Second Generation

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  • Triplets: Alexander, Emma, and Little Paw Rah-sahn, born Planting Moons 33rd, 3124 to Aradove Longtail, Brinchie, Sergeant Minor Grayson’s Gray Rangers, Sworn House Wofhaven, and Streetrunner (deceased), Brinchie

Alexander shows early brilliance in tactics and command, Emma shows magical affinity and a strong connection with her racial heritage, and Little Paw Rah-sahn “the ghost” shows all the stealth and subtlety of his mother.

  • Ferradin Celebor Hawksclaw, born White River 3rd, 3124 to Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw, Alakar, Druid, Captain Grayson’s Gray Rangers, Sworn of House Wofhaven and Lady Eris Moonsilver, Eldakar, Farspeaker
  • Evelyn Afliem, born Raining Leaves 11th, 3125 to Kura’Kai Afliem (deceased), Orc, Ranger, and Dakota, Alfiem, Eldakar, Druid
  • Dom Athrait Tenebris Von Dietrich, born Golden Eagle 16th, 3215 to Madame Lillithian, Shayakar, and Mugin Von Dietrich (deceased), Ranger 1st Class Grayson’s Gray Rangers
  • Gunther Stagg, born Falling Ice 24th, 3126 to Sir Gunther Volstagg, Captain Grayson’s Gray Rangers, and Angelica, citizen of Olara.
  • Master Alexander Rah-Sahn (Ravenwood) Regillus, born Thunder Hawk 17th, 3126 to Sir Anaxelum Regillus, House Wolfhaven and Lady Samira (Ravenwood) Regillus, Sergeant Grayson’ Gray Rangers
  • Master Wilhelm Ritter Wolfhaven, born Forest Dance 8th, 3126 to Baron Alexander Wolfhaven, Lord-Colonel Grayson’s Gray Rangers and Baroness Elyanna Wolfhaven
  • Serys Roman Volkstagg (boy) and Wynter Night Volkstagg (girl), twins born White River 30th, 3126 to Sir Gunther Volstagg, Lieutenant Grayson’s Gray Rangers and Lady Nexus Zathlan, House Volstagg, Corporal Grayson’s Gray Rangers
  • Audren Bartholemew Amaroth, born Dark Moons 29th, 3126 to Sergeant Audric Amaroth, Sworn of House Wolfhaven and Ranger First Class Gracelyn Moldova
  • Thor’luk, was born Red Wolf 18th, 3127 to Drew and Trokash.
  • Elissea * Nazir was born Eternal Suns 16th, 3127 to Corporal Leaora Nazir
  • Lutz Therrell Völkstagg, born Forest Dance, 26th 3127 to Sir Gunther Volstagg, Captain Grayson’s Gray Rangers and Lady Nexus Zathlan, House Volstagg, Sergeant Grayson’s Gray Rangers