Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Campaign Report 52

Haunted Inn (Epic Cosplay)


Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander
Commander of the Legio Heroes
Regional Command at Echer’Naught, Olara

First Day of Raining Leaves, Year 3124 Under the Light

One of the most difficult responsibilities of any commander is to be forced to sit behind a desk while others bear the burden of risk. As the Lord Mayor of the city, it seems that ALL I do is sit behind this desk and read reports until my eyes bleed. Who would ever imagine I would long for the days when I slept in the saddle one heartbeat from utter annihilation.

I believe of all the decisions I have made in my tenure here in Echer’Naught, that recruiting Lady Eris Moonsilver has been the most beneficial. Whoever first envisioned the creation of the Farspeakers had incredible foresight. Much I report here has been relayed via Lady Moonsilver from Sergeant Que’kassars.

My last report ended with nearly my entire team incapacitated from a trap set by Velkalar under the corpse of one of my Wolfhaven Free Rider Sergeants. With Corporal Ravenwood already lying on a med-cot, some assassin’s poison coursing through her system, the near eradication of the rest of my Alpha Team left me with a severe manpower shortage. By Archanon’s mercy, with a little help from Ranger Silverfeather’s timely prayers,

I arrived shortly before dark just after Sarin and a convoy of wagons from a local farm. We evacuated the wounded first to a local inn for triage and then on to Echer’Naught’s Church of Light Infirmary. It was early morning on the 23rd of Dancing Clouds. I gave strict orders that my men were NOT to be released until they cleared a complete physical examination. At least one Ranger would rue that command.

Worse, I was expected to arrive at Camp Wolfhaven within a few days. My city in chaos, my Rangers lying unconscious and I had to depart… Command is a curse I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

This situation left Ranger 1st Class Silverfeather in command of the city HQ until Sergeant Que’kassars recovered. Sarin and I had a brief conversation about his command responsibilities before I was finally forced to leave or risk being late to Camp Wolfhaven.

The full details of the Long Recon report are mostly classified, but a few of the Rangers wrote reports included here:

Elaine’s Log of the Long recon.

From Silverfeather’s reports I know that he met with Sir Lugard, Ranger Argus, Ranger Ironblood who’s Dwarven constitution had the warrior already well on the way to recovery and our new ally, the City Watchman Thomas Zulcrum. They discussed the situation in Low Town, and the deaths of an old man and a young woman.

Rysak and Thomas paired up and managed to track the culprits of the girl’s attack, but they managed to escape into gang territory forcing my Rangers to retreat.

Sergeant Que’kassars and the rest of the Rangers all awoke at some time on the 27th of Dancing Clouds, all except Samira who’s condition defied even the Church of Light. Upon regaining consciousness, Sergeant Que’kassars demanded to be released to continue his work and when the healers, under my orders, refused, he threw a tantrum and destroyed a piece of furniture in a pique of rage.

It would seem he has not managed to overcome ALL his arrogance. I was forced to issue a verbal warning. This incident will not be noted in his permanent file.

I returned on the 29th of Dancing Clouds in the company of around 30 Rangers and 50 Olaran allies from Camp Wolfhaven. Though only a fraction of the numbers needed to regain order in the city, this infusion more than quadruples my available manpower.

On that same day, once I learned of the increasingly poor conditions of Low Town, and the escape of the criminals, I summoned Sarin’s team to my office with a plan, a show of force. If the gangs of Low Town wanted to flex muscles, then we would happily oblige. I sent Fekla with Sarin’s team under orders to capture the men alive. Fekla, I assumed, could handle the gangs, at least when we had surprise on our side, and I was happy to be proven correct.

None of the low-life thugs seemed particularly pleased to engage the behemoth and she was easily able to crack open the house the men were holed up in allowing Sarin’s men easy access. And like that, we arrested the killers and proved that the Rangers would not be intimidated in our own city.

A small gesture, but an important one.

Also, on the 29th, I had the pleasure of inviting Watchman Thomas Zulcrum to my office with an offer to officially join the Ranger Corps. Captain Vasser was on hand, and though he loathed to lose a fine man, was pleased to see one of his own stepping up to serve a larger cause. I am pleased that Ranger Zulcrum, with his previous service counted as time served, has been added to our roster as a full Ranger.

Weeks passed without any change in Samira. I was in my office when word arrived that she had finally awoken from her coma on the 32nd of Dancing Clouds. By the time I arrived, she was up and talking, though Sergeant Que’kassars and Ranger Von Dietrich both seemed disturbed. What I learned concerns me. Apparently, Anaxelum managed to rouse the sleeping Ranger through some strange magic. Von D smelled ozone. I fear Z’zt.

Soon, I will confront the Storm Commander. He has much to explain. Regardless, Samira APPEARS to be recovering nicely. I pray to Archanon that the cost of her resurrection is none too steep.

It was always brought to my attention that Anaxelum is paying a great deal of attention to young Ravenwood. Fateweaver has intimated, in his own way, that the Storm warrior has strong feeling for the elf maiden. He certainly decimated the wild flowers population around the city. Time will tell how that budding relationship develops. But, I will do what I must to protect my Ranger…

With the revival of my Rangers, and the funeral rites of the fallen, life returned to a semblance of normal. Sergeant Que’kassars assumed command and issued a personal commendation to Ranger 1st Class Silverfeather for his superb command during the Sergeant’s convalescences.

