Autumn Spring

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Within a block of the Elven Gate, the Autumn Spring is a marvel of druidic architecture. Supported by carefully nurtured trees as the major structural supports, the building itself closely mirrors the architecture of the Elven Nations of Landra’Feya, and exemplifies the fusion of man and nature. Roofed in mossy grass which stays evergreen with walls of thickly woven vine which never seems to wither or die, the tavern remains one of the most unique architectural designs within the town. More interesting yet, at the very heart of the building lies a spring of pure, clear water which pools at the base of the central tree whose bower forms the structural support for the roof. All travelers are encouraged to take freely from the pool, and many profess the water contains magical properties of refreshment.

While catering to all, the Autumn Spring is focused on an elven client. As such, the typical beverages are, in addition to pure water, wines and few liquors. Food is soft pastries, fresh fruits and salads, roasted and glazed nuts with occasional Elven delicacies. The Autumn Spring serves litter meat, mostly fresh venison killed in the Elven fashion.