Campaign of the Month: June 2018

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

Hell Hounds and a Wedding

Ranger Gilbert Grimm's Report

Since joining this team I have found myself profoundly surprised with each new encounter I have in such a short amount of time and how quickly dire situations turn into those of a more casual and personal nature. This was no exception.

We had departed the Desert city of Quadir, clan chief statue not in tow, and began our march to the grand city of Echer’Naught. I have heard stories of the great Olaran city and the grand metropolis it had become in such a short time, and i was greatly eager to enter such a grand and profitable city. Sadly it seems that day will have to wait.

Not long into our journey home, which was now set a course for the coast in hopes of an aquatic vessel to carry us home, we were approached by what seemed like a group carrying torches in the night. Sadly what seemed like torches were in fact flaming demon dogs, or commonly referred to as Hell Hounds, snarling demonic beasts that most certainly were out for our blood. In an instant the creatures teleported and surrounded us in a matter of seconds and let out a bone chilling howl. I am not ashamed of what I did next, I ran. Before I knew what was happening my feet moved by themselves and I bolted into the trees. My experiences normally say that running at times can be a wise descision, giving time to regroup ones self and prepare for counter measures. I did not prepare for running into an even larger and scarier Hell Hound, but rarely do we get much of a chance to prepare for such incidents. I had no time to brace myself before I found myself in its jaws and in another moment it dropped me like a piece of meat back at my teams feet.

Returning to the team I had discovered they had not fared well either. Many of the beasts surrounded them, spewing fire over the close group. I feared for our lives but in an instant the alpha was dead from a well placed and powerful attack from the Corporal, and soon there after the tides of battle shifted in our favor and the beasts lay dead at our feet At least that’s what i was told. Fire engulfed my body not long after rejoining the group and i learned soon after some of my alchemical components may have exploded, and i don’t the corporal is very happy with me at the moment.

We had no time to revel in our victory, I was healed and awoke to find ourselves running for our lives to the nearest form of safety, which is where we rest now. We found ourselves in a druidic settlement dedicated to Dranic and therefore home to primarily dwarves, but thankfully this is hallowed ground and we are safe….. for now at least.

On a lighter note and one of the sureal moments I had hinted to prior was that there is to be a wedding on the morrow, joining Steelwing, Ingrid, and Kenzie. They are a strange bunch but still I wish them the best and look forward to continue messing with the young ladies. So here I rest with my superior, Ranna, she has been outcast from the settlement as she is obviously tainted with some form of darkness. I feel for her, being cast out is no easy pill to swallow and that may why I stayed or the fact Kenzie and Ingrid don’t want me anywhere near Steelwing. Either way I look forward to the festivities tomorrow and a break from all the fire, ascended know we need a break.

Ranger Gilbert Grimm


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