Campaign of the Month: June 2018

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

New Gather's Strengths

Grendel's report

Grendel once again owe his life to this team. They have proven themselves some of the greatest warriors grendel has ever met. Some days i wonder if i belong in their ranks, let alone act as their leader. Still i will do my duty as a Ranger and as their leader.

Myself and Rana were captured by the enemy through the use of an adept. The team, led by Corp oral newt led a rescue mission to recover myself and Rana. From what me understand they acquired the help of unknown individuals, which is where ill leave it.

The team fought against overwhelming odds, and most were taken down. Newt made her way down to us as the boat began sinking and was able to release Rana and me before we drowned as the boat sink.

The team was separated in the wreckage. Newt, Rana, and myself were set a drift and later picked up by a passing ship. Sadly the kalinesh were persistent. We retreated to the hold but again the ship was taken in flames. That’s when grendel smelt the team but it was too late by then.

Next thing grendel knew he and team were washed up on a strange shore, but i believe that is all grendel can say. We now back in Echer’ Naught with the kalinesh wing hunters waiting for a chance to take us but with our home advantage me believe we are safe, for now at least. What worries grendel most is that the wing hunters may not be our greatest worry right now.

That all,
Corporal Grendel


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