Campaign of the Month: June 2018

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Campaign Report 51

Velkalar's Vengeance

Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander
Commander of the Legio Heroes
Regional Command at Echer’Naught, Olara

Twenty Second Day of Dancing Clouds, Year 3124 Under the Light

After completing my General Order on the 19th of Dancing Clouds, I summoned Sergeant Que’kassars to my office for the first of what I hope to be regularly scheduled weekly meetings. While waiting for my adjutant, I had the pleasure of speaking with Commander Schenkle about the readiness of the Town Militia. And, per his daily routine, he presented a letter of formal protest for the treatment of former Ranger Sarah Longtail and a demand for a detail be dispatched for her immediate recovery. His dedication to his beloved is admirable. I only wish there was more I could do to put his mind at east.

On Eric’s heels came an envoy of Lord RabenClau with a document witnessed and signed granting the young Lord’s estate all mineral rights to the land beneath and immediately surrounding the city of Echer’Naught. How he managed to negotiate such a deal with the Dwarven Clans or the Duchess Harken is beyond my ability to reason. However, I could see no good reason not to approve what so many of the city’s most noble had arranged. He left seeming pleased and very nearly collided with Evoran and Thorgram.

I am happy to see that my Rangers continue to obey the edict forbidding Rangers from operating alone.

They entered, but it was clear that things were not going well in the city. I knew as much already. Sergeant Que’kassars reported that the situation in Low Town was reaching critical levels. Already deaths were on the rise and many citizens had been attacked. From our informants on the street, Low Town was being divided up by competing gangs. Open violence was common and the locals were quickly losing faith in our ability to keep order.

We also discussed obtaining more information about the new “King of Low Town”, though from what little Longtail revealed, the man is not to be trusted. I sincerely hope that we are not faced with a war within the walls so soon.

After the situation report, I informed Evoran that I would be presenting my first major public address as Lord Mayor. And, despite our desperate manpower shortage, I would require my elite team on guard duty as so many dignitaries would be assembled in the Mayoral Manse. We quickly sketched out a security plan.

Before he left, Evoran asked after Eric Schenkle and Lord RabenClau’s representative and I explained their purpose. With that, he and Thorgram departed. The remainder of my day was spent in meetings, making arrangements for announcement and conferencing with Fateweaver on proper protocols. The man is a political genius.

It makes me wonder why he hid in Low Town for so many years? I am certain there is a story worth hearing there. Funny how his own life is the only topic he simply refuses to speak on.

The following morning, the 20th I had the pleasure and honor of summoning Ranger 1st Class Ravenwood to my office. Shortly after her return from the mission in which Captain Hawksclaw was captured, Samira, with some help from Evoran and Aradove, proposed the creation of a unit within the Rangers dedicated to archery.

I was curious to see if she would have the initiative to complete all the necessary paperwork required for such a venture. Samira was more than up to the task and, with my recommendation, her proposal was approved. And with her new command came a requisite promotion to the rank of Ranger Corporal.

Samira seemed genuinely pleased. I fear though that Ranger 1st Class Silverfeather was less so. He has been with us for quite some time. He arrived Festival Moons 26th, 3123 just under a year ago. And yet, from the first, he showed little interest in command, preferring to spend his time at the Church of Light with his brothers. However, from what little I saw, I feel that his attitude my be changing. If he is willing to accept some mentoring I have faith that he can achieve his goals.

We agreed that the training session would take place on the 22nd, the morning after my formal announcement. Samira herself would oversee the archery portion of the assessment, I would judge the combat portion and Sergeant Major Stormhammer the final “obstacle course”.

The rest of my day was again busy with meetings, petitioners and planning sessions. Most of my business involved the 21st and all the myriad preparations surrounding the event in question. Food had to be shipped in, damage in and around the Manse repaired and proper accommodations found for all the various guests.

These meetings continued throughout the night and into the morning of the 21st. I was finally forced to excuse myself for a bit of rest before the actual event. However, despite my sincerest desire, the evening finally arrived and I was trussed up like a festival goose and escorted by an obscenely heavily armed contingent to the Mayoral Manse for my first “public address”.

Though I have never felt uncomfortable speaking before large groups, I must confess that addressing soldiers is far easier than the assembled that night. Any slip, any lapse on my part would be set upon like a pack of wild dogs. These people were infinitely more dangerous than all the arclancers in the Prelacy of Camon.

