Sacred Grove

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Unique in the flat landscape of the great western Olaran plains, the Druid’s Circle of Echer’Naught is a marvel of Life. Surrounded on all sides by cobbled streets, stone and brick buildings, the trees of the Sacred Grove rise proudly into the sky, dominating the center of town and towering over every around. Transplanted from Landra’Feya sometime in the 3030s, the trees symbolize the bond between two great nations and serve as a holy place for followers of Life. Within the grove stands the Druid Circle, stone and tree in concentric rings, both a calendar and a temple tended by High Druidess Illandria Treesinger, Stewardess of Echer’Naught Sacred Grove.

Place of Power
The Sacred Grove is attuned to the magical energies of Life.

  • Site Strength: Strong
  • Available Essence: 5d8