It was another week, 4th of Forest Dance before Samira was fully healed, still no sign of whatever magic revived her. She reported to Sergeant Que’kassars that her would-be assassin was one of the three finalist during out recent trials. The mercenary proved to be an agent working for Velkalar with orders to eliminate Samira. He very nearly succeeded. Her other recruits have searched for any rumors of the killer’s whereabouts, but he appears to have vanished.

Just one more crime added to Velkalar’s list.

Weeks passed, the new Rangers settled in and patrols increased. Again, Commander Schenkle was in my office each and every morning with a letter of formal complaint in regards to Ranger Sarah Longtail and a demand for Rangers to mount an immediate rescue mission. If only everyone within my command had a fraction of this man’s determination…

It pains me deeply his loss and betrayal, but Sarah, despite her reasons, attempted to murder at least one fellow Ranger, and is implicated in the death of Captain Hawksclaw. Whatever our personal feelings toward her may be, she is a traitor and WILL be brought to justice.

On that note, we have heard nothing about Vekalar’s main operations. Already reports are arriving of Wildland Rangers being found dead, “trophies” taken from their bodies, a grim testament to Velkalar’s depravity. Our situation reminds me of something I find myself repeating to less seasoned Rangers. In the face of the most powerful and savage foes, it is often the simplest problems which are out undoing.

Velkalar, without any supernatural powers, has done more damage to this command than the ENTIRE army of Flame.

And, the Southern Bandit Lord is hardly the only threat. On the 16th of Forest Dance, Therel Fateweaver finally managed to arrange a sit down with the Lord of Low Town, Mr. Blythe. Sergeant Que’kassars made the meet. Their conversation was brief, but the summary being that the Thieve’s Guild has chosen to remain neutral, that the gangs are independent of his control, and that Velkalar has placed bounties on any and all Ranger, including allies. The higher the Rank, the bigger the reward.

With that, the Rangers were dismissed. I suppose we should count ourselves fortunate. Blythe has a reputation for paranoia. It is a small miracle he agreed to the meet in the first place. Despite his protests, I believe Fateweaver has more influence than he lets on.

Not much happened for the rest of the month, other than the gangs, Velkalar’s assassins and the continual barrage of petitioners demanding my time, life in Echer’Naught was just getting normal when I had a visitor.

He arrived with a small escort before dawn on the 27th of Forest Dance. I was just sitting down to breakfast with Lady Elyanna, when Malcom summoned me to the front hall. There, standing in my foyer was an emissary of the King. Without a word, he presented to me a Royal order demanding my assistance in dealing with a delicate political matter in the North.

In short, two of his nobles. Lord Visiliem was threatening open war with his neighbor, Baron Harkass, over the alleged kidnapping of his only daughter. The King wanted the Rangers, in the role of impartial investigators, to uncover the truth of the matter and quietly prevent a war.

I summoned my top Rangers and briefed them on the situation. Sergeant Que’kassars and his team were on the road before an hour had passed. It was a hard 6 day ride north to a small barony East of Olara and in the foothills of the Forges. There, the team met with a rather loud and angry Lord Visiliem. In short, he had graciously arranged for his daughter to attend a fall festival in his neighbors lands at the request of Lord Harkass’ eldest son who was intent on wooing the lass.

That was the last Lord Visiliem had heard and he vowed to launch an attack by week’s end if the Rangers did not produce his daughter, unharmed.

From there, my Rangers departed his keep, heading west a few miles to Harkass lands. As Eris relayed, a storm arrived forcing them to take shelter in a nearby hamlet inn. All seemed to be normal, the innkeeper, Hiram and his wife Dora were inviting. The team had a good meal and settled down to sleep, when Von D, suspicious as ever, stumbled across a scene of horror.

The Innkeepers were in league with Darkness and the inn was an elaborate trap. I have enclosed Sergeant Que’kassars’ report, per usual. It would appear that Hiram and his wife Dora are, at best, Necromancers and they employed, for certain, one Vampire who manage to bite Ranger 1st Class Thorgram in his privates…something for which I expect a THOROUGH explanation. Von D also mentioned a hulking brute named “Clive”, the butcher and a pair of hounds, all of which our Slayer claims were undead under some impenetrable illusory spell.

Caught asleep, and in some rather “compromised” positions, Sergeant Que’kassars ordered a retreat and all the Rangers managed to escape across a river and out of the reach of the illusion spell. During the retreat they encountered Zombies and something Von D referred to as the “headless horseman” a rider with a flaming pumpkin head of all things.

With no further pursuit, they camped for the night and returned in the light of day to find the entire vill gone, with only ruins behind. Von D discovered fresh graves and the team began to dig. They discovered some partially eaten bones of a young girl, and Lady Visiliem’s necklace with the bones.

Before turning in the night before, Hiram’s “daughter” had come down to greet the guests. Afterwards, all the Ranges agreed that she looked exactly like the sketch lord Visiliem had shown them of his own child, down to the amulet found in the shallow grave. I am waiting for further analysis. Von D is contemplating the evidence and, hopefully, will soon have an answer to this mystery.

Nevertheless, Evoran ordered the bones and amulet gathered. They are, as of this writing, on their way to Baron Harkass to finally resolve the true details of this horrible situation.

I await further information with dread.

Your most obedient servant,

Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

Regional Command at Echer’Naught, Olara


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