My remarks were brief. I outlined the currently held positions within my interim administration and announced what positions were still open for nomination. Also, I addressed the state of affairs in the city, and though I desired to announce my negotiations with Stahlheim I felt it was premature as final ink was not yet dry.

It pleases me that this announcement was better received than my appointment to the Lord Mayorship. After the speech, we held a small reception for continued debate. Mostly, I just mingled with the crowd and let Fateweaver and Lady Elyanna speak on my behalf. They are far more suited to this battlefield than I.

I did not reach my chambers until well into the morning and was forced to rouse quite early for Samira’s assessments. Fortunately, Sergeant Stormhammer brewed the blackest coffee to stir my senses.

We had seven recruits arrive that morning. They came from all walks of life in the city, and all showed great promise. Corporal Ravenwood and the Sergeant Major both seemed quite enthused despite the earliness of the hour and the chill in the air.

After the first test of archery skill, one man was eliminated. I believe he was a Blackthorn Guard from the Sacred Grove, though everyone performed well. The second test, combat, proved quite exciting. Each participant fought with ferocity and skill, though the victor was a mercenary who has served with the Olaran army in numerous conflicts. Our final test, the obstacle course, pitted two teams of 2 men in a footrace through parts of the city. In truth, the test was more to determine the participants cooperation skills and teamwork.

Though the first team was victorious in the race, it was the second team which showed true promise, sacrificing the victory to help each other. In the end, Corporal Ravenwood awarded the victory the second team, though by then, two members had already made the cut from the previous events.

In the end, we were left with three men who made the cut. With the assessments complete, I turned over the rest to the Corporal and I and the Sergeant Major returned to out work. What I did not know was that, at that time, Rangers 1st Class Ramshorn and Ironblood were in low time on extra patrols. Seeing how short staffed our forces were, they had volunteered for extra duties. Ranger 1st Class Von Dietrich was also out patrolling and all three entered Sergeant Que’kassars office that afternoon to report on the deteriorating conditions in Low Town.

While I was in the Mayoral Office, Malcome received a package from a post rider and entered the city HQ to deliver it to Evoran. Meanwhile, Corporal Ravenwood was meeting with her three victors and briefing them on upcoming procedures.

None of us knew what was coming next. As Evoran opened the package to find the five severed hands of a squad of Wolfhaven Free Riders, Samira was alone in the room with an assassin. Evoran immediately identified the ring on one of the hands as belonging to a Sergeant in the Riders. But, when he ran to assemble his team, he discovered Samira had been stabbed AND poisoned in the next room!

By the time Eris Moonsilver relayed the event to me, Sergeant Que’kassars had already escorted Ravenwood to the apothecary and taken his team south to investigate the hit on the Riders. When I ordered Eris to put me in contact with Sergeant Que’kassars, she could not make contact. Something in my gut told me there was more to this…Samira’s attempted assassination, the bloody hands shipped to Evoran…there was more at play.

I was on the rode, with Alfred who refused to remain behind despite his condition, within the hour. When we arrived, we found Thomas alive and Rysak on his last leg. Sarin had flown for help, which was already on its way.

The attack was a trap, the bodies had been rigged with arcfire devices to detonate when anyone touched the flag staff rammed through the body of the Rider Sergeant. Though there was little left when I arrived, the scene of torture and horror described to me by Thomas and Ryask was enough to boil my blood. With the help of some local farmers, we managed to get the team back to Echer’Naught and into the Church of Light’s infirmary. However, the wounds they suffered, nearly fatal, will remain with them all a long time.

Counted among the fallen: Sergeant Que’kassars, Corporal Ravenwood, Rangers 1st Class Von Dietrich, Ramshorn and two Riders who joined them on the hunt, both dead. With Captain Hawksclaw missing, the command team is now reduced to Sarin and a wounded Rysak.

This so called “Lord” Velkalar has done more damage to this team in a few short months than the entire Army of Flame during the siege.

As I sit beside their beds and hour grows late, I feel the weight of this newest tragedy weighs upon me. How many more losses must we suffer?

In the morning, I must go, and yet, how can I leave now? The weight of command…who would ever desire such a horrible thing?

Your most obedient servant,

Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

Regional Command at Echer’Naught, Olara


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