Hammer & Anvil

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Built by Dwarves for Dwarves the Hammer and Anvil is the unofficial center of Dwarven Culture in Echer’Naught. The main building is hand-crafted Dwarven Stone with a thatch of Golden Straw. The roof is supported by massive timbers brought down from the mountains of the Forges. Within the H & A great roaring fires blaze day and knight and the ringing of hammers can be heard at all hours. Part alehouse, part inn, and part Master Forge, the Hammer and Anvil serves as a one stop shop for the Dwarves of Echer’Naught.

One interesting architectural feature is the front door which is Dwarf sized. While there are two flanking doors easily large enough to accommodate Ogres, it is local custom to duck through the dwarf door. Locally referred to as paying respects to the King of the Forges.

Behind the tavern is an entire microbrewery creating a rare, thick ale known as Echer Draught. Locals claim it has the same nutritional value as a loaf of bread, but much smoother going down.