Campaign of the Month: June 2018

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

The Last Will and Testament of Audric Amaroth

MIA White River 30th, 3126

I, Audric Amaroth, Sworn of House Wolfhaven, write these words in sound body and mind. These are the final thoughts that I pen before I go to my final battle.

To Sir and Lady Volstagg: I wish you both the best. I wish I could watch our children grow together, to see them bond as we have. Know I regret nothing. I am happy I was able to protect you and your children. Thank you for the memories and this fantastical journey

To Grendel: My speculation is you will be one of the last ones left. Unless you decline I believe you will have command of The Alpha Team. Good luck — it is not easy, but your heart is in the right place.

To Gendarre: …. Sergeant

As I am the last of my blood, aside from my unborn child, I will all my earthly possessions to them and the child’s mother: Gracelyn Moldova

I ask the Baron, my Lord Wolfhaven, to consider my child to be worthy and to permit them to follow in my footsteps. I ask my Lord to humbly accept my child as a sworn of his noble house.

It is also my wish that, given the circumstances, Gracelyn Moldova of Echer’Naught be afforded all rights and benefits as if she were my wife. I was understand I was unable to perform my duties and arrange a proper marriage, but should she accept, I would request she be treated as my wife.

— Sergeant Audric Amaroth, Sworn of House Wolfhaven, Rangers of Echer’Naught Alpha Team Second-in-Command.


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