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Dominated by the bustling trading town of Echer’Naught, the territory assigned to the Ranger Corps encompasses many different locations of interest. Surrounding the town to the north and south are numerous Olaran baronies under the authority of the Harken Duchy. These large scale operations maintain massive farms, raise herds of cattle and horse, mill flour for the bakers of Echer’Naught and brew large amounts of ale which is shipped to all corners of Shaintar. To the west is the massive forest realm of Landra’Feya. And to the east, city of Harken and the mansion of the Duchy.




Town Districts

  • Main Street
    • The Barracks (north side, west of Center Point)
    • Longarms Office (south side, west of Center Point, on street down)
    • Sacred Grove/Druid’s Circle (south side, from Center Point, two streets down)
    • Wayfarer’s Rest and Drunken Mastery School (south side, east of Center Point, one street down)
    • Wolfhaven Refuge for Children (north side, east of Center Point)
  • Warehouse District
    • Longhaul Warehouse
    • Olaran Military Storage
    • Ranger Warehouse

Out of Town

  • Camp Wolfhaven and Field Hospital
  • Eckhart Keep (Wildlands)
  • Elven Waystation (Weston)
  • Dwarven Waystation (East Point)
  • Goblinesh Waystation (Sutton)
  • North Barony Road Festival Grounds
  • Wolfhaven Barony (reclaimed, 3124)
  • Wolfhaven Free Company Garrison