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Shaintar Legends Awaken: Rangers of the Greenway Road; Regional Command-Echer'Naught

To Hell and Back: A Magician's Guide to Norcan' Dar

Chapter 3

Every known “truth” I believed since coming here has faced utter scrutiny. The greatest challenge has been realizing that Shaintar and Norcan’ Dar are on the same plain of existence, something called a Planet. My first clue to this was we have come in contact with natives, a people called the Forsaken. They are a menagerie of races from shaintar that somehow found their way to this hellscape, wither through angering one of the Ascended or just simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. All I could think was how they got here, childer and demons don’t take prisoners and even if they did, these people were in no shape to fight back or even have the will too. Their leaders were an elderly human and orc, the orc was the most intriguing as she was a Shaman, a druid of the goblinesh. I had a chance to speak with her to learn of any knowledge of natural components that she would impart to myself, all the while my mind raced with how she was still able to commune with the Ascended here. With these clues I have the following theories and ideas:

1. Norcan’ Dar is in a way no different than Shaintar. Our world is closely related to the life affiliated spirits of the Ascended, making it easy to understand how life is able to thrive there as the energy that permeates from each of the Ascended’s realms is conducive to life. Norcan’ Dar must lie close to the Abyss, where the power of Ceynara and the demon lords permeate into it, explaining the abundance of flame influence.

2. We could travel to Shaintar. This I mean that in a simpler world of circumstances of course, we could “walk” to Shaintar. This opens new avenues as we wouldn’t have to break through a dimensional barrier but just traverse a great distance. this could also mean that we could contact our allies, I imagine that it would take a great amount of power but possible.

3. The veil may be here too. I’ve heard stories of individuals who have entered the veil appearing back in Shaintar, although they either return crazed, decades or centuries later and/or both, but with our current options it could be an avenue, if we find it.

Each of these thoughts and theories are just such, but I am determined to continue study and learn more as these give me some hope that we could find a way back. I just hope some luck finds it way to us.


howardrbrandon jj_malcom_3

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