile, Norcan Dar (Hard Lands)

33rd Day of Golden Eagle, Year 3128 Under the Light

Golden Eagle 6th, 3128

My team returned from the pyramid, though not whole. We were not prepared for the horrors of the ancients. Lesson learned and at too high a price.

Shortly after the 13th hour, I spoke with the Maker. Many of the Builders wanted to remain, to study the structure of the ancients. Despite the dangers.

I pointed out that there was no food or water. Our supplies would invariably run out, and when they did, we would all die. Furthermore, I warned that the enemy forces could happen upon us at any time, though the Maker wanted to hear none of it. In the end, reason won out, that and my offer to enter the pyramid and retrieve samples and information.

After the meeting, I returned to check on my team at the healer’s tent. They were recovering from their wounds. I provided Sergeant Minor Blackstone sealed orders in case my adventure proved too much even for me. After instructing the team to break the sealed orders and follow my instructions is 48 hours. What I required from my team was as detailed an analysis of the pyramid as they could provide. They saw very little, only a single room, and only parts of it. But, the Explorer knows the Builder mind, and my team is well trained.

Together with the Maker’s summation and my team’s rough estimate I was able to sketch a rough draft of the internal structure of the pyramid. My team secured, the the Builders in stunned awe, I removed my armor and weapons, took up a spear and a sword. It has been a long time since I ventured alone into the unknown without my father’s sword.

Approaching the pyramid felt like pushing through a wall. The power was intense. One of the most intense powers I have ever experienced. The pain was intense, like burning spikes driving through my eyes into the back of my skull. Each breath was labored, heavy. My vision blurred, my skin burned. But, I could feel it, at the heart of the pyramid, like a beating heart…power, ancient and raw.

The interior was too dark to see, but, I could feel the power running through the walls, the floor. In the shadows, demons shifted and growled. They seemed to be drawn by power. And, true to the team’s report, no sooner had I entered I felt my perceptions warping, my vision blurring, and my senses…distorting.

I honestly don’t know what I saw in that place, how much was real, how much imagined, how much simply could not be. Only that angry, red spot, a burning brand at the center, drawing me in, pulling me like a lodestone. Every step was a battle against the demons, the mind warping energy,…myself.

Golden Eagle 8th, 3128

By the time I crawled out of that hole, I hardly knew myself. All I knew was pain. I bled from my eyes, my ears, my nose, my mouth…everywhere it seemed. Somehow I managed to stagger out into the sands. Someone was on hand to catch me. Before blackness took me, I managed to hand over my satchel with the “samples” to someone, I think Blackstone. After that, nothing.

Golden Eagle 9th, 3128

When I woke, I was mostly healed. Miracles of my bloodline. With my samples, I asked the Explorer to join me in speaking with the Maker. We formulated a plan. I know the Maker does not believe we are in any real danger from the other Citadel, but I know they would not give up so easily. They are being driven by more powerful forces. Still, he agreed to my plan and they immediately set to work.

After, I handed over a sampling of fungi and other plant life I found in the high energy zone to Corporal Grimm. They were untouched by Flame, a rarity in the hardlands. My recovery more or less done, the column moved out.

Golden Eagle 21st, 3128

While I was with the command staff, the column was halted by a warning from our forward scouts. By the time I reached the pickets, the Explorer was already wounded, but by what? It seemed that our column had wandered into a field of what appeared to be nigh imperceptible rents in reality. Slivers of sheering so powerful they could split light, but thinner than the finest hair. Worse, you could only see them in the right light. A step either way and the slivers were invisible to the eye.

Alpha Team tried a number of methods. Killian and Mal swept the area with rods, Mansfried used tinkering to create goggle and the Explorer marked the slivers with flags. But, the methods took time and we were overtaken by a massive sandstorm. We weathered the storm, but some of the flags were buried. Our methods would work, eventually.

Over our trek, we had already lost several of the roughly 200 Calydoes. Those were butchered and fed to their fellows. Childer having a crude and cannibalistic palate. Sooner or later, we would need to thin the herd. Already, over a third of our supplies were gone. In short, we had Calydoes to spare, but no time. So, I ordered the pack master to send the spare Childer into the minefield

It was a callous and brutal tactic. But it worked. It cost us over 20, but the blood smears clearly marked the slivers. For extra precaution, I asked the team to further mark each sliver. And then, we moved through.

Miraculously, RFC Softpaws’ Iron Golem managed to slip through unscathed. The Explorer guided the golems through the field of slivers. We lost another 10 Calydoes. They are hardly nimble.

However, once through, we clearly left a bloody trail, a map through the field. So, Alpha Team backtracked again through the lethal field, burning some bodies, and ensuring that anyone attempting to follow us would wind up in the middle of the field. A nasty surprise when the enemy Builders tracked us. Which I still believe they will.

Golden Eagle 33rd, 3128

Past the field of slivers, we traveled for three weeks with little issue. Until the attack. Our forward scouts gave warning that something was in the air when our column erupted into flames. Something big, from behind, and above. Wyverns, BIG ones. Bigger than anything I have ever heard of in Shaintar. Red, angry, and fire breathing. Since everything in the hardlands revolves around survival, it is little surprise that these creatures attacked. We are likely the biggest meal they have seen in their lifetime.

There were three, and if they managed to cook our Calydoes, or worse, kill the master, our situation would grow desperate. There was little chance I could defeat all three in time to prevent the destruction of our column. So, instead, I chose discretion. Tapping into the power, I summoned a storm down, stirring up the sands and cloaking the column. The beasts continued to attack, but not the main column, the struck the forward scouts. Alpha Team.

I did not witness the battle, but the team fought well, driving the creatures away. The Explorer even managed to use the Arcfire projector to blast one of the beasts. However, not before the largest snatched RFC Gravelheart and winged away south. Now we must track the beast and Gravelheart. Then again, they likely roost in high rocks, so there may be cover nearby.

Your most obedient servant,

Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

Norcan Dar


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