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Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

RFC Ingrid Snow Personal Report

Familar Wolves

Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander
Commander of the Legio Heroes
Wolfhaven Barony, Olara

7th Day of White Stagg, Year 3127 Under the Light

White Stagg 7th, 3127

A request arrived on my desk. RFC Ingrid Snow, recently on Maternity Leave requested to speak with me concerning personal matter. Regional Headquarters informed me that Ingrid Snow, McKenzie Shan, AND Steelwing departed Echer’Naught on the 7th, heading north.

White Stagg 9th, 3127

Late on the 9th, my border watch signaled that the Rangers had arrived. Within the hour, they rode up into the courtyard. I was busy in the office, but my Baroness and the staff greeted the Rangers. We invited them to dine with us that evening.

We all dine the family dining hall. Echer’Naught’s recent misfortune, nearly all of our extended family had been relocated to the Barony. Only the Regillus’ and the Longtail’s remained in the city.

After dinner, we retired to a sitting room to discuss. I was aware that both Mrs. Snow and Mrs. Shan had been walking the paths, both had an affinity for animals. She sought my permission to select a Wolfhaven wolf as her familiar.

She is not the first who has come to our lands to seek out the wolves, but few are chosen. A few, over the years, have paid with their lives. Before she attempted her task, I felt it important to speak to her of the Legend of Wolfhaven. Every Great and Minor House have their own origin Legends and tales. And my own is little different.

Long before the founding of Olaran, the ancestors of the Wolfhaven House were scattered, loosely allied horse people, known as the ritter, or riders. They alternatively warred and traded with the elves of Landra’Feya, whose forest was many times larger.

However, when they reached the lands now known as the Wolfhaven lands, the ritter came into conflict with the large, intelligent wolves who preyed upon the horse herds of the ritter. For generations, wolves and man warred for the land. Centuries before the founding of Olara, one hunter, Chief among the Ritter, slew the largest and most dangerous pack of wolves, all but the Alpha male and female.

For days, the great hunter tracked the wolves deep into the forges to the north until he managed to wound the male. Yet, the wolves managed to escape. The hunter continued to track and realized that he was closing on the wolves. However, the female did not leave her wounded mate’s side.

Eventually, the great hunter cornered the wolves in a box canyon. When he reach them, he found the male near death, and the female standing over her mate. When the Ritter raised his spear, he looked into her eyes and saw a deep sadness, but intelligence, and wisdom.

The Ritter realized his terrible mistake and laid down his weapons. He retreated from the valley and returned to his people to tell them of his hunt, and the wolves. Soon, other Ritter lay down their weapons in order to live in peace with the wolves. And yes, some of their herds were taken, but only the sickest and weakest. By allows the wolves to cull the weak, the Ritter herds grew stronger, and better than any other clan.

One by one, the other horselords fell under the Ritter banner. When the Bear asked the riders of the west to join his battle against the Kal, the descendants of the great Ritter joined him. They fought, and won their independence. In recognition, they were granted the lands of their birth. So they would never forget, the Ritter named themselves Wolfhaven. It has been so ever since.

To this day, killing a wolf in my lands is a capital offense. And, there are legends that none who share my blood have ever been harmed by wolves. There are even older tales that suggest the wolves protect the lost children of my House, though I have never seen such.

It growing late, I note to Mrs. Snow that the white wolf on our banner is the one of legend. That she is rumored to still live, these many generations later. And, I told Mrs. Snow that if she desired to seek out the wolves, that she had my permission, but if she were attacked, killing a wolf in self defense would be no excuse. The penalty is death.

I retired with my great lady. Though, I gathered that Mrs. Snow was set on her task. She and the other rode out, to the west, where I had told her the larger packs hunt.

The rest, I learned the following day, after she and her family had returned.

Mrs. Shan, Mrs, Snow and their husband, Steelwing, rode out that evening shortly after I retired. They rode several hours to the west into the rolling grasslands where our great herds roam. At the 13th hour, they begin to hear the how of wolves, many of the packs calling in the night. Soon, they begin to see eyes glowing in the night.

A larger pack of about two dozen approached them, but staying far enough back to run. My House may not hunt them, but that does not mean they face no dangers. Mrs. Snow senses the two Alphas. Not Soulbright, but powerful in Life.

Wisely, she dismounted and lowered herself before the wolves. I instructed her to treat them as she would kings, and in doing, she likely preserved her own life and that of her wife and husband. The Alpha female approached to smell her.

Mrs. Snow, being a Druid, was able to speak with, and understand, the wolves. The Alpha idenfitied Ingrid as Grasslands who smell of storm, and Kenzie Bitter Flames. They would not approach Steelwing, which was just as good for him it seems.

Though the Alpha had no hunters to spare, she knew of one wolf that might help Ingrid. The pack moved off, but the Alpha led Ingrid, and only Ingrid north. A short distance away, the Alpha female stops to indicate a smaller grey wolf eating the carcass of a fresh kill. Here, the Alpha leaves.

Approaching as before, Ingrid introduces herself to the wolf, and asks the wolf to join her pack, to hunt. The grey was able to identify much of her team by the smells left on her clothes and gear. She even picked out my scent, which is known to the wolves. In truth, anyone of my bloodline.

The wolf calls herself Hunts Alone, and agreed to join Ingrid’s pack. Ingrid nicknamed her grey. They sleep together by the kill.

White Stagg 10th, 3127

In the morning, they return to Mrs. Shan and Steelwing. After which, they return to the manor in time to break their fast at my table. Sasha, nearly twice Grey’s size, was none too please by the interloper, but no blood was shed. Sasha is NOT from my lands, rather far to the north.

The three Rangers ate and spoke of their adventures. I congratulated her on her success, and welcome grey to the Rangers. It was only proper.

I invited the Rangers to stay, but Mrs. Shan and Steelwing were still on duty and need to return. After a brief repast, they all mounted, and returned to the city.

White Stagg 12th, 3127
My daily report included a note that the trio had returned safely, in the company of a grey wolf. I was pleased. Then to other duties.

Your most obedient servant,

Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

Wofhaven Barony, Olara


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